San Diego International Airport

San Diego International Airport (SAN  IATA) is the primary airport of San Diego County.



San Diego International Airport or as it commonly calls itself by its IATA identifier SAN. Sits in the south-eastern part of the Point Loma-Ocean Beach region of San Diego, And is very close to Downtown San Diego. The airport was opened August 16, 1928 as San Diego Municipal Airport - Lindbergh Field with 140 Navy and 82 Army planes involved in a flyover. The airport has 2 terminals, one of which (being Terminal 1) is undergoing renovations as of June 2024.

Within California, Its domestic passenger traffic is third only to Los Angeles and San Francisco and is also the 25th busiest airport in the United States for domestic flights. It is also the world's busiest single-runway airport. The three most common domestic destinations from San Diego International Airport are Las Vegas, Denver, and Seattle. The three most common international destinations are London, San José del Cabo, and Toronto.

Neither terminal is particularly out of date, as Terminal 2 was renovated with the renovations finishing in 2013, and Terminal 1 is going to be replaced soon, with the new terminal expected to open late summer 2025 with 19 new gates. And 11 more are coming in early 2028.


Boeing 737 flying past Downtown on final approach to SAN

San Diego has 2 terminals: Terminal 1 is directly east of Terminal 2. It is a focus city for Alaska Airlines. It is recommended by the San Diego International Airport that you arrive at the airport 2 hours before your flight leaves. You can check for delays or problems by tuning into 1690 AM on the radio. It is also recommended you check with your airline to verify the schedule. One other thing to mention if your flying into San Diego International Airport is that when landing you will be remarkably close to downtown buildings while landing which may be alarming to first time visitors.

  Terminal 1
Frontier, Southwest, Spirit, Sun Country Airlines
  Terminal 2
Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Breeze Airways, British Airways, Delta, Hawaiian Airlines, Japan Airlines, JetBlue, Lufthansa, United, WestJet

Ground transportation


By bus

Your MTS Bus may have advertisements, but this is what a non-sponsored MTS Bus looks like

City bus public transit is available to and from the airport and downtown San Diego on the Metropolitan Transit System's (SDMTS Route 992) will take you to/from downtown in worst case scenario 20 minutes. Route 992 operates between 5am and midnight, It also operates every 15 minutes on weekdays, and every 30 minutes on weekends. The bus has the following stops in the following order: Italics are to indicate the stop is at airport property.

  • Broadway & Park Pl is the first & last stop of the 992 bus in downtown San Diego. It also the location of the City College Station of the Blue, Orange and Silver (Downtown Loop) Line Trolleys; and the SDMTS 2, 12, 225, and 235 buses on Broadway and the 5, 7, 20, and 215 buses on 11th Ave towards 'C' St.
  • Broadway & 8th Av
  • Broadway & 5th Av
  • Broadway & 2th Av
  • Broadway & Union St
  • Broadway & Kettner Bl is the downtown transfer point to Amtrak Pacific Surfliner, NCTD Coaster, CBX Shuttle (operated by Mexicoach), and the 'Blue' and 'Green' Line Trolleys at the Santa Fe Depot. Transfer to the 'Blue' and 'Silver (Downtown Loop)' line trolley at American Plaza across the street (Kettner Blvd) from the Santa Fe Depot. This same stop is also served by SDMTS bus #280, 290, and 923.
  • To continue towards Tijuana International Airport take the southbound 'Blue Line' trolley to the border in San Ysidro. Cross the border through the main border crossing and take a taxi from the other side to the airport. If entering Mexico through the CBX terminal there are CBX shuttles (operated by Mexicoach) leaving every 2 hours (check schedules) from the Rental Car Center at San Diego International Airport, downtown Santa Fe Station or from San Ysidro transit Center, or take a taxi from the San Ysidro Transit Center (at south end of the 'Blue Line' trolley route) to the CBX Terminal.
  • Broadway & Pacific Highway
  • N Harbor Dr & Broadway
  • N Harbor Dr & Ash St
  • N Harbor Dr & Hawthorn St
  • N Harbor Dr & Cellphone Lot
  • N Harbor Dr & Liberator Way
  • San Diego Int'l Airport & Terminal 1
  • San Diego Int'l Airport & Terminal 2 East

A non-reduced adult fare from someone who didn't buy a pass will be $2.50 per boarding or $6 for a day pass if you require a transfer to another bus or train (Mar 2024). If staying in San Diego and planning to get around by public transportation a Pronto Card would be more economical as it would allow for transfers every two hours and insures you will never pay more then the value of a day pass in a day, or a month pass in a calendar month.

