Charlottesville, in central Virginia, is a lovely university town of about 40,000 with lots to offer. Charlottesville is a town steeped in history and culture. Charlottesville is a major cultural center for central Virginia, and features more fine dining, shopping, and entertainment than one might expect for a town of its size. Ensconced in beautiful Albemarle County, Charlottesville is also surrounded by vineyards and horse country.


Downtown Mall

Of the eight U.S. presidents who came from Virginia, two — Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe — were from Charlottesville, and two more came from neighboring counties. Central Virginia was a major battlefield during the Civil and Revolutionary Wars. Jefferson, whom locals affectionately call "Mr. Jefferson," or "TJ," continues to cast a long shadow, particularly over local architecture. Many of Charlottesville's public buildings are made of brick and built in a Jeffersonian style, and many private homes are colonial. His home at Monticello and the Jefferson-designed University of Virginia have set the tone for the communities' beautiful buildings. When visiting Charlottesville, be sure to stop by the Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society to learn more about the area's rich history.

The culture of Charlottesville revolves around two points: the University of Virginia and the Historic Downtown Mall.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

  • 1 Charlottesville Albemarle Airport (CHO  IATA). The closest airport to Charlottesville. It is a cute, small airport with flights from the major hubs of Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago O'Hare, Washington Dulles, New York City LaGuardia, and Philadelphia. This airport is 8 miles from downtown, and there is no public transport, so a rental car, taxi, or hotel courtesy shuttle are the main alternatives. Rental cars are available at CHO through Avis, Hertz, or National, and the drive to Charlottesville is straightforward. Charlottesville Albemarle Airport (Q1837643) on Wikidata Charlottesville–Albemarle Airport on Wikipedia

By train[edit]

See also: Rail travel in the United States

By car[edit]

The major highways leading into Charlottesville are US-29 and I-64. I-64 is a four-lane interstate leading to Charlottesville from east and west. There is rarely traffic on I-64 near Charlottesville, and the only major hill is crossing Afton Mountain, about 30 minutes west of town. US-29 is an extremely variable road. To the south, it is a four-lane road with frequent curves and at-grade crossings, but few traffic lights. To the north, the road alternates between being a four-lane commercial center with frequent traffic lights and businesses and being more similar to US-29 south of town. Traffic on US-29 north of town can be slow or dense at rush hour and around special events in Charlottesville, but speeds below 25 mph are rare.

Travel times from nearby cities are:

By bus[edit]

Greyhound has a bus stop in Charlottesville. If you are traveling to or from Washington, DC, the train is generally faster, cleaner, and more comfortable than the bus. Virginia Breeze (selling tickets via Megabus) and Flixbus have routes through Charlottesville as well, and these two services have student discounts. Note that all three have bus stops in different places.

Get around[edit]

Map of Charlottesville

University of Virginia[edit]

Getting around the University of Virginia, often called UVA (with each letter pronounced), is easy using the free University Transit System (UTS) buses. The Central Grounds area is very walkable, but some areas of campus (called "Grounds" by students) can be over a mile away. From the University to the downtown mall is a walk of 20-30 minutes and there is a free trolley bus that runs in a loop from the University to the Downtown Mall approximately every 20 minutes. It is not easy to find parking around the University area, including the Corner and between 14th Street and Rugby Road. There is a parking garage at the University Bookstore, on Emmet Street, that only fills up during certain university events (e.g., Days on the Lawn). There are also plenty of Veo rental e-scooters around Grounds.

City of Charlottesville[edit]

Court Square, downtown Charlottesville

The city is reasonably well connected by free city buses, the Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT). Don't use Google Maps for CAT bus routes; Google sometimes has the wrong bus data. Parking in nearly all areas of the city is free and easy to find. Parking at the Downtown Mall will often require paying a modest rate at a lot or parking garage.

