Indira Gandhi International Airport

Indira Gandhi International Airport[dead link] (DEL IATA) is the main airport of the Delhi metropolitan area in India. As the primary hub of all national and international traffic in India, it is the busiest airport in India, 17th busiest in the world and 6th busiest in Asia in terms of both passenger and cargo traffic, handling more than 70 million passengers.

The airport is named after Indira Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India, and is spread over an area of 5,106 acres.


Map of Indira Gandhi International Airport

Once notoriously bad, the airport has been made better with the building of T3 and the renovation of T2. There are several security checkpoints in the airport and you may have to show your boarding pass and passport a dozen times before boarding the plane.

When leaving Delhi from the international terminal, you should show up 4 hours before your flight is scheduled. For domestic flights, 3 hours should be enough, depending on whether or not you must wait in the queues to check luggage. While sometimes time-consuming, the process is smooth, and the new terminal's shops and restaurants are sensibly located at the gate area, not before security. However, if you wish to change the Indian currency you possess back into your preferred foreign currency, you must do this before clearing security.


Foggy Delhi

Fog is a big issue for the airport operations. Being in the northern part of India, the winter months are a bit strong and dense fog significantly disrupts the visibility. Many flights get cancelled due to heavy fog. Due to pollution, the fog turns into smog and worsens the situation. It is recommended to not plan your flights during the winter months especially in the months of December and January. You can get more information at the airport's FAQ page.

The airport has excellent connectivity to almost all parts of the world. It is well connected with major transit hubs like Singapore Changi Airport and Dubai International Airport. All major airlines like British Airways, Emirates, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Air France and more serve the airport. Domestic flights are a major traffic. Low-cost airlines like Indigo, SpiceJet and Air Asia with the national flag carrier Air India and some other regional airlines serve almost all big cities on a daily basis. The airport also offers cargo facilities for airlines like FedEx Express, UPS, DHL, Emirates SkyCargo, Cargolux and many others for cargo operations.

New Delhi International Airport has 3 terminals within close range. Your boarding or arrival terminals won't change normally. You can check live on-ground updates of your flights at the airport's website.

Airlines serving the airport are spread across different terminals. Terminal 1 has two concourses, T1C and T1D. T1C is mostly used by domestic carriers. T1D handles business and general aviation flights. Terminal 2 handles special flights and some domestic flights. Terminal 3 is the main terminal; all international flights operate through here. Domestic carriers also use terminal 3 as a primary option.

Indigo operates flights denoted by flight numbers 6E 2000-2999 through Terminal 2 and those denoted by flight numbers 6E 5000-5999 operate through Terminal 3. SpiceJet operates denoted by flight numbers SG 8000-8999 through Terminal 3 and the rest through Terminal 2. All other airlines including Air India, Air India Express, Vistara, Go First[dead link] use Terminal 3. All international flights operate through Terminal 3.

With concourses T1C for domestic flights and T1D for business and general aviation flights. This terminal used to be known as Palam Airport.
Special flights during Ramadan and a few domestic flights operate through here.
Most domestic and all international flights operate through here. It is the most popular and developed terminal among all.

Ground transportation[edit]

By metro[edit]

Delhi Metro Airport Express Train

The Delhi Airport Metro Express or the Orange Line  Airport Express  is a train line that operates between New Delhi Metro Station and Dwarka Sector 21, with a stop at 1 IGI Airport (Terminal 3) IGI Airport metro station on Wikipedia. A feeder bus from T1 to 2 Aerocity is also available (Not running as of Sept 2023!). Trains run every 10 minutes at peak hours; see this website for the exact schedule. The journey to New Delhi Metro Station takes 20 minutes and costs ₹60 from T3 and ₹50 from Aerocity. From the railway station, you can transfer to the Metro (crossing the city street to reach the station). Return tickets have been discontinued - now there are only multi-trip (10, 30 or 45 trips on the same route with varying discounts) and stored value cards (with a 10% discount on all fares).

The New Delhi and Shivaji Stadium stations have city check-in facilities for Air India passengers on domestic, Gulf, and select international flights.

The Magenta Line  8  has a stop at 3 Terminal 1-IGI Airport Terminal 1-IGI Airport metro station on Wikipedia. However, the station is across the street from the terminals, taking a while to get to, although the path is now marked and cleared. Since this is a normal metro line, there is no city check-in, it is slower and normal metro baggage limits apply. However, it still has its advantages, as the line is an easier way to get to Noida.