Alternatively the free Flyer Shuttle connects the airport to Old Town Transit Center next to Old Town San Diego and Presidio Park. The Old Town Transit Center is served by Amtrak Pacific Surfliner, NCTD Coaster, Flixbus, Greyhound, SDMTS 'Green' and 'Blue' Line trolley, and SDMTS bus #8, 9, 10, 28, 30, 35, 44, 83, 84, and 88. To continue towards Mexico take the southbound 'Blue Line' trolley or Greyhound bus to the border in San Ysidro (end of the line). Some Greyhound buses do go across the border towards the Tijuana Airport and the bus station (Central Camionera).

By trolley

The silver line trolley you can catch on select holidays.

MTS doesn't have a trolley station at the airport. If you would like to catch the trolley from the airport. You will first need to catch the MTS Bus at the MTS Bus stop with route 992. A non-reduced fare will be $2.50 (Mar 2024), Once on the bus, Get off at the Broadway and Park Pl stop, and from there is a very short walk to the City College station. At the city college station you can catch a Orange line or UC San Diego Blue line train 7 days a week. Or on select days (check the MTS Website to see what days the silver line operates), the Silver line where you can catch a more vintage looking trolley, No matter which trolley you catch, a non-reduced fare will cost $2.50. If you would like to catch the green line you can board either the UC San Diego Blue, Green, or Silver line trolley, and get off at the 12th & Imperial stop, the only MTS Trolley station where all 4 trolley lines run.

By car


The airport is served by I-5 with connections to State Route 163, I-8 and I-15. The San Diego International Airport is located about 3.5 mi (5.6 km) away from Downtown San Diego which will take about 10 minutes. Due to the New T1 project which will replace the current terminal 1 with a new terminal 1, the only parking in terminal 1 is valet parking which is also available in terminal 2. If you valet park your car in either terminal, you can expect to pay about $60/day (Mar 2024). If you park in the regular parking plaza in terminal 2 you can expect to pay about $38/day. If you are at this airport to pick someone up or drop someone off however, Your best bet is the Cell Phone Lot which is free for up to an hour although while your car is parked there you will need to stay in your car and then when you get the call from your loved one saying they landed, go to wherever they said they were to pick them up.

By rental car


All car rental pick-ups and drop-offs for rental car companies serving San Diego International Airport occur at the 1 Consolidated Car Rental Center on 3355 Admiral Boland Way. Free dedicated shuttle busses run continually to ferry customers between the airport terminals and the Consolidated Car Rental Center. If you would like to see a list of rental agencies, please visit the rental car section of here. If the car rental company is off-site (not in the Consolidated Car Rental Center), call to pick-up at the Consolidated Car Rental Center.

By taxi


Many companies provide taxicab service at San Diego International Airport. If you need a taxi, simply follow the signs leading to the Transportation Plazas. A Customer Service Representative will place you with the first available taxi, unless you specify a particular taxicab company. The guide below lists taxicab radio/dispatch services in San Diego. Call directly to find the taxicab service that best suits your needs. Please refer to a San Diego phone book yellow pages for a complete list of taxicab services.

Name Payment Phone
American Radio Service All major credit cards upon request +1 619-234-1111
Orange Radio Service All major credit cards upon request +1 619-223-5555
San Diego Dispatch Major credit cards upon request +1 619-226-8294/

+1 800-368-2947

USA Radio Dispatch All major cards upon request +1 619-231-1144
Yellow Radio Service All major credit cards accepted +1 619-444-4444/

+1 858-444-4444

By train


If you need to go to or from the San Diego Old Town Transit Center and San Diego International Airport, see the Get Around section. If you need to go to the Santa Fe Depot, then take Route 992 from any bus stop that specifies route 992, And get off at the Broadway & Kettner Bl stop which is a very short walk to the Santa Fe Depot train station. Regardless of which of the two train stations you need to be at you will be able to get on Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner route and can also get on North County Transit District's (NCTD) Coaster commuter rail service. If you need to catch the North County Transit District's light rail the Sprinter, Then get on at either Santa Fe Depot or Old Town Transit Center, and get off at the Oceanside Transit Center. If you need to get on the North County Transit District's bus service the Breeze then please check the NCTD's website to make sure the station you plan to go to runs the route you plan on going. If you are looking to catch the commuter rail that goes throughout Southern California the Metrolink then get on while at the Oceanside Transit Center as it is the only stop within San Diego County.