One of the CAT routes is a free trolley bus that operates along East Main Street/Water Street between downtown and the University of Virginia. Stops include the Virginia Discovery Museum, the downtown mall, the Amtrak station/Greyhound stop, and the Rotunda and chapel of the University of Virginia. Like with UVA, the city has Veo rental e-scooters, but don't expect every area to have them or for every road to be scooter-friendly.

Surrounding area[edit]

Transportation outside of the city is best accomplished by car, although taxi and certain buses may be available for some locations. Main roads are well signed and in good repair, but can be hilly and curvy. If traveling to an unusual location or taking a shortcut through smaller country roads, be prepared for unpaved roads, limited signs, and frequent curves.


With the possible exceptions of the airport and the Downtown Mall, you must call for taxi service in Charlottesville. There are several taxi companies in the city.

  • ABA Taxi: +1 434 981-6800
  • A&A Taxi: +1 434 842-4851
  • A&W Taxi: +1 434 882-1822
  • Accent Taxi: +1 434 981-1913
  • Access: +1 434 974-5522
  • Arrow Taxi, James Collier, Jr.: +1 434 760-2035
  • Doni Taxi: +1 434 227-2321
  • Herring Shuttle: +1 434 953-6025
  • Midnight Special: +1 434 760-0916
  • Monticello Cab: +1 434 760-0055
  • New York City: +1 434 825-1669
  • Peter's Shuttle: +1 434 760-5740
  • Ride Rite Airport Service[dead link]: +1 434 327-3815
  • Shuttle & Safari Taxi: +1 434 227-6825
  • Skyline Cab: +1 434 981-0473
  • Tommy’s Taxi: +1 434 242-8959
  • Star Taxi: +1 434 227-2324
  • Wahoo Taxi: +1 434 981-0585
  • Yellow Cab: +1 434 295-4131


The historic First Baptist Church
  • 1 The University of Virginia, +1 434 924-0311. AKA "Mr. Jefferson's University", and together with his residence a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Quite possibly the most beautiful college campus on this side of the Atlantic. Walk around the university and visit the Lawn and the Rotunda. Thomas Jefferson considered the founding of the university to be the crowning achievement of his life, to the point that he requested that this be mentioned on his gravestone instead of his presidency. The University has a monument dedicated to the slaves who built it. Free. University of Virginia (Q213439) on Wikidata University of Virginia on Wikipedia
    Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's Plantation
  • 2 Monticello, 931 Thomas Jefferson Parkway, +1 434 984-9800. Open daily. The residence and plantation of Thomas Jefferson. The grounds include the house itself, the gardens, slave quarters, and Thomas Jefferson's grave. Jefferson was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence and later President of the United States; he is widely respected for his intellectualism, as well as his political achievements; and he was in many ways a very forward-looking man, who was dedicated to education and to the advancement of the latest science in crop-breeding. However, he was also a large-scale slave-owner, who owned over 600 slaves and had a sexual relationship with one of them, Sally Hemings, and Monticello was a slave plantation. Enslaved people largely built everything you see in Monticello and kept everything operating. Adults $25 (Mar-Oct), $18 (Nov-Feb); children $8; annual pass $50. Monticello (Q199618) on Wikidata Monticello on Wikipedia
  • 3 James Monroe's Highland, 2050 James Monroe Parkway, +1 434 293-8000, . The residence of James Monroe. Open daily. Adults $19, youth (6-11) and locals $13. Highland (Q4804414) on Wikidata Highland (James Monroe house) on Wikipedia
  • 4 Michie Tavern. An inn dating to 1784, now a museum and restaurant. The fried chicken and peach cobbler here are life-changing experiences. Open daily. Michie Tavern (Q6837378) on Wikidata Michie Tavern on Wikipedia
  • 5 The Downtown Mall, East Main Street. Several blocks in downtown Charlottesville have been closed off to traffic, creating a pedestrian-friendly area full of shops and restaurants. The old brick buildings, eclectic stores, and people make this a great place to walk around. Just north of the Downtown Mall on Park Street is the town hall and some of the oldest buildings in town. Downtown Mall (Q5303497) on Wikidata Downtown Mall on Wikipedia
  • 6 The Virginia Discovery Museum, +1 434 977-1025. On the Downtown Mall, has a variety of child- and family-oriented exhibits. Closed Monday, open until 5PM other days. $6. Virginia Discovery Museum (Q7934248) on Wikidata Virginia Discovery Museum on Wikipedia
  • Dazzling fall colors. For the best sights in the Fall, drive into the hills south of town, or out US-250 West toward Afton Mountain. Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway, west of town off US-250 or I-64, offer some of the best views.
  • The View from Carter Mountain. Located on the same ridge as Monticello, Carter Mountain is home to the popular Carter Mountain Orchard and offers views of the Virginia Piedmont, Charlottesville, and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Accessible either by trails or by car (groomed gravel road open April to December).
  • Horse and Wine Country. Drive west of town to see farms, fences, and vineyards to make you feel as if you've stepped back into the 18th century. Garth Road is a particularly nice drive.
  • Virginia Cavaliers, +1 434 924-8821, toll-free: +1-800-542-8821, . UVA sports teams, competing in 12 men's and 13 women's sports in the Atlantic Coast Conference, are a big deal in the Charlottesville area. As with most big schools, football and men's basketball are the biggest draws, with several other sports, notably baseball, men's lacrosse, and men's soccer, also being national powerhouses. Most venues are on Grounds, with the best-known being Scott Stadium (football) and John Paul Jones Arena (aka the "JPJ"; basketball). Price varies by sport.
  • See Monticello, Ash Lawn-Highland, and Michie Tavern for $36 total with a President's Pass combination ticket.
  • IX Art Park, 522 2nd St SE (from 64 there are a number of ways to find it; from Exit 120 follow signs for Historic Downtown, take a right on Monticello Ave and right again on to 2nd St SE), . Dawn to dusk 7 days a week. A walk-through, sculptural, mural-festooned space that's free and open for the public to wander, night and day. Free.