By bus[edit]

Delhi Transport Corporation operates buses between the airport and the city—see their website for the their schedule. Travel time is approximately 50 minutes and the cost is ₹50 per adult, ₹25 per child below 12 years, additional ₹25 for heavy luggage. The buses run to and from ISBTs (Inter-state Bus Terminals) near Kashmiri Gate, Connaught Place, Delhi Railway Station and many hotels in the city centre, every 60 minutes. Tickets can be bought and a fixed seat can be booked at a desk in the Arrivals Hall.

By taxi[edit]

Taxis from the airport should only be booked from the yellow prepaid taxi booths operated by the Delhi Police to avoid getting scammed. There is one directly outside of the airport and one located near the rental car counters to the right of the exit doors. You may be approached by touts offering pre-paid taxis; just ignore them as there have been numerous safety incidents reported. It is worth it to wait in the long queue for a prepaid taxi. A prepaid taxi to the city centre will cost ₹500-600. Ignore any requests by the driver for additional payment. There is no practice of tipping taxi drivers anywhere in India. When you reach your destination, take your bags first, then give the driver the receipt and walk away without further discussion. Note that taxis routinely get stuck in traffic during rush-hour, but the journey to the city centre is much quicker at night. There are many taxis and auto-rickshaw stand terminals all around the city that will take you to the airport.

Delhi airport terminal 3
The Flight Information display at the airport

Prearranged pick-ups are also available from most hotels. The cost may be double the charge from the prepaid taxi booths, but you will have someone waiting for you at the airport with your name on a sign and you won't have to wait in the taxi queue.

Ride sharing[edit]

Ride sharing is possible from the airport, with both Uber and Ola Cabs operating at designated pick-up areas. At Terminal 3, the pick-up area for rideshare vehicles is on the ground floor of the multi-level parking structure, about 5-10 minutes away from the terminal on foot.

Get around[edit]

A complimentary shuttle bus runs between all the terminals every 20 minutes. You will be required to present your identification documents to the officer-in-charge of the kiosk to get the coupon to board the transit bus. The Inter-terminal Transfer Counter is available on arrival (Near Pillar No.10 at T-3 and under the flyover at T-1).

A travelator at Terminal 3

For passengers with reduced mobility, a free electric buggy service is also available. You need to request a buggy ride at any information kiosk or to the buggy operator. Wherever there is a long stretch of walk, there are travelators to increase mobility.


For domestic flight, passengers can enter the terminal anytime on the date of travel. For international flights, passengers can enter the terminal up to 8 hr before the flight.

There are seating arrangements in all sections of the airport, even some bed-like chairs if you search for them. In the 'Shop and Dine' section there are tables and chairs to help you enjoy your food and drinks comfortably. The airport is very elegantly built. You can find many sculptures and designs that might catch your attention.

Hasta mudras or hand gestures extending from a wall over the check-in counters in Terminal 3.


There are numerous lounges operated by airlines or other service providers. Here are some of the popular ones-

  • 1 Air India Lounge, Terminal 3, +91 11496 37732, +91 11496 37730. Offers great food and ensures a good time. Equipped with Wi-Fi, hot food, drinks and showers. Free for Air India business class or first class passengers and the frequent flyer program members. ₹500 for economy class..
  • 2 Allways VIP Guest Service, Terminal 3. 24 hours daily. You are required to pay a charge to access the lounge facilities.
  • 3 American Express Lounge, Terminal 3. 24 hours daily. World-class food with great comfort and customer service.
  • 4 Plaza Premium Lounge, Terminal 2, +91 85273 64441, . Open 24 hours. A popular lounge with food counters with Wi-Fi enabled workstations.
Sculptures in Terminal 3 depicting different positions of the Surya Namaskar Asana or the sun salutation posture.


There is an interactive play area for kids to enjoy their time at the airport. One planespotting area is to go to the end of series of gates (Terminal 3). A nice quiet area with seating arrangements is available there.

  • 7 Aviator, Terminal 3. Daily 10AM-8PM. Get an experience of flying a simulated Boeing 737.
  • 8 O2 Spa, Terminal 3, +91 92470 20202, . Daily 10AM-8PM. A great spa to relax yourself while you wait for your flight.
  • 9 Oxypure, Terminal 3, +91 99710 07334, . Daily 10AM-8PM. An oxygen bar with aromatic oxygen for oxygen therapy and other recreational purposes.
  • 10 QuaQua, Terminal 3, +91 93112 90998, . Daily 10AM-8PM. You can get a immersive virtual reality experience here. ₹200-500.