By foot


Getting to the San Diego Airport by foot is easier then you probably think it is. There is a shared path for bicyclists and pedestrians separated from vehicle traffic connects the airport to Little Italy and Downtown San Diego to the East, and to Liberty Station and Point Loma to the west. There is also a scenic path between the San Diego Bay waterfront and North Harbor Drive and passes through the Spanish Landing Park. In North Harbor drives there will be crosswalks which will safely allow pedestrians to safely cross North Harbor Drive to reach the airport. You can use those crosswalks to get to the car rental center, or terminal 2. Once your at the airport, pedestrian walkways connect terminal 1 and 2.

By bike


Getting to the airport by bike, is pretty much the same as it is by foot, There is a shared path for bicyclists and pedestrians separated from vehicle traffic connects the airport to Little Italy and Downtown San Diego to the East, and to Liberty Station and Point Loma to the west. There is also a scenic path between the San Diego Bay waterfront and North Harbor Drive and passes through the Spanish Landing Park. In North Harbor drives there will be crosswalks which will safely allow pedestrians to safely cross North Harbor Drive to reach the airport. You can use those crosswalks to get to the car rental center, or terminal 2. Once your at the airport cyclists should exercise caution traveling along the airport roadways in front of terminals. When your on the sidewalk you should walk your bike to a bike locker. Bicycle lockers have been installed by the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) at the airport. The lockers are on a first come, first serve basis. Using the bike lockers are free, But you will need to give them a refundable $25 deposit and you will need to sign up in advance here. You will find the bike lockers in well lit areas near the terminal buildings.

You will be able to find bicycle lockers

  • West of the Terminal 2 East escalators, along the ground transportation island fence line (able to park up to 4 bikes)
  • South of the pet relief area at Terminal 2 West, adjacent to northeast corner of NTC parking lot (4 bikes)

You will also be able to find bicycle racks

  • Under the Terminal 2 West pedestrian bridge
  • Under the Terminal 2 East pedestrian bridge
  • North East corner of the NTC parking lot
  • East side of the SDCRAA administration building
  • South side of the taxi hold lot building
  • South side of the Rental Car Center

Get around


San Diego International Airport has 3 free shuttles.

  • Rental Car Shuttle, Operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week that takes people to and from terminals and the rental car center.
  • San Diego Flyer, If you need to go to the Old Town Transit Center, Take the San Diego flyer between 4:45AM-12:30AM. Look for San Diego Flyer signs in the ground transportation areas as they are the pick up and drop off locations for both terminal 1 and terminal 2.
  • Terminal Loop Shuttle, If you find yourself in the wrong terminal, or you landed in one terminal, and the flight to your destination is in the other terminal, you can take the Terminal Loop Shuttle which runs from 6AM–11PM, All you have to do is go to the curbside in front of the terminal 2 baggage claim, and look for the MTS bus stop, which is where you will catch the terminal loop shuttle. Pickup is every 10 minutes. As this is the same bus stop for the MTS Bus Stop route 992, Please make sure you catch the terminal loop shuttle and not the MTS Bus because the MTS Bus will be more expensive, crowded, and will most likely take longer to get to the other terminal.



Recline, rest, and take it easy before your flight at an airline lounge or day spa. Whether you’re looking for a quick chair massage, luxurious table massage, manicure, or pedicure, SAN has plenty of options to help you enjoy a moment of calm.

  • Aspire Lounge. The array of amenities at Airspace Lounge SAN includes food and beverage service along with a full bar, restrooms, shower, and a large seating area.
    • 1 Aspire Lounge (Terminal 2, Gate 23).
    • 2 Aspire Lounge (Terminal 2, Gate 33).
  • Be Relax Spa. Relaxation & beauty services, travel accessories, and gifts.
    • 3 Be Relax Spa (Terminal 2, Gate 27).
    • 4 Be Relax Spa (Terminal 2, Gate 36).
  • 5 Delta Sky Club (Security Corridor), +1 800 221 1212. Daily 4:45AM–10:15PM.
  • 6 United Club (Gate Mezzanine), +1 800 241 6522. Daily 5:15AM–10PM.
  • 7 United Service Organizations (USO) (Terminal 2, Gate Parking Lot), +1 619 296 3192. M-F 6AM–10PM. Sa,Su 8AM–5PM. Lounge area for military personnel and their families transiting into and out of the area. Be prepared to show military ID (or orders for USMC recruits going to USMCRD) to access the facilities. Government chartered shuttles and buses pick-up from here.