Wine tours[edit]

The countryside around Charlottesville is filled with dozens of wineries. All are members of the Monticello Wine Trail. There are several companies that provide guided tours. If you're driving yourself, be sure to have a designated driver, as DUI enforcement is strict. If traveling in a large group, call ahead as some wineries have limits on maximum group size.


Social, Ballroom, Swing, Salsa

  • USA Dance. The Charlottesville chapter of the national ballroom dance association holds monthly ballroom dances, generally the first Saturday of the month
  • Zabor Dance, McGuffy Arts Center, 201 2nd St. NW, Studio 11. Has a variety of partner dance lessons.
  • [formerly dead link] Terry Dean's Dance Studio, 2123 Berkmar Dr.. Teaches ballroom lessons every weekday.
  • Shergold Studio. Offers group and private dance lessons on weekday evenings and weekends.
  • Charlottesville Swing Dance Society. Holds monthly dances and free practice sessions every Thursday.
  • Swing Cville, 313 2nd St. SE, Suite 108, inside the Glass Building. Weekly swing lessons and monthly workshops.
  • Charlottesville Salsa Club, Club R2, 303 E. Main Street. Hosts Salsa Sunday.



  • The Downtown Mall, Main Street between McIntire Rd. and Avon St., is Charlottesville's best and most eclectic shopping district. The street is open to pedestrians only, is paved entirely with brick, and features fountains, public art, flowering trees, and many benches. Both sides of the street are lined with local boutiques, outdoor cafes and other fine restaurants, three theaters, an ice rink, and the Virginia Discovery Museum.
  • Barracks Road Shopping Center. Barracks Road and Emmett Street. This outdoor shopping center contains higher end stores, as well as mid-level clothing outlets and a variety of inexpensive restaurants. Conveniently located near the University North Grounds.
  • Seminole Square Shopping Center, Over fifty shops located on Route 29 just north of Hydraulic Road in Charlottesville.
  • Pantops Shopping Center, Convenient to Eastern Albemarle and Interstate 64, Pantops Shopping Center is located just east of the Free Bridge in Charlottesville.
  • Fashion Square Mall. On 29 North. The main indoor mall, with the usual variety of chain clothing stores, bookstores, department stores, and restaurants.


