Kano is a city in North West Nigeria and the capital of Kano State. It has a population of around 3.6 million (2016 estimate), giving it a busy atmosphere. It is an ancient trading city inhabited for well over a thousand years. Despite the international airport, there is little tourist trade, but there are still surprisingly many attractions to visit and, as with the rest of Nigeria, the joy is in the people and the buzz of the streets.


Kano Market

Kano is the largest city in northern Nigeria. The city is predominantly Muslim with a small percentage of Christians and adherents of traditional religions. Sharia law was introduced around 2001 but only applies to Muslims and punishments are rare. There have been sectarian riots, but this is mainly due to political tensions and is not targeted at foreigners.

Foreign currency is not usually accepted so get some Nigerian naira at a bank or an ATM.

Electricity brownouts are a common problem and don't expect the cleanest of streets.

The official language is English, but the language of the street is Hausa.

Get in


Visitors from outside Nigeria will need a visa. This costs around US$70 and you should apply to the relevant embassy or high commission at least four weeks in advance. They will need proof that you can support yourself financially and may ask for a letter from your employer.

You will need vaccinations against yellow fever, cholera, medication for malaria and other diseases.

By plane

  • 1 Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport (KAN  IATA). It was the first airport in the country. Even though it is only a shadow of what it used to be, it has international flights coming in from Egypt (Egypt Air), Addis Ababa (Ethiopian Airlines), Saudi Arabia (KSA), Sudan and some other airlines. Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport (Q1431654) on Wikidata Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport on Wikipedia

By train


Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) operates long distance express passenger train services from Port Harcourt to Kano and Lagos via Ibadan and Kaduna to Kano every Friday (as of 2021). These services offer full air conditioning to the 1st class “seater” or “sleeper” luxury saloons, with restaurant cars equipped with conveniences. There are also standard class-coaches with luggage racks. Travel time from Lagos is just over 30 hours. There's also a once-weekly service from Nguru.

Delays are common and dates of service changes frequently, always check at the station.

  • 2 Kano railway station, Fagge Rd.

By car


By bus


By boat


Get around


Yellow- and blue-coloured taxis can be hired on the roadside, ensure you agree a price before leaving. More common are the motorbikes where travellers sit behind the driver. There are also some motorised rickshaws introduced for Muslim women who do not want want to sit up close to a motorbike driver.


Ancient Dye Pits.
Gidan Dan Hausa Museum.

The dye pits of Kano are over 500 years old and privately owned. Indigo is mixed with potassium and ash and fermented for a month before being ready to dye cloths. The indigo dyes were once used to make garments for Nigerian royalty and they are said to also be usable as medicine. You can get a short tour around the pits and they will be happy to sell you cloths and clothes dyed blue in a variety of tie dye patterns.