If you would like to look at airport art, please visit to find out what art if any will be at the airport when your there.

Eat and drink


Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, The restaurants here boast a selection of San Diego’s best flavors and brands. From healthy food to fast food, they have your airport dining covered.

Terminal 1


Terminal 2


Pre-Security/Sunset Cove


At the gate

Gates 20-29
Gates 30-51
  • 7 Beaudevin Wine & Tapas Bar (Gate 42), +1 619 231 5100. Daily 5AM–11:30PM. Wine selection from global brands with worldwide recognition to wines that are representative of the local and regional market, with small plates, sandwiches and salads.
  • 17 Camden Food Co. (Gate 47). Daily 5AM–10PM. Salad bar, sandwiches, coffee, bakery, breakfast, snacks, healthy market.
  • 18 Elegant Desserts (Gate 38). Daily 5:30AM–1PM. Donuts, cookies, desserts-in-a-jar.
  • 8 Pannikin Coffee & Tea (Gate 38), +1 619 686 8534. Th-Tu 5AM–7PM, W 5AM–12:30PM. Freshly baked pastries, locally roasted coffee, espresso, tea.
  • 19 PGA Tour Grill (Gate 36), +1 619 400 2404. Daily 6AM–10PM. Sit-down restaurant featuring sweeping murals of the famous Torrey Pines golf course, and heart-healthy entrees and golf-themed cocktails, as well as healthy breakfast options.
  • 20 Phil's BBQ (Gate 46), +1 619 538 2353. Daily 11AM–10PM. BBQ for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • 9 Starbucks (Gate 37), +1 619 231 5100. Daily 4:30AM–10:30PM. A wide variety of exclusive espresso beverages, delicious pastries, sandwiches, salads, and the ability to customize your own unique coffee creation to create the perfect Starbucks experience.
  • 10 Stone Brewing Company (Gate 36), +1 619 686 8533. Daily 6AM–10PM. San Diego craft beer with locally sourced cuisine open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • 21 Urban Crave (Gate 48), +1 619 400 2404. Daily 5AM–10:30PM. Burgers, sandwiches, American (New), full bar, breakfast.



Grab a last-minute souvenir, or browse the unique mix of gift shops, boutiques, and fashion retailers before your flight.

Terminal 1

  • 1 Bay Books of Coronado (Pre-Security), +1 619 542 8310. Sa-Th 5AM–9PM, F 5AM–10PM. Books, magazines, luggage accessories, reading glasses, greeting cards, Legos, See’s and Ghiradelli candies.
  • 2 The Beach House (Pre-Security), +1 619 542 8310. Daily 5AM–9:30PM. Beach apparel, sandals, sun hats and bags, sunglasses.
  • 3 Hudson News (Gate 10), +1 619 400 2404. Daily 5AM–10PM. Travel essentials store.
  • 4 KUSI News (Gate 18), +1 619 299 9355. Daily 5:30AM–9:30PM. News, souvenirs, snacks, beverages, magazines, books, apparel, Legos, electronics, See’s and Ghiradelli candies.
  • 5 Stellar News Express (Pre-Security), +1 619 400 2261. Daily 5AM–10:30PM. Reading material, snacks & beverages, travel accessories, sundries, local, gifts, souvenirs.
  • 6 Tech On The Go (Pre-Security), +1 619 295 1807. Daily 6:30AM–3PM. Brand-name electronics, accessories, chargers, cameras, computer bags and accessories.