There are a ton of great restaurants in Charlottesville, offering a variety of cuisines at reasonable prices. Main hubs of restaurants include 'The Corner,' an area of student-friendly shops in a traditional student area right next to the University, and around the downtown mall. From spring through fall, the outside seating on the pedestrian-only outdoor mall is highly recommended.

Downtown Mall[edit]

  • Bang, 213 Second St. SW. Higher end Asian-inspired tapas.
  • Bashir's Taverna, 507 E. Main St. Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Bizou, 119 W Main StVA, +1 434 9771818. Moderately priced French-influenced comfort food.
  • Blue Light Grill. Fresh seafood and bar.
  • Bluegrass Grill, 313 Second St. Specializing in breakfast.
  • Grit Cafe. Particularly good for breakfast. Also has Panini.
  • Chaps. Locally made ice cream in an old-style diner. Also burgers etc.
  • Christian's. Gourmet pizza by the slice.
  • C&O, 515 E. Water St. High end Virginia cuisine in a cozy environment. Excellent casual bar downstairs.
  • Downtown Grille. Higher-end grill, surf and turf.
  • Downtown Thai. Cheap-moderate priced Thai cuisine.
  • Escafe. Comfort food with a twist... and a late night crowd.
  • Fellini's #9, 201 W. Market St. Popular gathering place for live music and creative southern Italian food.
  • The Flat: Takeaway Creperie, 111 E. Water St, +1 434 978-3528. Sweet & savory crepes, European style, delightful patio, Affordable!
  • Fleurie, 108 3rd Street, +1 434 971-7800. High-end French cuisine.
  • Hamilton's. Higher-end misc.
  • Himalayan Fusion, +1 434 293-3120. Brings Indian, Nepalese and Tibetan food to the Downtown Mall. Lunch buffet.
  • Marco and Luca's. Noodles and dumplings. Super cheap and very popular.
  • MarieBette Café & Bakery, 105 E. Water St.. European-inspired breakfast, coffee, brunch, lunch, and pastries.
  • Miller's, 109 W. Main St., +1 434 971-8511. 11AM –2AM daily. This pub is an institution but is known for its music, not its food. Dave Matthews tended bar here back in the day and met his future bandmates here. However, the establishment greatly downplays its DMB connections.
  • Mono Loco, 200 W. Water St. Cuban cuisine.
  • Monsoon, 113 W. Market St. Southeastern Asian cuisine.
  • Mudhouse. Cozy couches and outside seating make this a popular coffee shop. Baked goods abound.
  • The Nook. Great breakfast, burgers, and sandwiches. High Quality products all around.
  • Petit Pois. Classic, casual French bistro.
  • Rapture, +1 434 293-9526. American food, billiards, bar and dance club.
  • Revolutionary Soup, 108 Second St. SW. M-Sa 11AM-8PM. Hearty soups, inspired sandwiches, fresh salads, fancy sodas, local and organic ingredients. Soups are about $5.
  • The Shebeen, 247 Ridge/McIntire Rd. South African restaurant and pub.
  • South Street Brewery, 106 W. South St. This is a brew-pub where they serve what they make on the premises. South St. also serves guest beers, cider, wine and has a full bar. Mix of cheap-moderate food.
  • Ten. High-end sushi and cocktails.
  • West Main, 333 W. Main St. 'Virginian' restaurant with several levels with bars etc.
  • Splendoras, +1 434 296-8555.
  • Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. Large selection of gourmet teas, with vegetarian food and hookah.
  • Vita Nova. Gourmet pizza by the slice.
  • Zocalo. Higher end Latin inspired cuisine.
  • The Alley Light, 108 2nd St. SW (The door is in the alley between Revolutionary Soup and Downtown Thai.), +1 434 296-5003, . 5PM to 11PM. A James Beard nominee for "Best New Restaurant" in the U.S. The Alley Light serves classic French shared plates, craft cocktails and small grower wines in a comfortable place.