Each terminal has plenty of restaurant options before and after security, but many are mediocre at best. For more information on restaurants, see the airport's restaurant page.

  • 1 Street Food by Punjab Grill, Terminal 1 Departures, . Daily 10AM-11PM. A place for getting delicious Indian street food and other traditional Indian dishes.
  • 2 Flying Bites, Terminal 1 Departures (near bus gate area). Daily 9AM-10PM. Known for its quick sandwiched and prepacked meals.
  • 3 Gujrati Svado, Terminal 2 Departures. Daily 9AM-10PM. Known for its home-styled, Gujarati inspired cuisine.
  • 4 Tiffin Express, Terminal 2 Departures. Daily 9AM-10PM. Great South Indian snacks with hot beverages.
  • 5 Ile Bar, Terminal 3 Departures. Daily 10AM-10PM. Kebabs with delicious chutneys.
  • 6, Terminal 3 Departures. Daily 10AM-10PM. One of the most popular stores in T3. Known for its South Indian delicacies and coffee.
  • 7 Noodle, Terminal 2 Departures. Daily 10AM-10PM. An Asian kitchen serving Thai delicacies and variety of noodles.
  • 8 Falafel Express, Terminal 3 Departures. Daily 10AM-10PM. Offering Middle-Eastern and Greek quick food.
  • 9 Curry Kitchen, Terminal 3 Departures, +91 87002 67232. Daily 10AM-10PM. Offering North-Indian delicacies.


There are plenty of stalls at the airport that serve coffee, tea, and cold drinks. Here are some good options.

  • 1 Cafe Coffee Day, Terminal 1 Arrivals. Daily 8AM-9PM. One of the best places to get some morning coffee and a good breakfast.
  • 2 Costa Coffee, Terminal 1 Departures. Daily 8AM-9PM. Counter-service coffee chain offering hot drinks, iced coolers, sweet snacks and sandwiches.
  • 3 Fresh & Healthy, Terminal 2 Departures. Daily 8AM-9PM. You can get some freshly squeezed fruit juice here.
  • 4 Sugar & Spice, Terminal 3 International Departures, . Daily 8AM-9PM. Some coffee and tea with a quick delicious breakfast.
  • 5 Starbucks, Terminal 3 International Departures, . Daily 8AM-9PM. Great coffee with its signature roasts and light bites.
  • 6 Chaayos, Terminal 3 International Arrivals, . Daily 8AM-9PM. Great variety of perfectly brewed tea.
  • 7 Cafe Espresso, Terminal 2 Departures. Daily 9AM-10PM. A modern café with a self serving kiosk.
A conch statue, welcoming travellers.


There are hundreds of stores around the airport offering variety of products. Here are the most essential and popular ones-

  • 1 Relay, Terminal 1 Arrivals, . M-Sa 10AM-8PM (closed Sunday). A bookstore with a wide variety of books from all genres.
  • 2 Fab India, Terminal 1 Departures, toll-free: 1800 100 1212, . M-Sa 10AM-8PM (closed Sunday). An Indian gift and furnishing shop to get some home decor items.
  • 3 Patanjali, Terminal 2 Departures, +91 13346 10111, . Daily 10AM-8PM. An ayurvedic and herbal store to get some organic eatables and naturally made products like bags and decorations.
  • 4 WH Smith, Terminal 3 Domestic Departures. Daily 10AM-11PM. Get daily newspapers and bestselling books here.
  • 5 Gadget Point, Terminal 3 Domestic Arrivals. Daily 10AM-11PM. A your electronic needs. From computers to imaging and communication.
  • 6 Gute Reise, Terminal 3 Domestic Arrivals, . Daily 10AM-11PM. For all kinds of travel needs like suitcases.
  • 7 Nykaa Luxe, Terminal 3 Domestic Departures, toll-free: 1800 267 4444, . Daily 10AM-11PM. Get some luxury cosmetics from one of India's most popular beauty brand.
  • 8 Chokola, Terminal 3 Domestic Departures, . Daily 10AM-11PM. Great designer chocolates at an reasonable price.
  • 9 Hamley's, Terminal 3 Domestic Departures, . Daily 10AM-11PM. One of the best toy stores out there.
A Starbucks outlet at the airport.
  • 10 Ahujasons, Terminal 3 International Departures, . Daily 10AM-11PM. You can get some pure Pashmina shawls to keep yourself warm in the winters.
  • 11 Lakmé, Terminal 3 International Departures, . Daily 10AM-11PM. Quality cosmetics from India's first beauty brand.
  • 12 Colorbar, Indira Gandhi International Airport, Terminal 3, . Colorbar Cosmetics is the 3rd largest gender-inclusive Indian cosmetic brand which offers a range of luxury beauty and makeup products, skincare essentials, and makeup accessories. It is also the holder of two Guinness World Records.


