Chihuahua is the capital of the state of Chihuahua in Northern Mexico. The colonial center of Chihuahua is beautiful and pedestrian friendly. The centro has museums dedicated to Pancho Villa (a major folk hero in the north of Mexico), another museum about the national mint, government palaces, and historic churches as well as luxurious mansions and villas.

Chihuahua is famous for Norteño food (a form of Mexican cuisine), a delicious if not particularly heart healthy cuisine that makes liberal use of beef, flour, cheese, and chiles. There are also good dining and lodging options for the visitor and a lot of fun cantinas for male travelers (women usually aren't welcome in them).


Plaza de Armas with the cathedral in background.

Chihuahua has a population of about 880,000 (2017). The predominant activity is light industry.

The capital of the state of Chihuahua, it is a large prosperous city in the center of the state. The outer areas of the city, while affluent by Latin American standards, don't likely hold a lot of appeal for the average tourist.

Chihuahua's natives are friendly and helpful and don't show any resentment towards visitors like you might expect to experience in Mexico's more southerly cities.


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The city is at high latitude and at relatively high altitude, meaning it will get cold here during the winter. It even snows once or twice a year. During the summer, temperatures can reach 40°C. Wear light, fresh, and comfortable clothes. Autumn is a particularly pleasant time of the year to visit the area.



Spanish is the common language of Mexico. In academic and professional circles, English and French are also spoken. Additionally, because this is north Mexico and a lot of the people living here have worked and lived in the U.S. at some point in their lives, it is usually quite easy to find someone who can speak English.

Get in


By car


Four hours south of Juarez/El Paso by expressway, it is an easy drive. There are no major towns between the two cities but there are roadside diners to break up the journey.

By plane

  • 1 General Roberto Fierro Villalobos International Airport (Chihuahua city airport CUU  IATA) (18 km (11 mi) southeast of Chihuahua City). Taxi is the best option for getting there and away. Taxi to the city is approximately $7. Chihuahua International Airport (Q732278) on Wikidata Chihuahua International Airport on Wikipedia

By bus

  • 2 Central de Autobuses (Central Camionera Chihuahua), Bulevar Juan Pablo II #4107 (across the street from Estadio Monumental Chihuahua). This is a large bus station with service to major cities throughout Mexico as well as small towns in the region. Chihuahuenses buses depart hourly for Cd. Juarez and the U.S. border. Other lines serving Chihuahua include Futura, ETN, Omnibus de Mexico, Estrella Blanca, and Transportes del Norte.

By train


Chihuahua used to be the start of the famous Copper Canyon railway linking Chihuahua with Los Mochis, called "CHEPE[dead link]"; however the train now starts and ends in Creel, which is 3½–4 hours by bus from Chihuahua.

Get around


Taxi, rideshare (Uber), or bus are the ways to get to places you can't walk to.


Part of the colonial aqueduct system in Chihuahua.

Chihuahua is a great tourist destination; a Professional Bull Riding championship, concerts, art and international festivals take place all year-round, but mostly on mid-October, you will find the city and its people very charming and down to earth.

Even though Chihuahua suffered a massive destruction of colonial buildings during the 1970s in order to widen the main streets and avenues in the downtown, it stills preserves some valuable monuments from the 19th and 20th centuries. Some of the most impressive pre-revolutionary residences in the city are on Avenida Zarco.

