Central Shenzhen

View of Luohu, Futian, and Hong Kong's New Territories from Shun Hing Square

Shenzhen's city center, consisting of the two districts of Futian and Luohu, has everything you'd expect from a thriving international city—skyscrapers, shopping, museums, performances—but is also surprisingly green, with huge, lovely parks and mountains. This is the main area that most visitors to Shenzhen experience, with its humongous electronics markets, fashionable residents, and border crossings to Hong Kong.

Get in[edit]

The Shenzhen metro system is centered in this area, so getting here from other parts of Shenzhen should not be a problem. The main border crossings from Hong Kong – Futian and Luohu – also lead to this area, as you would expect from their names.

From Shenzhen airport, take metro Line 11, which may lead you directly to where you want to go; if not, you can transfer at Chegongmiao, Futian or Gangxia North.

By train[edit]

1 Futian Station (services to Hong Kong, Guangzhou and further destinations including Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin) and 2 Shenzhen Station (services to Guangzhou and slow trains to further destinations). If travelling via the major hub Shenzhen North railway station (providing services to Xiamen, Fuzhou, Ganzhou etc.), take metro Line 4 or 6 to this area.


Map of Shenzhen/Center

Museums and galleries[edit]

Art and design[edit]

  • 1 Guan Shanyue Art Gallery (关山月美术馆), 6026 Hongli Rd. Futian (福田区红荔路6026号) (Children's Palace Station (少年宫), intersection of Metro lines 3 and 4. Bus routes 10, 14, 34, 64, 108, 111, 215, 322, 398, m105, m173, m183, m262, m459, m488, m511, m555, express bus 18 (高快巴士18路) and peak-time route 123 (高峰专线123路)), +86 755 83063086, . 09:00-17:00, no entry after 16:30, closed on Mondays. The Guan Shanyue Gallery is dedicated to the works of Guan Shanyue, a modern master of the Ling Nan school of Chinese ink painting. The Ling Nan (Ling Nan is the Tang Dynasty name for Guangdong and Guangxi provinces) originated in the early 20th century inspired by Japanese westernising schools. Guan Shanyue studied under the masters of the school and produced some very competent art in that style. He had revolutionary associations and, after the communist takeover, became an arts bureaucrat until he was attacked during the Cultural Revolution. He donated his paintings to the Shenzhen City Government in 1993 and the gallery opened in 1997. It contains exhibits of Guan's work and hosts regular special exhibitions. Free.
  • 2 Shenzhen Art Museum (深圳美术馆), Donghu Park, 32 Donghu 1st Street, Aiguo Road, Luohu (罗湖区爱国路东湖一街32号东湖公园内) (Bus routes 1, 3, 17, 23, 29, 52, 64, 211, 306, 308, 320, 333, 351, 376, m172, m373, m399, m407, m445, m508, Peak Time Route 5 (高峰专线5路) or Express Bus 97 (高快巴士97路). Take the bus to Shenzhen Reservoir (水库), Shenzhen Reservoir Bus Station (水库总站) or East Lake Bus Station (东湖客运站) and go to the East Lake Park. The nearest metro station is Tai'an Station on Metro Line 5, which is about 2km west of the museum), +86 755 25426069, . Tu-Su 09:00-17:00, M closed. Free.
  • 3 Zhizheng Art Museum (至正艺术博物), 5th floor, Block A, KK100, 5016 Shennan East Road, Guiyuan Subdistrict, Luohu District (罗湖区桂园街道深南东路5016号京基100大厦A座五层) (Grand Theater Station, Metro Line 1), +86 755 22284032, . 10:30-17:30. Claims to be the largest privately-owned museum in China. Visitors must show their ID card or passport before being allowed to enter. Free.

History and culture[edit]

  • 4 Shenzhen Chess Room Museum (深圳市棋国象棋博物馆), 1210, Sunny Golf Building, 7008 Shennan Avenue, Futian District (福田区深南大道7008阳光高尔夫大厦12楼1210) (near Exit B of Chegongmiao Metro Station, Lines 1, 7, 9 and 11), +86 755 82753087, +86 13510351984. 09:00-12:00, 13:30-17:30, closed on weekends. A private museum dedicated to xiangqi (Chinese chess). It has a collection of over 50,000 xiangqi-related objects, including chess boards, chess pieces, books and art work. Free.
  • 5 Shenzhen Museum (深圳博物馆; Shēn​zhèn​ Bó​wù​guǎn​), East Entrance, Wing A, Shenzhen Civic Centre, Futian District (福田区市民中心A区东门) (Civic Center Station, intersection of Metro Lines 2 and 4), +86 755 88125550, . 10:00-18:00, closed Monday. In Wing A of the Shenzhen Civic Centre, the City Government's spectacular wing-roofed building. This is a must-see. The ground floor gallery has temporary exhibits from some of the most famous museums of China, which have ranged from jade burial suits to Shang Dynasty bronzes to contemporary Chinese painting. The upper floors have exhibits of the history of Shenzhen: the incredible number of ancient relics unearthed during construction; an exhibit of the Qing and Republican periods in the area, including a recreated street from traditional Shenzhen complete with shops and wax figures; and the founding and development of the SEZ, revealing details of some of the most significant events of recent Chinese history. Free. Shenzhen Museum (Q2088192) on Wikidata Shenzhen Museum on Wikipedia
  • 6 Shenzhen Piano Museum (深圳钢琴博物馆), Sector C, Level 4, Shenzhen Musical Instrument Mall, Guo Qi Building, 1002 Shangbu Road South, Futian District (福田区上步南路1002号国企大厦深圳乐器城四楼C区) (Exit D, Science Museum Station, Metro Line 1), +86 755 22197080. 09:00-18:00, closed on the eve of Chinese New Year. Displays a collection of 46 old pianos obtained from various parts of the world. Free.
  • 7 Yuezhong Museum of Historical Images (越众历史影像馆), Building 4, Yuezhong Industrial Park, 1106 Honggang North Road, Qingshui River Subdistrict, Luohu District (罗湖区清水河街道红岗北路1106号越众产业园4栋) (The nearest bus stop is Qinghu Shanzhuang (青湖山庄), which is served by bus routes 8, 9, 58, 61, 85, 222, 381, 385, m105, m123, m194, m464 and m509. You can catch bus no. 222 from Caopu Station on Metro Line 3), +86 755 83064687, . 10:00-17:00, closed on Mondays. Free.