The airport provides a complimentary Wi-Fi service in all of its terminals. You can connect to the SSID GMR Free Wi-Fi by entering the one-time password (OTP) received in your Indian mobile number. If you have an international mobile number, you can visit the Wi-Fi team at the information kiosk to get connected.

SIM cards can also be bought inside the airport:

  • 13 Airtel (Bharti Airtel), Terminal 3, . 24 hours daily. Provides great internet and voice quality all over India.
  • 14 Matrix, Terminal 3 International Departures, . 24 hours daily. A global SIM company providing instant data and voice services.
  • 15 StayConnect, Terminal 3 International Departures, +91 88009 01234, . 24 hours daily. Global SIM company offering prepaid and postpaid SIMs at a reasonable rate.


There are many services that can be very useful in the airport.

  • Baggage wrapping service to help you protect your baggage from tampering or damaging due to mishandling. Available in Terminal 2 and Terminal 3.
  • Cloak room to keep your heavy luggage while you explore the airport. Available in the airport connect building in Terminal 3.
  • Lost and found can be useful if you think you have lost your belonging in the airport. The airport authority lists any found item within 24 hours in the lost and found website and you can contact them to get your items back after proving its ownership. More details can be found at the airport's Lost and found website.
  • Medical facilities to get you cured if you get injured or sick. Available in all terminals. Full-fledged mini-hospitals in Terminal 2 & 3.
  • Park N Fly is useful for frequent flyers who are flying to nearby places and will be back soon. There is a multi-level parking available to keep your vehicles safe. Standard charges may apply. For more details visit the airport's parking page.
  • Prayer room for some moments to pray to God and to experience silence and tranquility. Available in all terminals.
  • Meet & Greet to meet your loved ones inside the airport. A visitor ticket costs ₹100. No bags are allowed for safety reasons.
  • Porter service to help you get your heavy luggage to your desired gate. For more details visit Porter Service.
An elephant statue at the airport.


Some good hotels within the airport to choose from are as follows:


Aerocity[dead link], a little modern and luxury suburb developed by the airport, has numerous hotels and shopping malls. There are many hotels in the suburb. Here are some popular ones:

  • 4 Holiday Inn Express, Hospitality district, Aerocity, +91 11422 22000. Check-in: 3PM, check-out: noon. A great hotel to spend your days depending on your flight.
  • 5 Novotel, Hospitality district, Aerocity, +91 11460 80808. Check-in: 3PM, check-out: noon. A luxury and spacious hotel.
  • 6 JW Marriott Hotel, Hospitality district, Aerocity, +91 11452 12121. Check-in: 3PM, check-out: noon. One of the top-class luxury hotels. Opened in 2014. Excellent buffet. Good for families.
  • 7 Lemon Tree Premier, Hospitality district, Aerocity, +91 11442 32323, . Check-in: 3PM, check-out: noon. A beautiful modern hotel with stunning views.
  • 8 Roseate House, Hospitality district, Aerocity, +91 11715 58800. Check-in: 3PM, check-out: noon. A luxe hotel with airport views.
  • 9 Aloft, Hospitality district, Aerocity, +91 11456 50000. Check-in: 3PM, check-out: noon. A luxury 5-star hotel with a great spa.
  • 10 Pride Plaza Hotel, Hospitality district, Aerocity, +91 11613 44289, . Check-in: 2PM, check-out: noon. An upscale hotel with stunning interiors.
  • 11 ibis, Hospitality district, Aerocity, +91 11430 20202, . Check-in: 2PM, check-out: noon. A contemporary hotel with an outdoor pool.


You can explore the city for some great adventures. Try out some local cuisines and visit historical monuments around the city. If you have few hours in your transit time, you can visit some of Delhi's most popular sites like Qutub Minar, the Red Fort and Humayun's Tomb. If you are interested in the military aviation, you can visit the Air Force Museum which is just next to Terminal 1. Delhi is a shopper's paradise. Visit the malls in nearby Aerocity to get some great stuff home.

Routes through Indira Gandhi International Airport
Blue Line ← Dwarka Sector 21 ←  W  E  → Aerocity → Dhaula Kuan

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