  • Mas, 501 Monticello Rd. Spanish tapas.
  • Tavola, 826 Hinton Ave, +1 434-972-9463. Upscale Italian. Also features a cocktail bar behind the dining room with craft cocktails and small plates.
  • The Local. Locally sourced modern American
  • Belmont Pizza. Pizza and bar with darts and arcade games
  • Beer Run. Large beer selection and food. Has a large patio. Serves brunch.

The Corner[edit]

  • Bodo's Bagels, near Bank of America and Elliewood Avenue. This Charlottesville bagel bakery has fast service and yummy food; serving breakfast in the morning and afternoon. (This location closes at 3pm everyday, unlike the other two Bodo's locations.) $2-6.
  • Coupes. Small restaurant/bar with a varied menu tucked away on Elliewood Ave. Popular bar among undergrads.
  • Lemongrass. Good Vietnamese and Thai cuisine with a little twist. Offers a student discount for lunch.
  • Mellow Mushroom, +1 434-972-9366. Pizza & subs. Good pizza, dozens of beers on tap. $2 pints during their happy hour.
  • Take It Away Sandwich Shop, 115 Elliewood Ave. Serves a wide variety of sandwiches on fresh baked bread. Carries a large amount of potato chip varieties and drink selections. Limited seating. Popular with UVa students and people who work in the area.
  • The Virginian, 1521 University Ave, +1 434 984-4667. Charlottesville's oldest diner is a cozy bar/restaurant featuring burgers, steaks and linguini. Various drink specials throughout the week.
  • The White Spot, 1407 University Ave (near the railroad overpass). Lunch-counter style establishment that is another Corner landmark. Locally famous for its Gus Burger, a cheeseburger topped with a fried egg.

Shopping centers[edit]

  • Taste of China - Albemarle Square, by renowned chef Peter Chang. They serve a mix of authentic Szechuan and American Chinese food.
  • Peter Chang's China Grill - Barracks Road, a second restaurant by Peter Chang.
  • Shanghai Restaurant - Pantops[dead link], Full menu, exotic mixed drinks, eat in or carry out, cocktails, authentic Hunan & Szechuan Chinese food in Pantops Shopping Center.
  • The Shops at Stonefield [1], shopping center on Route 29 featuring retail stores, dining, entertainment, and more, in a beautiful outdoor mall setting.