  • 1 Chihuahua Cathedral (Catedral de Chihuahua), Calle Libertad 814, +52 614 416 8410. A sample of the Baroque Art in northern Mexico. Cathedral of Chihuahua (Q10663658) on Wikidata Cathedral of Chihuahua on Wikipedia
  • 2 Museum of Religious Art (Museo de Arte Sacro), Calle Libertad 814. M-F 08:00-13:00 and 15:00-17:00. A large hall in the basement of the Chihuahua Cathedral, located at the rear of the Capilla del Rosario, was conditioned to install the Religious Art Museum. US$1.00.
  • 3 Museum of Contemporary Art Casa Redonda (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Casa Redonda), Colon avenue, +52 614 414 9061. Tu-Su 10:00-19:00. What was once the National Railways of Mexico (Ferrocarriles Nacionales de México) workshops is now this museum, known as Casa Redonda (Round House) by its building structure dating from the early 19th century. US$1.50.
  • 4 Museum of the Revolution (Museo Histórico de la Revolución), Calle 10a 3010, +52 614 416 2958. Former home of Pancho Villa, hero of the revolution. learn the story of Mexico's fight for freedom and view many artifacts including the car that Pancho Villa was killed in.
  • Mansión Quinta Gameros. City Museum for the Decorative Arts, Art Nouveau style mansion.
  • Temple of San Francisco. The original burial place of Fr Miguel Hidalgo.
  • 5 Federal Palace of Chihuahua (Museo Casa Chihuahua), Calle Libertad 901, +52 614 429 3300. Now a modern art museum, and the former jail cell of Fr Hidalgo.
  • 6 El Palomar Park (Parque del Palomar). Once one of the worst neighborhoods in the city, now the largest city park. Art, concerts and massive events are held in this modern park.
  • Mansión Creel.
  • Mansión Terrazas.
  • Mansión Quinta Carolina. Former summer estate of Don Luis Terrazas. Now in semi-ruined condition, in process of restoration.
  • Torre Legislativa de Chihuahua (In front of the Plaza de Armas). Legislative tower of Chihuahua-state legislators office building.
  • 7 Government Palace (Palacio de Gobierno), Venustiano Carranza 911, +52 614 429 3461. The State House.
  • 8 City Hall of Chihuahua, Av Independencia 209, +52 614 439 9100. Historical City Hall.
  • Dancing Fountains. Lights and water show located besides the Federal Palace.
  • 9 Church of Santa Rita (Templo de Santa Rita de Casia), 1o. de Mayo 1601. Saint Rita of Cascia is the patroness of the city.


  • 1 Grutas de Nombre de Dios. a huge system of caves with stalactites and stalagmites. Easy going as everything has concrete floors and handrailings. To get there, by bus 'Nombre de Dios/Ojo' to the grutas (M$6), Entrance fee M$50.
  • 2 Hike Colorado Peak (close to the exit of Grutas de Nombre de Dios). Hike up 300 m to Colorado Peak. You can start after visiting the caves. Don't get into the bus at the cave exit, walk the street about 100 m then turn right ca. 500 m along a 4WD-Road. Cross the street and look for the small path that goes straight up the mountain in front of you. It's only a few km walk up and down, but very strenuous. Wear good shoes, take plenty of water and be prepared for some climbing. You'll be rewarded with a great view over the city. You can find the way at OsmAnd or You can return the path at the other side of the mountain. It's a bit less step and it ends at a shopping mall where you can get pizza, ice-cream and stop taxis. 0.



Cowboy boots, yee-haw! You will never in your life find a place with higher density of shops selling cowboy boots, and you'll find them in colors you hardly knew existed. Go nuts, you know you want them!



Be careful! The best chiles rellenos in the world, served on a flour tortilla. The seeds are not removed, making for a fire in your mouth that is unsurpassed.

  • 1 La Casona, Aldama 430, Zona Centro, +52 614 410 0063. 08:00 - 00:00. Elegant restaurant in the heart of el centro. International menu and first class service.
  • 2 Mochomos, Calle Vía Lombardía 3001, Col. Saucito (in the District Uno shopping plaza), +52 614 4255276. 13:00 - 01:00. Upscale latin fusion restaurant though they claim it's the tastes of Sonora, located near the San Francisco golf course.
  • 3 Los Cinco Panes, Priv. Simon Bolivar 2524-10, Fracc. Sicomoros, +52 614 410 8182. 13:00 - 23:00. International menu that leans heavily towards Italian and Mediterranean.
  • 4 Ricos Tacos, Calle 24 No. 1706, +52 614 410 3882. 12:00 - 22:30. Your home for authentically delicious tacos. A local favorite. Long salsa bar with guacamole, pico de gallo, fire roasted salsa, and lots more fixin's. Cheap eats!
  • 5 La Cabaña Smokehouse, Division del Norte No. 5-A, Col. San Felipe, +52 614 423 7070. 13:00 - 20:00. Sometimes you just have a hankerin' for some Texas style smoked brisket, ribs, or sausage. That's exactly what they're serving up at La Cabaña!