Terminal 2


Security Corridor

  • 7 Brookstone (Security Corridor). A nationwide specialty retailer, this Brookstone location offers an assortment of consumer products that are functional in purpose, distinctive in design and not widely available from other retailers.
  • 8 PGA Tour Shop (Security Corridor), +1 888 200 7428. Su 10AM–5PM, M-Th, Sa 10AM–8PM, F 9AM–8PM. Designed with integrity and care, the PGA TOUR Shops appeal not only to the golf enthusiast, but to the customer with the casual and leisurely lifestyle in mind.
  • 9 Sky Free Shop (Security Corridor). Duty free shopping with a curated selection of fragrances, handbags, cosmetics, and liquors. Sky Free Shop carries luxury brands including Mont Blanc, Chanel, Bvlgari, Hermès, Furla, Clinique, Estée Lauder, L’Oréal, Buchanan’s, Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniels, and many others.
  • 10 Soundbalance (Security Corridor). Technology lifestyle store which presents travelers the unique opportunity to briefly leave the terminal behind and experience significant new technology advances in a Feng Shui setting.
  • 11 Sunglass Hut (Security Corridor). Sunglasses are a must have, especially in San Diego when there is a high UV index.
  • 12 Swarovski (Security Corridor). Crystal fashion jewelry, accessories and home décor objects.

Pre Security

  • 13 CNBC Express (Pre-Security). This trusted name in news offers an innovative alternative to traditional newsstands, offering a broad range of popular newsstand items that include magazines and snacks, as well as interactive displays which feature CNBC original programming and the latest financial information. Although since this is express, it has less items, if you have enough time, and you want to see the CNBC store, go to gate 35.
  • 14 Lindbergh Field News (Pre-Security). A San Diego-style travel convenience store and newsstand.
  • 15 SANd News (Pre-Security). Representing sun-drenched-coastlines, salty air and clear, starry nights, SANd News will offer news and convenience items for every traveler.

At the gate

Gates 20-29
  • 16 InMotion Entertainment (Gate 26), +1 442 400 9893. Daily 5AM–11PM. Electronics for business and entertainment, Live demonstrations.
  • 17 Old Town News & Market (Gate 26). Reading material, snacks & beverages, jewelry, talavera, trinkets.
  • 18 U.S News & World Report (Gate 23), +1 619 253 1891. News, snacks, books, Samsonite luggage and accessories, electronics, See’s and Ghiradelli Candies.
Gate 30-51
  • 19 CNBC News San Diego (Gate 35). This trusted name in news offers an innovative alternative to traditional newsstands, offering a broad range of popular newsstand items that include magazines and snacks, as well as interactive displays which feature CNBC original programming and the latest financial information.
  • 20 Gaslamp Marketplace (Gate 46). Daily 5AM–7PM. Gaslamp MarketPlace brings the the Gaslamp District to life, offering merchandise from top attractions like the Museum of Art, San Diego Zoo and Sea World. Souvenirs and gifts from San Diego and the region are the main attraction at Gaslamp MarketPlace.
  • 21 Hudson News (Gate 37). Travel essentials store.
  • 22 Rip Curl (Gate 37). San Diego's chill vibe and surf culture comes to life at the airport.
  • 23 Stellar News (Gate 39), +1 619 220 0031. Daily 5AM–10:30PM. Reading material, snacks & beverages, travel wccessories, sundries, local, gifts, souvenirs.
  • 24 Tech on the go (Gate 37). Brand-name electronics, accessories, chargers, cameras, computer bags and accessories.
  • 25 Warwick's of La Jolla (Gate 47), +1 858 454 0347. M-Sa 9AM–6PM Su 10AM–5:30PM. San Diego’s oldest bookstore.



San Diego Airport offers free wifi to all travelers in the airport under the name #SANfreewifi. Sessions are 2 hours, But if you need more time then simply log back into the wi-fi for another free 2 hours. Courtesy phones are located throughout the terminals. Complimentary local calls (area codes 619, 858, 760) are available at select locations. Long-distance phone cards are available to purchase in most Retail concessions. If you need to mail something, All three mailboxes at the airport are located curbside (outdoors). Mailboxes can be found in front of the Commuter Terminal, at Terminal 1 at the Airport Loop, and at Terminal 2 near American Airlines curbside check-in. There are no charging stations but you can buy a portable, refillable charging unit in either terminal from Fuel Rod for $25.





ATMS are located on the departure and arrival levels in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, and the Rental Car Center, at SAN. Please refer to the in-terminal Directory for locations.

Baggage claim

  • Terminal 1 has 3 baggage claim carousels being baggage claim carousels 2,3, and 4 all located next to each other in the pre-security area.
  • Terminal 2 has 6 baggage claim carousels being baggage claim carousels 1-6, Carousels 1-3 have a staircase between them and carousels 4-6.