Science and technology[edit]

  • 8 Shenzhen Gas Science Museum (深圳燃气科学馆), West Side, Level 1, Shenzhen Gas Building, 268 Mei'ao First Road, Futian District (福田区梅坳一路268号深燃大厦1楼西侧) (Exit B, Shangmeilin Station, Metro Line 4), +86 755 88660930. Open on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Wednesdays and Saturdays are reserved for school groups. All other visitors must visit the museum on a Sunday. Entry is restricted to the following times: 09:00-10:00, 10:30-11:30, 15:00-16:00, 16:00-17:00. The first museum in China to be exclusively devoted to the science of gas. Free.
  • 9 Shenzhen Industrial Museum (深圳市工业展览馆), Floors 2 to 10, Yellow Tower, Wing B, Shenzhen Civic Center, Fuzhong San Road, Futian District (福田区福中三路市民中心B区黄塔2-10楼) (Civic Center Station, intersection of Metro Lines 2 and 4. In the same building complex as the Shenzhen Museum. Look for the Yellow Tower), +86 755 88121304 (enquiries), +86 755 88121362 (group bookings), +86 755 88121367 (complaints and suggestions), . 09:30-17:30, closed on Sundays and public holidays. Groups are required to make a booking before visiting. No booking is required for solo visitors. Free.
  • 10 [dead link] Shenzhen Paleontological Museum (深圳古生物博物馆), 160 Fairy Lake Road, Liantang, Luohu District (罗湖区莲塘仙湖路160号) (The museum is in the middle of the Fairy Lake Botanical Gardens (see listing below). To get to the gardens, take bus no. 202, 220, m182 or m526 and get off at the Fairy Lake Botanical Gardens bus terminal (仙湖植物园总站). You can catch bus no. 202 from outside Exit B of Yijing Station on Metro Line 5. You will find the museum on the north side of the lake), +86 755 25702716. 09:00-17:00 (Tuesday to Friday), 09:30-17:30 (weekends and public holidays), no entry during last 30 minutes, closed on Mondays. Free.
  • 11 Shenzhen Science Museum (深圳科学馆), 1003 Shangbu Middle Road, Futian District (福田区上步中路1003号) (Exit A, Science Museum Station, Metro Line 1), +86 755 83268442. 10:00-17:00 (Wednesday to Friday), 09:30-17:00 (weekends and public holidays), closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Free. Shenzhen Science Museum (Q11153124) on Wikidata

Religious structures[edit]

  • 12 Hong Fa Buddhist Temple (弘法寺; Hóng​ Fǎ Sì​). Not particularly old but it is always packed with pilgrims from all over China and beyond. The temple is spectacularly sited half-way up Wutong Mountain in the Fairy Lake Botanical Garden - Southeast Gate (仙湖植物园站), Shenzhen's largest and most beautiful park. Hongfa Temple (Q3200921) on Wikidata Hongfa Temple on Wikipedia
  • 13 Shenzhen Mosque (深圳清真寺), No. 7, Meilin Road, Futian District. The largest mosque in Shenzhen. Shenzhen Mosque (Q24835507) on Wikidata Shenzhen Mosque on Wikipedia


Looking straight down from Ping An Finance Centre
  • 14 Shenzhen Library (深圳图书馆), 2016 Fuzhong 1st Road, Futian (福田区福中一路2016号) (Children's Palace Metro stop, Lines 3 and 4). Shenzhen Library and Concert Hall together make up another of the architectural masterpieces of the city. Architect Arata Isozaki designed the buildings with a back of almost featureless black granite and a front of brilliant folded glass. It is a must see for architecture freaks. The library has four million books.
  • 15 Ping An Finance Centre (平安国际金融中心, Píng'ān Guójì Jīnróng Zhōngxīn), 5033 Yitian Road, Futian District 福田区益田路5033号 (Shopping Park metro station). 09:00–22:00, last entry at 21:15. At 600 meters, this is the fourth-tallest building in the world, the second-tallest in China, and the tallest all-office building in the world. Visitors can go up to the 541-meter-high observation deck, "Free Sky", on the 116th floor, for 360-degree views of Shenzhen, Hong Kong's New Territories, and the bay. The observation deck has little glass-floor nooks where you can see the city far down beneath your feet. Buy your tickets on the underground level of the building, watch a short presentation of the history of Shenzhen, and then take the incredibly fast (10 m/s) elevator that gets you up to the observation deck in less than a minute. Considering it's the fourth tallest building in the world, the observation deck is surprisingly not crowded, at least on ordinary weekdays. ¥200 for adults; ¥120 for seniors; ¥100 for children under 1.5 m; free for children under 1.2 m. Ping An Finance Centre (Q1077308) on Wikidata Ping An Finance Centre on Wikipedia