Chihuahua is home to an ever-growing number of small craft breweries.

  • 1 Casa Cervecera Bolívar, Paseo Simon Bolivar 806, Bolívar (across the street from Parque Lerdo), +52 614 100 1234. Daily 12:00 - 01:30. Good place for local craft beers, though they do waste effort promoting national brands as well. Good food including a pulled pork sandwich. The beers are mostly straightforward English style ales, but a Belgian amber is interesting, as is a Berliner weisse served with blackberry syrup and two stouts which are oddly about identical in terms of flavor, strength, and overall drinkability.
  • 2 Cerveceria Local, Av. Diaz Ordaz. W-Sa 13:00 - 00:00, Su 13:00 - 20:00, closed M-Tu. Fun beer hall atmosphere with a craft brewery making English-style ales. Typical lineup includes an overly watery light golden ale, an American pale ale, an IPA, and seasonal styles. A sampler of 5 beers is available for M$400. Food is casual with barbecue plates and pizza from a wood-fired oven. The surf & turf pizza is recommended.
  • 3 El Gardenia, C. 16a 2415, Pacífico, +52 614 341 3231. W-Sa 15:00 - 23:30, closed Su-Tu. Classic brewpub with a delightful palette of beer styles that totally puts to shame all the lame Texas craft breweries that can't seem to figure out how to brew anything other than IPA. The brewers here have some inventive "styles" including a New Zealand IPA and a red IPA. The best of the beers include a barleywine, a Belgian dark, and a saison. The menu is eclectic and includes several vegetarian options.
  • 4 La Cerve, Avenida Juarez y Avenida Pacheco, Centro, +52 614 415 8380. Tu-Sa 12:00 - 23:00, Su-M 12:00 - 22:00. Outdoor beer garden serving casual food.





The cheap sleeps in Chihuahua are all found east of the cathedral, between Calle Libertad and Victoria.

  • 1 Hotel San Juan, Calle Guadalupe Victoria 823. An old backpacker favorite. Very colonial-looking.


  • 2 Hotel Plaza, Calle 4a 204, +52 614 415 1212. Rooftop terrace allows for great views from hotel's downtown location. Wifi, breakfast,. M$1213.
  • 3 Microtel Inn & Suites, Periférico de la Juventud 3304, +52 614 432 2525. Enjoy consistency, quality, reasonable prices and great service.
  • 4 Hampton Inn, Periférico de la Juventud 6100, +52 614 439 8000. Very nice business class hotel. As good or better than any Hampton in the USA.
  • 5 HM Mirador, Ave Universidad 1309 (close to downtown Chihuahua), +52 614 432 2200. Very nice business class hotel. Free breakfast buffet and indoor pool.

Stay safe


Northern Mexico, especially the state of Chihuahua, has experienced a sharp increase in violent drug-related crime since 2007. Chihuahua is much safer than Ciudad Juárez but still has had its share of cartel killings in the last two years. Most killings have specifically targeted drug dealers and their families, and tourists have rarely been affected by violent crime. Avoid bars and nightclubs that cater to a criminal element. Military checkpoints may be set up in the city and the roads around the city. Always stop at these checkpoints.


  • Cibercafe Canaco, Av. Cuauhtemoc 1800 3rd floor, 1416 0000.

Dialing code for Chihuahua City: 01+52+(614)+Phone Number

Emergency phone numbers

Radio Patrols: 060

Red Cross: 065

General emergencies: 066

International Operator: 090

Tourist Security: 01 800 201 55 89

Go next

  • Copper Canyon - trains depart from Creel station early in the morning, around 4 hours by bus from Chihuahua.
Routes through Chihuahua
Hermosillo ← Nuevo Palomas ←  W  E  → Aldama → Ojinaga
Juarez ← El Sueco ←  N  S  → Delicias → Ciudad Jiménez

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