Currency exchange


San Diego Airport does not have currency exchange. If you are an international traveler going to San Diego then please contact your bank for information on how to exchange your local currency for US Dollars.

Information desks


There are 4 information desks located through out the airport.

  • Terminal 1 Pre-Security, Near Baggage Claim carousels 2,3 and 4.
  • Terminal 2 Pre-Security, Between Baggage Claim carousels 3 and 4.
  • Terminal 2 Security Corridor.
  • Terminal 2 Near Gate 50.

Lactation rooms


The three lactation rooms are located post-security:

  • Terminal 1 West Rotunda on the second level, across from the elevator.
  • Terminal 1 East Rotunda (Southwest Airlines Gates 3-10) on the ground level, past the security checkpoint.
  • Terminal 2 West on the second level, near Gates 34-35

The rooms include a hand-washing station, electrical outlets, comfortable seating, artwork, a children’s seat and soft lighting.

Lost and found


The airport has one lost and found office in terminal 2 pre-security near the check in counter for British Airways, Delta, Japan Airlines, and JetBlue

Luggage carts


Luggage carts are provided by SmartCarte for $6.00 per cart. Cash, credit and debit cards are accepted. Free for arriving passengers in the International Arrivals area. Cart racks are located in airport parking lots, Terminal 2 upper-level curbside check-in, near terminal entrance doors, and in the baggage claim areas.

Luggage storage


Due to TSA regulations, the San Diego International Airport has made the decision to suspend all lockers and storage units. It may be possible to check in early with your airline. Please see the ticket agent when you arrive.

Pet relief areas


San Diego International Airport has 7 pet relief areas all in terminal 2,

  • Four of the pet relief areas are at the gate parking lot area spread throughout the terminal
  • Two of the pet relief areas are near the shuttle stop/designated smoking area
  • One pet relief area is inside post-security near the Starbucks

Visitor information


Brochures, maps and visitor guides are available at self-service display racks located near the Information Desks and baggage claim areas. Information covers San Diego metro, San Diego County, Los Angeles, Northern California, and Western States.

Wheelchair services


If you need wheelchair services while in the airport then please contact your airline to request wheelchair services.



Stay safe


If you need to call the police, the San Diego International Airport is served by the San Diego Harbor Police. If you need to call them for a non-emergency, please call +1 619 686 6272. If you need to call them for an emergency then call +1 619 686 6272, +1 619 223 1133, or 911. If you need the San Diego Fire Department for an emergency, then please call 911, If you need them for anything else from them then please call +1 619 533 4300.



If you have a long layover and would like to leave the airport, You can refer to the By bus or By trolley subsections in the ground transportation section on how to get out of the airport. You can also check out the MTS Trip Planner to find out the best way to get around San Diego from the airport to wherever you want to go.

  • Balboa-Hillcrest - Balboa is a massive urban parkland in the city's heart, home to many museums and the renowned San Diego Zoo. Next door is Hillcrest, a trendy urban neighborhood.
  • Downtown San Diego - A hub of business and nightlife on the bay, downtown has many tourist attractions among its gleaming office and hotel towers. Also home to the Gaslamp Quarter and Petco Park. It is connected from the airport by the SDMTS 992 bus.
  • La Jolla - An upscale beach community, it features some of the most picturesque coastline and lovely beaches around, an exceptional aquarium, and the University of California at San Diego (UCSD).
  • Mission Beach-Pacific Beach - Two popular beach communities with plenty of shops, restaurants, and nightlife, alongside a man-made inlet that is home to Sea World. Mission Bay park is the largest water-based city park in the nation.
  • North San Diego - A large region of the city composed of many suburban neighborhoods stretching far inland to the hills of the north, with a few scattered tourist attractions, including the popular Safari Park.
  • Old Town-Mission Valley is a popular tourist district of historic buildings including California's first Spanish settlement and Mexican-themed shops and restaurants sitting at the foot of Mission Valley, a major commercial center lining the San Diego River that is home to several shopping centers, Snapdragon Stadium, and the Mission San Diego de Alcalá, the oldest of the California missions. The birthplace of San Diego is connected from the airport by the San Diego Flyer shuttle that goes to the Old Town Transit Center
  • Point-Loma-Ocean Beach - A scenic peninsula curving around the bay, this area offers gorgeous views of San Diego, beautiful coastline, and quiet, laid-back beach neighborhoods.
Routes through San Diego International Airport
END  Route  992  Downtown San Diego

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