  • 1 Kurmi market (Kasuwar Kurmi). The oldest market in the city of kano. Textiles from around the world are on sale here. Kurmi Market (Q6446186) on Wikidata Kurmi Market on Wikipedia
  • 2 Gidan Makama Museum, Emir Palace Rd. Located in a 15th-century historical building, this museum has a significant collections of arts, crafts and items of historic interest related to the Kano area. Galleries include the Zaure in the main entrance with displays of traditional materials, city walls and maps of Kano, the history of statehood, Kano in the 19th century, the Civil War, economy, industry and music. Gidan Makama Museum, Kano (Q5559489) on Wikidata Gidan Makama Museum Kano on Wikipedia
  • 3 Gidan Dan Hausa Museum and Kano State Cultural Centre (Gidan dan Hausa). Has a collection of artifacts from stone age to present day within the colonial house of the governor from the 1900s. A friendly tour guide will explain all the objects for you. Gidan Dan Hausa Museum and Kano State Cultural Centre (Q110826022) on Wikidata
  • 4 Sani Abacha Stadium. The home of Nigerian Premier League champions Kano Pillars FC. Sani Abacha Stadium (Q1477770) on Wikidata Sani Abacha Stadium on Wikipedia
  • 5 Great Mosque of Kano. In the centre of the city and on Fridays over 50,000 people will worship there. Great Mosque of Kano (Q683614) on Wikidata Great Mosque of Kano on Wikipedia
  • 6 Kano Zoo (Zoological Garden), Zoo Road. Large zoo with mainly indigenous animals. The zoo reached international headlines in 2019 when a lion escaped, evaded 2 tranquiliser darts, and remained missing for over 24 hours. Audu Bako Zoological Garden (Q118242014) on Wikidata Audu Bako Zoological Garden on Wikipedia
  • 7 Dalla Hill. 24/7. Prominent hill with a significant contribution to the history of the city, it was home to prominent residents in antiquity and important for iron working. Some of the hill has been excavated and used as an underground water storage tank. Free. Dalla Hill (Q5211094) on Wikidata Dalla Hill on Wikipedia
  • 8 Emir's Palace. Constructed in the 18th century and is popular as a tourist centre because of its unique architectural structures. The palace was buildings that reflect the early 19th century northern Nigerian traditional architectural designs. The palace has a reception area, clinic, mosque, an old council chamber (tsohuwar majalisa), and a children’s playground. Kano Emirate Council (Q16736187) on Wikidata Kano Emirate Council on Wikipedia
  • 9 Ancient city walls. 24/7. Ancient defensive fortifications with a radius of 14 km, most of which constructed in mud and sand, with numerous entrance gates. The expanding population of Kano has led to sections of the wall being demolished to make space for residential developments. The walls have been declared a National Monument in Nigeria and their submission as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is pending, in an effort to preserve them. Some of the entrance gates have been restored and repainted. Free. Ancient Kano City Walls (Q25043923) on Wikidata Ancient Kano City Walls on Wikipedia
  • 10 Kofar Gadon Kaya, BUK Road, Kofar Na Isa. A historical place that wipes up nostalgia.Location of one of the original Kano City gates.
  • 11 Kano State Tourist Board, GRA, +2347050415300. It is a nice, secure and organised place for events, meetings and conference.
  • 12 Albasu Central Mosque. A mosque with an open-space health facility.
  • 13 Federal College of Agricultural Produce Technology, Plot 54 – 56 Central Bank Quarters Road, Extension, Hotoro GRA, +234 8026746316. Federal college of agricultural produce technology kano, is not a minor technic. it offers variety of programs apart from agric programs, they offer computer science and statics, last year one of the student brought student program call Developers student club (DSC) Saada aliyu is the one who brought it, the aim is to help students to learn some skills, its free on every saturday and sunday



Climb the old Dala or Goron Dutse hill in the centre of the city and get a 360 degree view of the ancient city from the hill top; it is where the city started and is now an underground water reservoir.

Kano is also the home to the several times champions of the Nigerian Premier League, Kano Pillars FC. One can join the thousands of their fanbases and watch the games in Sani Abatcha Sadium K/Mata or in the indoor stadium Sabon Gari for as little as US$5.

The state-owned Marhaba Cinema is also located just behind the Immigration office and phone & electronics gadget village of Farm centre

  • 1 Roxy Amusement Park, Ahmadu Bello, GRA. 9AM-midnight. A great place to hangout with the family.



The state government is investing heavily in the computing industry and has built a new ICT park, named after the past emir Alhaji, Dr. Ado Bayero, but due to change of administration, the building (Gidan Ado Bayero) has now been transformed into a state university (Yusuf Maitama Sule University) which will serve as a temporary site for the university.



There are a few supermarkets but in the daytime it is more exciting is to buy from one of the formal markets around town such as the famously known Kantin Kwari Market and Kofar Wambai Market. At dusk and until about 2AM, you can buy from any of the hundreds of stalls along the sides of the major roads. You will also be offered items to buy whenever you stop while driving.

  • 1 Ado Bayero Mall. Large shopping mall selling pretty much anything from food to dyes and perfumes. Ado Bayero Mall (Q98647540) on Wikidata
  • 2 Jifatu supermarket, Kano-Zaria Rd, Trade fair area, +234-803-794-9625. Daily 8AM-11PM. In-store shopping. In-store pick up. Delivery.
  • 3 Kano City Supermarket, Sabon gari. Daily 8AM-11PM. In-store shopping. Delivery.
  • 4 Zango supermarket, Kano City. Daily 9AM-9:30PM. In-store shopping. Delivery.
  • 5 Abu sabir-Store, Abu sabir st, +234-809-948-8538. Daily 7AM-11PM. In-store shopping. Delivery.
  • 6 Sahad store, Emirat palace, Manda wari Rd, near kufar mata Rd. Daily 9AM-10PM. In-store shopping. In-store pick up. Delivery.
  • 7 SheShe supermarket, Plot 6,7 hadijia Rd, +234-810-887-4222. In-store shopping. In-store pick up. Delivery.
  • 8 Gemkol Resources LTD., Aviation Quarters, Panisau Rd, +234-803-609-1778. Daily. In-store shopping. Delivery.
  • 9 Barakaat store, Giginyu, +234-806-722-4577. Daily 8AM-11PM. In-store shopping.
  • 10 Tirmizi store, Kawo. Daily. In-store shopping.
  • 11 Kurmi Market. A traditional market that has roots to the trans-Sahelian trade in the 15th century. Perfumes, incense as well as Hausa clothing and handicrafts are all available. Kurmi Market (Q6446186) on Wikidata Kurmi Market on Wikipedia


  • 1 Falamanki, Audu Bako way, GRA, +234-805-169-7580. Daily 7AM-midnight. A nice place where you can spend time alone or with your loved ones. Their food is amazing and they serve the best Chapman in the whole of Kano. Service options: delivery, dine-in and takeaway.