  • Albemarle Baking Company, +1 434-293-6456. In the Main Street Market near the Downtown Mall. Charlottesville's artisanal bakery. French-style baguettes, Italian-style ciabatta, rye bread, whole grain, and more - plus they bake pastries, cookies and cakes.
  • Bodo's Bagels, locations at 1418 N. Emmet St., 404 Preston Ave., and on The Corner. The best bagels south of New York. Really. A Charlottesville institution for nearly 20 years. Great sandwiches, salads, and soup, cheap prices, blindingly fast service, and a trendy atmosphere. For a laugh, ask a local how long it takes Bodo's owner Brian Fox to open each new restaurant. All meals are about $5.
  • The Brick Oven, 1966 Rio Hill Shopping Center, on 29 North. Gourmet pizza, sandwiches, and pasta. Dinner is $8-10.
  • Crozet Pizza, 5794 Three Notch'd Rd, Crozet (about 15 miles out 250 West). The best pizza in Albemarle County. Make reservations for parties of 10 or more.
  • CVille Coffee. Coffee, espresso, sandwiches and noodle bowls. Kid-friendly. Free wireless.
  • Riverside Lunch, In town location: 1427 Hazel St. Riverside North location: 1770 Timberwood Blvd. A Charlottesville institution. Some consider Riverside to have the best burgers in town.
  • Guadalajara, 29 North, East Market Street (downtown), and Fontaine (near UVA). A local Mexican institution. Entrees are $6-$10. The best in Cville. Try the Pollo con Mole, or Carnitas.
  • Lime Leaf Cafe, in the Rio Hill center on US 29. This hidden gem serves the most delicious and authentic Thai food in Charlottesville.
  • Maharaja, Seminole Square, 29 North. A full variety of Indian food. Dinner $10-$15.
  • Milan, 1417 Emmet Street, +1 434 984-2828. Wonderful Indian food, spicy and aromatic favorites cooked in authentic tandoori oven. Features a lunchtime buffet. Wide range of favorites, including vegetarian options. $10-20.
  • Ming Dynasty, 1417 Emmet St, +1 434 979-0909. Traditional Chinese and extensive vegetarian menu.
  • Michie Tavern, down the hill from Monticello. Michie (pronounced Mickey) Tavern is a recreation of a Colonial tavern, where tourists can eat, shop, and tour the buildings.
  • Orzo. Also in the Main Street Market. Wonderful Med style food.
  • Thai 99. Inexpensive and delicious Thai food.
  • Vivace, 2244 Ivy Road, +1 434 979-0994. Italian, with charming indoor or two-tiered patio seating.
  • Wayside Ol' Virginia Fried Chicken, 2203 Jefferson Park Ave (at the intersection of JPA, Fontaine, and Maury). Just what it says it is. A rare un-yuppified oasis. Pretty good chicken; disappointing dinner rolls, though.
  • Zazu's, 2213 Ivy Rd. Tasty wraps made with fresh ingredients. Wraps are about $5.


Like the eating options, the main hubs are either at 'The Corner', which has a predominantly student crowd, or downtown. Many options at both.

  • 1 Beer Run, 156 Carlton Rd #203, +1 434 984-2337. Close to downtown and Belmont, has hundreds of craft beer bottles for sale, 14 rotating draughts, growlers to go, a full restaurant and lively atmosphere with patio seating. Frequent beer tastings and a focus on all natural, organic, local foods.
  • 2 [dead link] Michael's Bistro & Taphouse, 1427 University Avenue, +1 434 977-3697. On the corner, Has one of the best and widest selection of beers in town, and specializes in Belgian and European beers.
  • 3 South Street Brewery, 106 South Street, +1 434 293-6550. Downtown, a good micro-brewery and restaurant
  • Mellow Mushroom, 1321 West Main Street, +1 434-972-9366. On the corner, has lots of beers on tap and drink specials when it rains.
  • For wine, both the C&O Restaurant (downtown) and Zocalo (downtown) have excellent selections. Fellini's #9 (downtown) also has many Italian wines. Mas Tapas Bar (Belmont) has a good selection of Spanish wines.
  • For beer and wine to go, visit Market Street Wine Shop [dead link] just off the Downtown Mall and they have an uptown location in Shoppers World near Whole Foods Market.
  • Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar, 414 East Main Street, +1 434 293-9947. To experience a world of teas in Charlottesville, head over to the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar on the Downtown Mall. Also available is a fine selection of wines, beers and sake. The evenings frequently bring music and cultural activities.
  • Nightclub: R2, a dance club located inside Rapture restaurant; Club 216, a gay and lesbian dance club (that also welcomes straight people) downtown
  • Maya, 633 West Main St (across from the Amtrak station), +1 434 979-6292. 5-11. Southern comfort food done right. 15-31.
  • Virginian, Corner. open late. Oldest bar at the UVA Corner. A classic, weeknights and weekends, for UVA students aged 18-24.
  • Brother's Bar & Grill, 2104 Angus Road, +1 434 293-6333. 10AM -9PM. Best food around and coldest, cheapest beer in town.
  • Michael Shaps Wineworks [2], 1650 Harris Creek Road, +1 434-296-3438. 11AM-5PM. Tasting room featuring local Michael Shaps Virginia wines, as well as the Maison Shaps Burgundy wines.
  • Vitae Spirits Downtown Tasting Room [3], 101 East Water Street, +1 434-260-0920. Offers tastings, cocktails, bottled sales, classes, and tours.
  • Potter's Craft Cider [4], 1350 Arrowhead Valley Road, +1 (434) 244-2767. Tasting room featuring 10 local ciders on draft, live music and local food trucks.