Theatres and concert halls[edit]

  • 1 Grand Theatre (深圳大剧院).
  • Shadu Song and Dance Hall.
  • 2 Shenzhen Concert Hall (深圳音乐厅), 2016 Fuzhong 1st Road, Futian (福田区福中一路2016号) (Children's Palace Metro stop, Lines 3 and 4), +86 755 82841888 (Ticket hotline 9.00-20.00). See Shenzhen Library above. The Concert Hall hosts international standard artists in a stunning glass-wrapped setting.
  • 3 Shenzhen Cantonese Opera Troupe.
  • 4 Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra (深圳交响乐团), 2025 Huangbei Road, Luohu District 罗湖区黄贝路2025号, +86 0755 25405183. Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra (Q7494382) on Wikidata Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra on Wikipedia

Parks and mountains[edit]

Deng Xiaoping striding above the city in Lianhuashan Park
  • 5 Lianhua Mountain Park (Lotus Mountain Park; 莲花山公园; Liánhuāshāngōngyuán), Hongli Road West, Futian Central (Metro 3/4: Children's Palace station). This is Shenzhen's main and most central park, just north of central Futian district. The gardens are extremely beautiful and meticulously cared for. But to really enjoy the park, you need to be there with Shenzhen's middle classes early in the morning or on Sundays when large family groups gather to have fun. At the top of the 100-meter hill, which you can reach with a 20-minute, not too challenging walk, is a large bronze statue of Deng Xiaoping striding out over the city. Large aerobics groups operate to loud music, people fly kites and play badminton, a man walks down the path inscribing Tang Dynasty poetry in ever evaporating water with an enormous brush. Further down the mountain, ballroom dancers do the tango, a group of belly dancers wiggle, and large men lay into each other with bamboo staves and swords. A famous and totally spontaneous group of singers of revolutionary opera sings by the lotus lake every Sunday morning, a must-see if you are even remotely in the vicinity. They are just past the laughter therapy group and the marriage market. Free. Lianhuashan Park (Q15941172) on Wikidata Lianhuashan Park on Wikipedia
  • 6 Fairy Lake Botanical Gardens (仙湖植物公园; Xiān​ Hú​ Zhí​wù​ Gōng​yuán​), 160 Fairy Lake Road, Luohu District (罗湖区莲塘仙湖路160号) (Take bus no. 202, 220, m182 or m526 and get off at the Fairy Lake Botanical Gardens bus terminal (仙湖植物园总站). You can catch bus no. 202 from outside Exit B of Yijing Station on Metro Line 5), +86 755 25738430, +86 755 25736061, . 06:00-21:30.
    Lake of the Immortals Botanical Gardens
    This is Shenzhen's most beautiful park and surely one of the most beautiful in China. It sprawls over miles of foothills, valleys, rivers and lakes before climbing half way up Wutong Mountain. Main attraction is the Hong Fa Temple (see entry above) but there are beautiful and peaceful lakes surrounded by teahouses and pavilions which could inspire great poetry. Don't miss the azalea garden, the pertified forest, the paleontology museum or the medicinal plants garden.
    ¥15 is charged for entry between 08:00 and 18:00. Entry before 08:00 or after 18:00 is free.
  • 7 Shenzhen Garden and Flower Exposition Center (园博园), Zhuzilinxi, Futian District (at the intersection of Shennan Avenue and Qiaocheng East Road) (深圳市福田区竹子林西 (深南大道与侨城东路交汇处); Fútián​ Qū Zhú​zi​lín Xī (Shēn​nán Ddà​dào Yú​ Qiáo​chéng Dōng​ Lù​ Jiāo​huì Chù​​)​​) (Qiao Cheng Dong Metro Station, exit A). 09:00-22:00. This park started life as the site of an international garden exhibition in 2004. It is an enormous garden with an area of 660,000 m². It ranges from gently undulating to quite steep and contains gardens in many different styles, not only Chinese but from all over the world. Make sure you visit the hot houses and climb the hill past the waterfall to the pagoda on top of the hill. Views back to Hong Kong are spectacular on a clear day. A further 242 steps will take you to the top of the pagoda. ¥50.
  • 8 Mangrove Ecological Park (福田红树林生态公园), main entrance at Furong Road and Xinzhou Road (福荣路 Fúróng Lù, 新洲路 Xīnzhōu Lù), Futian (Metro: Shawei 沙尾, the station is still some distance from the park). 7AM–11PM, closed Tuesdays. Hong Kong's Mai Po Marshes are one of the world's great birdwatching paradises as birds migrating from Siberia rest in the fishponds. The same birds also rest in the mangroves on Shenzhen Bay a scant two miles north of Mai Po. In the late 1990s when the Binhai Freeway was being built, there was public outrage at plans to route the road through the bird habitat of the mangroves, subsequently the road was built 200 metres north and China's smallest national park was founded. The bird watching is legendary, but if you are not into birds, the park provides coconut palm shaded walks and views to die for across Shenzhen Bay. The birds are seasonal—outside of winter and early spring you may not see many. Free.
Near the peak of Wutong Mountain
  • 9 Wutong Mountain National Park (梧桐山 Wútóng Shān; Wutong Village, Luohu District; 罗湖区捂桐村). At just over 900 meters, Wutong Mountain is the second tallest mountain in the Pearl River Delta after Hong Kong's Tai Mo Shan and it is a favorite challenge for hikers. This has been a recognised beauty spot since at least the Ming Dynasty when it was included in the Eight Great Views of Xin'an County and was celebrated in poetry. There are several routes to the top varying significantly in difficulty. The broad road will be a gentle climb. But if you intend to go to the top and back, be prepared for a 6-8 hour walk, including a lot of steep steps. There are two peaks, Lesser Wutong where the Shenzhen TV Company has its impressive transmission tower, and Greater Wutong which is reached via the notoriously difficult Hao Han Slope. On a clear day, the views from the summit over Mirs Bay and the mountains of Hong Kong's New Territories are beautiful. Night views over the city set against the sweep of Shenzhen Bay are also impressive. Wear a hat and sunscreen and bring snacks and water—at least two liters per person, though if you don't bring enough you can buy water and food on the trail. Free. Wutong Mountain (Q996504) on Wikidata Wutong Mountain on Wikipedia
  • 10 Bijia Mountain Park (笔架山公园 Bǐjiàshān Gōngyuán), 26 Meigang Road, Futian 福田区梅岗路26号. Less popular but quite a bit nicer than nearby Lianhua Mountain Park. It's full of trees, birds, lots of kinds of flowers, quiet rivers and ponds, and people strolling and doing tai chi. The park strikes a balance: attractively manicured without feeling too artificial. The "mountain" (really just a hill) has two peaks, 178m Bi Guan Peak (笔冠峰) and 164m Bi Jun Peak (笔俊峰). Free. Bijia Mountain Park (Q15898034) on Wikidata