Buy food from any stall along the road sides. Masa are ground corn buns, they are often dipped into pepper soup.



Restaurants are all over the centre of the city selling African dishes, fried chicken or Chinese food.

  • 2 Palace Restaurant, G.R.A. (by the racecourse). Daily noon-midnight. Surprisingly good Chinese food. Not too expensive and serves beer. No pork, so only try the dumplings if you like the idea of beef in your dumplings. Dine-in. Takeaway. Delivery.
  • 3 Lebanon Club, +234 803 322 2220. Lebanese fare (hummus, kebabs, falafel, etc). Serves beer. Members only, but visitors can pay ₦200 to get in, negotiate if you are just visiting town. Dinner outside settings on Friday evenings only.
  • 4 Gusto Restaurant, 17,lodge Rd,Nassarawa, 700282, +234-906-366-5554. Daily. Dine-in. Takeaway. No contact delivery.
  • 5 Cilantro Restaurant & Lounge, 23,Sultan Rd, Giginyu, +234-812-219-9999. Daily 11AM-11PM. Dine-in.Takeaway.Delivery.
  • 6 Meenas Restaurant, Sardauna Avenue,Badawa, +234-806-325-2533. Daily 8AM-9PM. Dine-in.Takeaway.Delivery.
  • 7 Cilantro Tahir Restaurant, Giginyu, +234-701-414-0404. Daily 7AM-11PM. Dine-in.Takeaway.Delivery.
  • 8 Bob's Restaurant, Giginyu. Daily 10AM-11PM. Dine-in.Takeaway.Delivery. Yes on Wikipedia
  • 9 Marietta's Restaurant, 5,Gidado Mukhtar link, Nassarawa, +234-803-703-7350. Daily 7AM-11PM. Dine-in.Takeaway.Delivery.
  • 10 Pizza & Gurasa, 10,Lugard avenue,by race course Rd, Nassarawa, +234-908-111-2227. Daily 11AM-10:30PM. Dine-in.Takeaway.Delivery.
  • 11 Chickenza, Race course Rd, Nassarawa, +234-703-385-5251. Daily noon-11PM. Dine-in.Takeaway.Delivery.
  • 12 Mr Bigg's, Gidan Niger,31 Niger Rd,Saban gari. Daily 7:30AM-10PM. Dine-in.Takeaway.Delivery.
  • 13 Gurasa Food Restaurant, No 1, Ƙofar. 8AM-8PM. Dine-in. Takeaway.
  • 14 Hajiya Aunty Food Restaurant, Kano-Kankia-Katsina Rd. 8AM-8PM. Dine-in. Takeaway.
  • Chicken Paradise Restaurant, No 1 & 2 Nababa Abdulmumin Housing Estate, Opposite FERMA, Airport Road, Gwagwarwa, +234 816 780 6764, +234 809 968 5272. Daily 9AM-11PM. Chicken Paradise Restaurant is a fast food restaurant serving a wide variety of menus such as fried rice with chicken, jollof rice, meat pie, pizza, noddles and much more.
  • Daily Fresh Restaurant, Independence Road by Tudun Wada, Nasarawa, +234 803 728 9699. M-Sa (8AM-9PM). Daily Fresh Restaurant serves fresh, delicious mouthwatering Nigerian dishes such as rice with tomatoes stew and banga stew, swallow with any soup of your choice, meat and drinks.
  • Igwe’s Palace, 58 New Road, Sabon Gari, +234 803 619 1603, +234 803 588 0346. Daily 10AM-9:30PM. A restaurant that serves freshly prepared continental dishes and other varieties.
  • New Orleans Food, 413 Sarkin Yaki Road, Sunshine Millennium Hotel, Opposite Bala Store, Fagge, +234 814 408 9247. M-Sa (8AM-10PM). New Orleans foods, continental cuisines and Nigerian dishes.
  • Oriental Kitchen, No. 11b Sarkin Yaki Road, Besides KEDCO Office, Sabon Gari, +234 806 687 5828, +234 809 944 9137. Daily 9AM-10:30PM. Oriental Kitchen is a restaurant in the municipality area of Kano that serves everything pepper soup, rice, agidi, swallow with nsala soup or any soup of your choice, meat of all kinds and chilled drinks.