Full range of options. Hotels fill up early for UVa football and basketball games and for graduation.

  • 1 Arcady Vineyard Bed & Breakfast, 1376 Sutlers Road (2 miles past Monticello off 732), +1 434 872-9475. Check-in: 4PM - 7PM, check-out: 11AM. Wine country B&B. Junior suites with king bed, private bath, wine fridge with bottle of sparkling wine, wine & cheese check in, port & chocolate turn down. Full served country-fresh breakfast with room rate. Views of vineyard out back. Transportation (schedule permitting) included the 6.5 miles to downtown for dinner. Wine tour packages available. $220 - $275.
  • Comfort Inn Monticello, 2097 Inn Drive (3 miles from Monticello), +1 434 977-3300. Check-in: 3PM, check-out: 11AM. Offers guests free continental breakfast and free wireless high-speed Internet access. $80-200.
  • Mason Lane Cottage, 1618 Mason Ln, +1 720 519-3463. 2-bedroom cottage for up to 4 people, private yard, full kitchen, and on street parking. No pets/No smokers. $200/night with two-night minimum.
  • Residence Inn by Marriott, 1111 Millmont Street, +1 434 923-0300. All suites offer full kitchens, living rooms with pullout sofa beds and work desks with high speed Internet access. Complimentary full breakfast daily, grocery shopping service, on-site laundry and nightly social hours midweek.
  • Hilton Garden Inn Charlottesville, 1793 Richmond Road (From US 250 bypass exit towards Richmond: Take a right onto Worrell Road, take a left into hotel parking lot.), +1 434 979-4442. Check-in: 3PM, check-out: noon. Located on property that was owned by Thomas Jefferson’s father, with rolling hills and swans swimming in a pond, the hotel is accessible from Interstate 64 and off US 250 bypass. A complimentary shuttle serves local destinations.
  • Omni Charlottesville Hotel, 212 Ridge McIntire Rd (it is right off the Downtown Mall). Nice hotel with clean, comfortable rooms.
  • Fairfield by Marriott Charlottesville North, 577 Branchlands Boulevard (US-29 to Branchlands Blvd), +1 434 964-9411, . Check-in: 3PM, check-out: noon. Renovated in 2019. Offers free breakfast & WiFi and a seasonal outdoor pool.
  • The Farmhouse at Veritas [5], 72 Saddleback Farm, Afton, VA, +1 540-456-8100. Bed and Breakfast in the heart of Virginia Wine Country featuring three-course breakfasts and luxurious accommodations.
  • Foxfield Inn [6], 2280 Garth Road, +1 (434) 923-8892. Cozy bed and breakfast featuring a signature three-course breakfast each morning and an outdoor hot tub.
  • The Inn at Court Square [7], 410 E. Jefferson Street, +1 434-295-2800. Boutique hotel with ten guest-rooms including complimentary on-site parking, wi-fi and HD cable TV.

Go next[edit]

  • Blue Ridge Parkway and Shenandoah National Park - Beautiful drives along the Appalachians, with many hiking trails, some of which connect to the Appalachian Trail.
  • Montpelier, the home of James Madison, is half an hour north on Route 20.
  • Hike at the Ivy Creek or Ragged Mountain Natural Areas
  • Tube the James River in Scottsville
  • Golf at the many public and semi-private golf courses
  • Explore Nearby Towns and Cities Washington DC, Richmond, Lynchburg, Roanoke etc, are within 3 hours drive from Charlottesville
  • Arts and Crafts in and Around Charlottesville [8]
  • Monticello Wine Trail [9], Group of 40 wineries all located within 25 miles of Charlottesville.
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