Spas and massage[edit]

  • [formerly dead link] Oriental Palm Spring International Spa Club (Near Lok Ma Chau border crossing). Refurbished with a strong Thai themed interior decor, you almost think you are in a Thailand resort especially on the new first floor. One of the many big spas in the Futian area and well worth a try if you're not into the hanky panky business. OPS is famous for providing excellent service, massages and really good Chinese cuisine. The food is excellent although a little pricey for local standards.
  • SLF International Spa Club (Near Lok Ma Chau border crossing). Branded as Water Cube is brand new, hence in excellent condition, and tastefully designed with an interior resembling a luxury hotel. Although English is barely spoken by anybody, the staff are clearly trained to be first class and they try their best to be helpful — and sell massages, which cost ¥48 for 45 minutes of lounge-chair massage through ¥128–238 for 90 minutes of full-body massage in the usual styles, 10% service charge and tip separate. The spa is visible from the main street outside Lok Ma Chau border crossing and metro stop, and shuttles are available to Luo Wu and Huanggang border crossings. Gym, fruit, full drink menu including iced lemon tea and coffee, gym, and videogames complimentary; internet, karaoke and VIP room rental, billiards, table tennis, and of course food all charged separately.
  • Queen Spa (Near Luohu border crossing). This spa is showing its age like an old resort hotel in Las Vegas, although it remains a popular tourist destination in part because it has the notable advantage of having English-speaking staff on duty and identified with clearly visible tags year-round. The entry fee of ¥98 is waived after ¥168 of spa services paid, not including the 10% service charge and tips of ¥10-30 per 45 minutes. Foot/head/leg massage is ¥56/45 min and Chinese massage ¥168/90 min. Perks include a swimming pool, a gym, videogames, and free ice-cream and juice and fruit. Free WiFi and five-minute Internet terminals are available in the shared area. The spa has a range of VIP services available such as private Royal Club rooms with a semi-private second swimming pool and Rolls Royce transfers from Luohu (¥30) or the airport.
  • Gold Coast Club, Building 1-4, Kaili Hotel, 2027 Jiabin Road East, Luohu (Near Luohu border crossing). Beautiful interior, entry fee of ¥138 with 10% service charge. Party room rental for ¥60/hour to ¥120/hour depending on size with karaoke and chess and games included.
  • Sentosa International SPA Club (Near Luohu border crossing). Shuttle available, offering in March 2009 four hours of Chinese massage for ¥108 and ¥88 for any three types of foot, head, or leg massage.


  • 11 Shenzhen Golf Club (深圳高尔夫俱乐部), Shennan Boulevard, Futian District (福田区深南大道), +86 755 3308888, fax: +86 755 3304992. This is one of China's two oldest golf courses. When it was established in 1985 it was way out in the country but now it is surrounded by skyscrapers, providing a pleasant oasis in the heart of Futian. This is where the locals prefer to play.