Sharia law means alcohol is hard to find. Most hotels do not serve alcohol on the premises but for a small fee you can easily get a staff member to buy some bottles of beer for consumption in your room (most hotel rooms in Kano have fridges). The area called Sabon Gari has many bars and nightclubs where alcoholic drinks are freely available and many stores where you can buy wine, or other alcoholic drinks.

There are malt drinks in cans with beer branding which are an acquired taste. There are few dairy products in the area but some milk based drinks are available. Western brands such as Coca Cola or Nescafe are common. Do not drink locally made drinks (zobo - sorrel, kunun aya - from tiger nuts) if you did not know the source, as hygiene is not concerned when preparing some of them.

  • 1 FAAN club Kano, Gwagwara kano. 24 hours. A nice relaxation place to be. To wine and dine with friends and family. A sport center for young and old people.Their service options includes, delivery, dine-in and takeaway.
  • 2 Mama Oghale Tavern, 40B Ijebu Rd, Sabon Gari, +234-803-605-9534. Another Kano bar that offers great customer service. You can buy both in wholesale and retail.
  • 3 Eddie King Burger, Sabon Gari West, +234 817 704 6798. Eddie King Burger is a bar with takeaway service.



Like almost all hotels in Nigeria, you will be required to pay for your room up-front. Typically 125% of the room rate before you get the key. Ask for a receipt. The advance paid will be deducted from the bill on checking out.




  • Chilla Luxury and Suites (l), No. 110 Audu Bako Way, +2348152525275, . Check-in: noon, check-out: noon. Each room has an air conditioner, a study desk, wireless internet, flat screen TV, and a refrigerator. Also available at the hotel are a business center and a bar. Guests can choose to buy dishes or eat at the restaurant. Services available include room service and laundry services. In addition, guests can also enjoy luggage storage on request.
  • 1 Prince Hotel, Tamandu Rd, +234 64 984251, . Prince Hotel is a well-run hotel in a quiet district and is a favourite with expatriates and NGOs. Security is good, and you will find all categories of well kept rooms, chalets and suites, though the Standard rooms are fairly small. All rooms are fully appointed with air conditioner, fridge, satellite television, and en-suite bathroom. Wi-Fi internet is available for about US$3 for 24 hours. One of the few hotels in Kano where you can have a decent meal and a drink at their Calypso Restaurant which offers excellent continental and Lebanese cuisine. Laundry and room service is also available. No gym as yet but there is a nice pool for lodging guests only. From US$100.
  • 2 Tahir Guest Palace, 4 Ibrahim Natsugune Road, +234 8050298537, . Tahir Guest Palace is a sprawling complex of buildings containing probably the largest number of rooms in Kano. Security is OK. Rooms are all very large, a/c, fridge, easy chairs, large double beds, fridge. The best gym in Northern Nigeria for about US$7 per session. Restaurant with buffet service at night, OK but not outstanding. Room service, laundry service and bakery across the road. Small shop and travel agent in the hotel. No alcohol. Good breakfast. Internet free of charge. around US$100.
  • Royal Tropicana Hotel. Tropicana is a large hotel similar to the Tahir. The standard rooms are cozy but well kept with a/c, tv, fridge, etc. Internet is excellent and free. Around US$70 per night.



Stay safe


Kano is a largely safe city and theft or violence to foreigners is rare. Keep valuables in a zipped pocket and do not wear overly revealing clothes. When buying outside shops you will probably need to haggle, walk away if you are unsure of the deal. People may try to swindle you so check your prices before agreeing and if anyone asks for money feel free to walk away. Do not use internet banking from anything but private computers.

Stay healthy


HIV prevalence is extremely high in Kano, with medical studies reporting over 30% of the population infected. Prepare accordingly.



1. Utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to connect with people in Kano State. Join local groups and communities online to expand your network.

2. Attend local events, networking meetups, and forums in Kano State to meet new people and make connections.

3. Join professional organizations or associations in Kano State to meet like-minded individuals in your industry.

4. Volunteer for community events or organizations in Kano State to meet new people and make connections.

5. Use business directories or networking websites to find businesses or professionals in Kano State that you can connect with.

6. Attend conferences, seminars, or workshops in Kano State related to your field of interest to connect with industry professionals.

7. Reach out to friends, family, or colleagues who may have connections in Kano State and ask for introductions.

8.Be proactive



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