Shopping malls[edit]

  • 1 Luohu Commercial City (Cantonese: Lo Wu) (Just across from the Hong Kong border; Luohu Metro Station, exit A). Offers a very different experience to shopping in Hong Kong and is therefore worth a visit if only spending a short time in China. Spread over several levels are many small stores, each selling similar products: watches, jewellery, handbags, clothes and DVDs. These products are rarely authentic but they are often very well made and detailed fakes. There are many stallholders pressuring shoppers to part with their money but the atmosphere is one of enjoyable bargaining. This is the place to go for Western sizes in clothing and shoes. This is also the place to go to have massages and nails done dirt cheap as well. But remember, this is not really Shenzhen, it is more like a Chinese interpretation of Tijuana. It is rough, dirty and infested with touts. Take the plunge and go another hundred meters into the city and you will find that your Luohu experience is not representative of the rest of the city.
  • 2 Dongmen Pedestrian Street (东门步行街; Dōng​mén​ Bù​xíng​ Jiē​) (Laojie Metro Station, exit A). The place to go for clothes and small-ticket items. This place is better than Luohu Commercial City in terms of price and range of items. Other than several department stores and malls, most are smaller stalls. The price is cheap, even by local standards.
  • 3 MixC Shopping Mall (Da Ju Yuan Metro Station, exit C-3). The largest (and easily the most expensive) shopping mall in Shenzhen. Highlights include the following: Olympic size indoor Ice Skating Rink, Golden Harvest Cinema movie theater, Ole (high end supermarket with many imported items), Spaghetti House and Starbucks. Good option
  • 4 Coco Park (near Gou Wu Gong Yuan Metro Station (购物公园)). Shopping mega complex. Sports, clothing, fashion, coffee, some restaurants, including "Green Tea" (绿茶), with tasty Hangzhou food and a bilingual menu, and "Norway.Oslo" which has some outdoor seating. When you get bored you can go outside and hit up McCawley's or the Mexican restaurant for dinner, then visit any of a number of bars just across the street from the mall. Coco Park is close to the Shenzhen Convention Exhibition Center. COCO Park (Q10846711) on Wikidata COCO Park on Wikipedia
  • 5 Central Walk (Located one block away from the exhibition centre on Fuhua Road. Take Metro to Exhibition Centre stop and Central Walk is located at exit B. 5 minutes walk from Coco Park.). Another Shopping complex in Shenzhen. Base tenant is Carrefour, but also has usual shops, restaurants and a cinema. Three floors of shops arranged in a circle. Mostly women's clothes. Starbucks and Italian Best Coffee (Illy Coffee) are located here. Subway (Sandwiches) also has opened here.
  • 6 Fashion Time (丰盛町 Fēngshèngdīng), 福田区深南大道车公庙路 (车公庙地铁站 Chegongmiao Metro Station, exit C or D). A long underground pedestrian alley, lined with more than 500 restaurants and shops, specializing in fashion.
  • 7 King Glory Plaza (Guo Mao Metro Station, exit A). A mall, along the lines of MixC. It is fairly high priced. It includes a movie theater as well as the "IN" bar/nightclub (that's the name of it) and "Yellow" bar. Eight floors connected by criss-crossed escalators give you enough stores to stay occupied for a few hours. Lots of restaurants in the sub-ground levels. Connected by a walkway to Rainbow Mall. There's a Pacific Coffee on the ground floor.
  • 8 Shun Hing Square (Diwang Building). On Shennan Road, across from the MixC. Go to the Da Juyuan (大剧院) metro station. You won't miss it, because Diwang Dasha is among the tallest buildings in Shenzhen. The shopping center is actually very small, with just a few stores on three small levels, but it's in a nice area of town with lots of other attractions, so you might dart in to see what's to be found. Starbucks on the ground floor, McDonald's in the basement level.
  • 9 [dead link] City Mall (中信城市广场), 1095 Shennan Middle Road, Futian 福田区深南中路1095号 (metro line 1, Science Museum Station 科学馆站, exit D. The mall is attached to the metro station). Six-story upscale shopping mall. Includes a bunch of restaurants, and nearby Songling Road (松岭路) also has a bunch of more authentic, distinctive, and reasonably priced cuisine.


Huaqiang Electronics World

As the home of a dazzling array of electronics manufacturers and related businesses, Shenzhen naturally has huge stores selling a wide variety of electronics, both parts and consumer products.

Huaqiangbei (华强北, Huáqiángběi) shopping area, centered around the street of the same name (华强北路, Huáqiángběi Lù), is the absolute epicenter of the world's electronics industry. Huaqiangbei Street is pedestrian-only for a few blocks between Shennanzhong Street (深南中路, Shēnnánzhōng Lù) and Hongli Street (红荔路, Hónglì Lù). There are several large electronics markets and many smaller stores situated on both sides of the pedestrian street and particularly in the small streets and lanes running parallel. One famously devotes itself to stealth and security. If haggling isn't your thing, you can also get good prices on consumer electronics at Suning. Gome and Sundan stores at the northern end of the street. The pedestrian street is bustling, and there are good small restaurants on the streets nearby. Starbucks is here too. Most of the stores will close at around 5 or 6PM.

The shopping area is easy to reach by subway, with three stations along the pedestrian street: Huaqiang North Station (华强北站), Huaqiang Road Station (华强路站), and Huaxin Station (华新站).

The big electronics markets each consist of several floors full of small stalls specializing in different kinds of electronics or accessories. You can buy anything electronic here, though keep in mind that the markets are aimed at Chinese buyers, which means that, for instance, accessories for brands that aren't popular in China may be hard to find. A few products are labeled bilingually, though most are only in Chinese. Most vendors in the big markets should be able to speak enough English to make a sale, or at least have a calculator to type prices. Below are some of Huaqiangbei's well-known electronics markets, and there are plenty more in the area.

  • 10 SEG Plaza (赛格广场, Sàigé Guǎngchǎng) (In the SEG Building on the corner of Huaqiang Bei and Shennan; Huaqiang Lu Metro Station, exit A). This most famous electronics market has ten floors of small stalls selling electronics and accessories. The first two floors are wholesale components and the rest is mainly dedicated to consumer goods. Most customers are expected to buy in bulk when buying small things like wires or cases, but they will sell individual pieces for reasonable prices. It has kind of a maze-like layout, so it's good for wandering around and stumbling upon all kids of interesting gizmos and novelty accessories for sale. You won't get too lost, though—you're never too far from an escalator. Products are partly organized by floor, but the signs explaining the system are only in Chinese. SEG Plaza (Q1368798) on Wikidata SEG Plaza on Wikipedia
  • 11 Huaqiang Electronics World (HQ-Mart, 华强电子世界, Huáqiáng Diànzǐ Shìjiè) (across the street from SEG Plaza). Another huge electronics market. It's split into multiple buildings, some of which are more interesting than others. The northernmost one (深圳二店) is oriented towards consumers, with six floors of various electronics and accessories. Again, the products are organized by floor, but the signs explaining the system are all in Chinese. Head to the fifth and sixth floors for gaudy LED strips, lightbulbs, flashing displays, and lights of all kinds.
  • 12 Mingtong Electronics Market (明通数码城, Míngtōng Shùmǎ Chéng) (A few minutes from the SEG market). Four floors. Watch parts, electronic toys, gadgets, and mobile phone parts, as well as a lot of cosmetics on the third floor and one section of the first floor.
  • 13 Yuanwang Digital Mall (远望数码商城, Yuǎnwàng Shùmǎ Shāngchéng), northeast corner of Zhenhua Street (振华路, Zhènhuá Lù) and Huaqiangbei Street (华强北路, Huáqiángběi Lù). Three floors, mostly consisting of mobile phones and accessories. Behind it is an alley of reasonably priced restaurants.

Specialized stores[edit]

  • Jiahua Foreign Trade Clothing Market, Address: 广东省深圳市福田区华强北路2007号 English: No.2007, Huaqiang North Road, Futian District (How to get there: take the subway to Huagiang Lu, and take exit a. Walk north along Huaqiang Lu and once you cross Zhenhua Road go past NICO Women's World and in between NICO/KFC and MOI/Starbucks you’ll see a wide lane way that leads to the market. (from shenzhenshopper.com)). Series of stalls selling lots of cheap clothing. It's not quite as huge as Luohu Commercial City, but it's worth a look.
  • 14 Shenzhen Book City (深圳书城), 2014 Fu Zhong One Road, Futian District (福田区福中一路2014号) (Shao Nian Gong Metro Station (少年宫站), a.k.a. Children's Palace, exit C or D), +86 755-23992012, +86 755-23992013. M–Th 10AM–10PM, F 10AM–10:30PM, Sa 9:30AM–10:30PM, Su 9:30AM–10PM. Bills itself as the biggest bookshop in the world, and it's really more of a mall anchored by a bookstore, with lots of restaurants and other shops in the same building. Great selection of books and related products. There is a small shop which specialises in English books, Eon Books.
  • 15 Luohu Book City (深圳书城罗湖城), 5033 Shennan East Road, Xinwei Community, Guiyuan Subdistrict 桂园街道新围社区深南东路5033号, +86 755-8207 3030. The smaller Luohu branch of Book City.
  • Tea World Terminal Market (Close to Lo Wu/Luohu station, walk up the Bao'an south road, and it will be on your right side). A whole warehouse with many stores selling all things related to tea. Wonderful selection of everything from Pu'er-teas to tea-ware. They seem not to be focused on selling to tourists, which is very nice, but they still take time with you if you want to go through the tea ceremonies.


Food is generally more expensive here than in the suburbs, especially in the central business district.

Eat Streets[edit]

  • 1 Bagua First Road Eat Street (八卦一路美食街), Bagua First Rd, Futian 福田区八卦一路 (Metro: Yuanling 园岭, take exit A and turn left). This was Shenzhen's first Eat Street. Food was originally Cantonese brought by homesick Hong Kong factory owners. It's now a smallish Eat Street compared to some of the others. Cantonese food is still good here but you can get food from all over China. Snake is excellent in season (October to January) here.
  • 2 Chegongmiao Eat Street (车公庙美食街), Terra Industrial Zone, Futian District 福田区泰然工业区 (车公庙地铁站 Metro: Chegongmiao, take exit C, D, or F). A particularly large eat street, with good Sichuan, Hunan and Taiwanese food. There is also a good if unauthentic Macau style restaurant. Centered around Tairan Fourth Road (泰然四路) up to Tairan Ninth Road (泰然九路).
  • 3 Dongmen Pedestrian Street (东门步行街; Dōng​mén​ Bù​xíng​ Jiē​), Luohu 罗湖区 (Laojie Metro Station). Shenzhen's favorite comfort shopping district also has lots of cheap and cheerful food, especially snacks. It's the usual suspects: Cantonese, Sichuan, Hunanese, all the major fast food chains, and various others.
  • 4 Huaqiangbei Eat Street, Huaqiang North Rd Futian 福田区华强北路. The food's in the streets and alleys parallel to Huaqiangbei. Hunan and Chaozhou are specialities. There are several shops specialising in Uyghur "naan" bread. An alley behind the main street specialises in Muslim food.
  • 5 Renmin South Road (人民南路 Rénmín Nán Lù), Luohu (Guomao station (line 1) or Renmin South station (line 9)). This busy north-south road, in between the Luohu border crossing and Dongmen shopping area, is lined with a fair number of restaurants representing a variety of cuisines (mostly Chinese, of course), and a fair amount of shopping. You can find more on the side streets nearby.
  • 6 Xinwen Road Eat Street (新闻路美食街), Xinwen Road, Futian 福田区新闻街 (behind the Special Zone Press Tower 报业大厦; Metro Xiangmihu). A bunch of moderately-priced sit-down restaurants near the press building—lots of Hunan food as usual, and other cuisines as well.



  • 7 Happy Together (喜荟), 2038 Shennan Middle Road, Futian 福田街道深南中路2038号, +86 755 83351123. Busy dim sum place. Menu only in Chinese, but it has some pictures.
  • 8 Modern Toilet Restaurant, 2nd Floor Jiefang Lu 1004 Dongmen Buxing (Laojie Metro Station). Taiwanese chain's first branch in the mainland. Toilet themed restaurant, featuring toilets as seats and squatter toilet plates. Food is nothing special and costs about ¥25-35/dish, but come after dinner with a friend and bring the camera for the ¥10 chocolate ice cream. The surrounding Laojie commercial district goes from cosmopolitan to near-dystopian in the course of about two hours every evening.



  • 1 XPats Bar, FL1016 Street Lvl Eastern Sidewalk Central Walk Mall 福田取中心城大中华大厦对面. (Exit B Hui Zhan Zhong Xin Metro). It's in Central Walk, top floor on the right hand walkway (outside the building) directly opposite the Great China Building. Beer, wine and pizza served. Big screen sports coverage.
  • 2 Base Bar (根据地酒吧(上步店)), 1019 Shangbu South Road, Futian District (福田区上步南路1019号; Fú​tián​ Qū​ Shàngbù​ Nán​ Lù​​) (Accessible from Science Museum Metro Station 科学馆, not far from Party City). A live rock music venue. Great vibe and great interior deco. There are nice three-sided booths along the walls for larger groups. A variety of acts play into the early morning. Friendly waitstaff with Communist Star armbands. Door cover can sometimes run up to ¥100, cocktails from ¥30 (the Gin-Tonic is excellent), bottles of Jim Beam ¥380.
  • Ibiza (Huaqiangbei). A European style two-story pub. It is quite popular among foreigners. ¥30 per bottle of beer.
  • Kingway (LuoHu). Brewery and beer garden.
  • 3 Ren Jian Du Hui In Club (人间都汇国际俱乐部), 深圳市春风路桂都大夏2F-5F (Upstairs CASH club), +86 755-82391111. This is a KTV that has a lounge with performances on the 2nd floor, and private rooms on the rest of the floors. You can pay to have male or female hosts sit with you - for a tip. 200+ for the girls and 500+ for the gigolos. You can have them line up for you and you can pick the one you like. 900+ small room.
  • 3D Bar, Block B, Bar Street, Citic Plaza, 1093 Shennan Rd (Futian). Guinness is available on tap. There are also many other international beers available (bottled mainly). The outside tables along the walkway are good for a relaxing pint, the inside tables and the outside tables closest to the front door are if you're looking for a livelier atmosphere, better

Coco Park[edit]

Outside the Coco Park shopping complex (mentioned above) is the bar street of Futian, with all kinds of bars packed into the middle of the block. It's expensive but upscale. During bar hours it's notoriously hard to find food beyond a few noodle shops or convenience stores.

  • 4 Club Viva (Coco Park). Just north of Coco Park shopping mall, in the middle of the boardwalk. Usually packed on weekends with many foreigners.



  • Home Inns. Biggest economy hotel chain in China. It features high quality and consistent standard rooms with very reasonable prices. There are several branches in Shenzhen.
    • 1 Home Inn (Shenzhen Luohu Kou'an) (如家快捷酒店 (深圳罗湖口岸店); Rú​jiā​kuài​jié​ Jiǔ​diàn (Shēn​zhèn​ Luó​hú​ Kǒu​'àn Diàn​)), 1064 Yanhe Nan Road, Luohu District (罗湖区沿河南路1064号; Luó​hú​ Qū​ Yánhé​ Nán Lù)​​​.
    • 2 Home Inn (Shenzhen Xinzhou) (如家快捷酒店 (深圳新洲店); Rú​jiā​kuài​jié​jiǔ​diàn (Shēn​zhèn​ Xīn​zhōu​ Diàn​)), 315 Shiji Gongyi Pin Jiaoyi Shichang Building, Xinzhou South Road, Futian District (福田区新洲南路世纪工艺品交易市场315楼; Fú​tián Qū​ Xīn​zhōu​ Nán​ Lù​ Shì​jì Gōng​yì Pǐn​ Jiāo​yì​ Shì​chǎng​ Lóu)​​.
    • 3 Home Inn (Shenzhen Zhuzilin) (如家快捷酒店 (深圳竹子林店); Rú​jiā​kuài​jié​ Jiǔ​diàn (Shēn​zhèn Zhú​zi​lín​ Diàn​)), 福田区竹子林益华大厦.
    • 4 Home Inn (Shenzhen Railway Station) (如家快捷酒店 (深圳火车站店); Rú​jiā​kuài​jié​jiǔ​diàn (Shēn​zhèn​ Huǒ​chē​zhàn Diàn​)), 罗湖区滨河大道交和平路渔民村小区内.
  • 5 Shenzhen Guest House (深圳迎宾馆; Shēn​zhèn​ Yíng Bīn​guǎn​​) (At the center of the busy Dongmen Commercial Area). 3-star hotel with 584 well-kept guestrooms. Business and leisure facilities are also available. Listed rates for doubles from ¥260, discounted from ¥190.
  • 6 Xi You Hostel (栖游青年旅馆), 福田区华强北振兴路西113号. Capsule hostel a 10 minute walk to the SEG building, a 4 minute walk northwest from the 华强北 subway stop. Receptionists are more helpful than average and have functional English. Has three public computers, smoking room, free coffee (but bring your own mug), hot water, small kitchen area/fridge, and free laundry. About ¥88 a night for lockable capsules with shared bathroom and a private locker.


  • 7 Crowne Plaza Hotel, 3018 Nanhu Rd. A four star hotel with nice facilities, seasoned staff and excellent service.
  • 8 Empire Hotel (深圳新王朝酒店; Shēn​zhèn​ Xīn Wáng​cháo​ Jiǔ​diàn​​), 1052 Aiguo Road, Luohu District (罗湖区爱国路1052号; Luó​hú​ Qū​ àiguó Lù​) (Near the East Gate Business Street, Donghu Lake, and Yijing Villa), +86 755 25523338, . A 4-star hotel featuring cozy, fully furnished guest rooms, multifunction conference room, business center, health club, and restaurant. Listed rates for doubles from ¥880, discounted from ¥248.
  • 9 Holiday Inn (Right in the middle of the center and only three stops from the border). Very new and clean hotel, excellent services. Also includes free Wi-Fi internet access. The staff speak English reasonably well.
  • 10 Lee Garden Inn (深圳丽苑酒店; Shēn​zhèn​ Lí​yuàn​ Jiǔ​diàn​), 2048 Dongmen Zhong Road, Luohu District (罗湖区东门中路2048号; Luó​hú​ Qū​ Dōng​mén​ Zhōng​ Lù​) (Five minutes from the railway station). 3-star hotel with 100 guest rooms for business travelers. Conference facilities and broadband internet are available.
  • 11 [formerly dead link] Novotel Shenzhen Watergate (深圳万德诺富特酒店), 1019 Middle Shennan Road (Shennan Zhong Lu), +86 757 88286768. Located in the heart of Shenzhen's well-known financial district and on the popular Shennan Zhong Road, the Novotel Watergate Shenzhen (Shenzhen Wande Nuofute Jiudian) is well positioned as an international business hotel.
  • 12 Oriental Ginza (深圳东方银座美爵酒店), Futian District (next to Zhuzilin metro station). Four star hotel with excellent service, English speaking staff, and services for both business and leisure travelers. Also includes free internet access. You can get a huge room for less than US$60/night.
  • 13 Golden Lustre Hotel (金碧酒店), 春风路3002号, +86 755 82252888. Check-out: 14:00. 4 star hotel, their cheapest rooms start at ¥300, they also have a pool. ¥300.
  • 14 Pavilion Hotel (圣廷苑酒店), 4002 Huaqiang Road North, Futian District 福田区华强北路4002号, +86 755 82078888. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: noon.


  • 15 Sunshine Hotel Shenzhen (深圳阳光酒店; Shēn​zhèn​ Yáng​guāng​ Jiǔ​diàn​), 2001 Jiabin Road, Luohu District (罗湖区嘉宾路2001号; Luó​hú​qū​ Jiā​bīn​lù)​ (In the Luohu commercial district close to Guomao Metro Station), +86 755 82233888, fax: +86 755 82226719, . Five star hotel. Listed rates for doubles ¥1,840-3,450.
  • 16 Shenzhen Ritz Carlton (深圳星河丽思卡尔顿酒店; Shēn​zhèn​ Xīng​hé​lì​sī​kǎ​'ěr​dùn​ Jiǔ​diàn​), 116 Fuhuasan Road, Futian District (福田区福华三路116号; Fú​tián​qū​ Fú​huá​sān​lù​), +86 755 22222222, fax: +86 755 22220088. Rooms with mini-bar, ipod docking station, internet, television in bathroom, flat-screen television, cd/dvd players and safe. Business center, currency exchange, flower shop and beauty salon available. Chinese and Western restaurants as well as café and bar. Listed rates for doubles ¥4,600-5,750, discounted ¥1,288-1,638, breakfast ¥173 (included for more expensive rooms).
  • 17 Futian Shangri-La (深圳福田香格里拉大酒店; Shēn​zhèn​ Fú​tián​ Xiāng​gé​lǐ​lā​ Dà​jiǔ​diàn​), 4088 Yitian Road, Futian District (福田区益田路4088号; Fú​tián​qū​ Yì​tián​lù​), +86 755 88284088, fax: +86 755 88284388, . Rooms with TV in bathroom, internet access, iPod connector, coffee-making facilities, mini-bar and safe. Business center, currency exchange, gift shop, ticket office, table tennis, fitness, massage and outdoor swimming pool available. Chinese and Western restaurants as well as cafë and bar. Listed rates for doubles ¥2,967-3,163, discounted from ¥1,581.
  • 18 Sheraton Futian, Great China International Exchange Square, Fuhua Road, Futian District.
  • 19 Grand Hyatt Shenzhen, 1881 Baoan Nan Road, Luohu District, (City Crossing development), +86 755 8266 1234, . The hotel has 491 rooms and suites and is part of a mixed-use commercial development. Facilities include: 5 restaurants, 2 lounges, pastry shop, a spa with 13 treatment rooms, fitness centre, swimming pool, business centre and extensive event space.

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