Not to be confused with Alanya, a resort 130 km further east, or with Antakya a historic city in Hatay province of eastern Turkey

Antalya is a city in Pamphylia on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, and the chief resort of the "Turkish Riviera". It's a metropolis with a population of 2.7 million in 2022, the fifth largest city in the country.


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The city was named for its first documented ruler Attalos II (220-138 BC), king of Pergamon, though it was obviously settled much earlier. Attalos' life and wife resembles soap opera, and his epiphet Philadelphos - "brother-loving" - hints at insecurity over how his relationship with back-from-the-dead brother and co-ruler Eumenes II might be portrayed. He based his fleet here - there were few alternatives along this exposed coast, and Attaleia (Ἀττάλεια) grew up around what's now called the Roman harbour. It never grew large as it lacked a hinterland - it's hemmed in by mountains with difficult routes to get inland, although a fertile coastal plain extends up to the east. Early visitors included St Paul the Apostle (Acts 14: 25-26) and Ibn Battuta, who in 1331 AD recorded how Christians, Greeks, Jews, and royal court each inhabited their own walled enclave, while the Muslims lived in the main body of town all within an enclosing wall.

This relative isolation meant little fighting here, but Antalya was the prize to be handed over after conquests elsewhere: to the Seljuks in 1207 and the Ottomans in 1391. After Turkey's defeat in World War I, the harsh 1920 Treaty of Sèvres handed over tracts of the country to the Allies, and Italy gained Antalya. This was reversed, and Turkey gained its present borders, by the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne.

Access was improved by road building in the 20th century, but the game-changer was in the 1970s when commercial airliners could jet tourists non-stop from northern Europe, and the political environment boosted tourist infrastructure. The city burgeoned, with development either side of Kaleiçi the old town centre, but especially east along the sandy Lara beach. Effectively this strip extends 150 km until the mountains terminate the coastal plain: it's all called "Antalya area" in tourist literature, but in this guide the easterly towns of Belek, Manavgat, Side and Alanya are described separately.

Climate is of course Mediterranean. Summers are hot, sunny and humid yet rainless. Days average 30-35°C and may surpass 40°C; nights may be muggy and sticky so you want air-con.

Winters are mostly mild, punctuated by storms, downpours and strong winds. April-May and Oct-Nov are optimum conditions for sight-seeing, and the sea remains warm late into Autumn.

Get in


By plane


1 Antalya Airport (Antalya Havalimanı, AYT  IATA). Flights from all over Europe and Russia bring hordes of tourists, mostly on package deals. Other destinations include Erjan, Amman, Beirut, Tel Aviv, Baghdad and the Gulf States. There are daily domestic flights from Istanbul (IST and SAW), Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Samsun, Diyarbakir and Gaziantep. The two terminals are 2.5 km apart with no shuttle or walkway, so make sure to head for the correct one. T1 handles all domestic flights and those by Turkish, Pegasus, Sun Express and Ryanair wherever they originate. Most other airlines use T2, including Corendon the Antalya-based budget operator. The airport has the standard facilities and is usually slick, but when flights are delayed the passengers back up and it gets chaotic. Antalya Airport (Q827480) on Wikidata Antalya Airport on Wikipedia

Onward transport:

Antalyakart is the transport card you need for the tram or bus, see Get Around. Buy it at the airport.
  • By tram: AntRay Tram 1A runs downtown from two T1 stops (domestic and international) every 15 min 06:00-00:00; it doesn't serve T2. Get off at İsmetpaşa (taking 50 min) for the old town or to transfer to Tram 2. Stay aboard another 30 min for Otogar the bus station. Coming out to the airport take Tram 1A badged "Havalimanı". Tram 1B follows the same route until Yonca Kavşak then branches off to Expo.
  • Bus 600 runs from T1 (domestic) and T2 to Otogar - so this could serve as an inter-terminal shuttle and spare you a taxi. It runs every 30 min 07:00 to 00:00 with night runs around 01:30, 03:30 and 06:00. It runs via Mevlana Cd and Adnan Menderes Blv, taking about an hour to Otogar. At T1 the stop is by the blue "D" sign next to a fig tree, usually with a scrummage of other waiting passengers. Ignore the "D" outside T1 (international), which stands for "decoy" or "dupe me". Taxi touts will converge on you, saying truthfully "No bus leaving here!" and steering you towards a taxi.
Bus 800 runs from T1 (domestic) and T2 every two hours 06:15 to 22:15 via Barınaklar Blv in Lara (for east resort strip), cross-town to Sarısu on the west resort strip.
Havaş buses don't serve Antalya Airport, so for other towns such as Alanya travel via Otogar.
  • By taxi: this is the best option for Lara resort strip, which is east of the city near the airport. Official rates were last set in 2022, see Get around. A ride to city centre might be 500 TL.

By bus


Buses from Istanbul run hourly and take 12 hours via Gebze, Izmit, Eskişehir, Kütahya, Afyon, Sandikli and Burdur, for a fare in 2023 of 600-800 TL. From Ankara is 9 hours, from Izmir 6, from Adana 11 and from Konya 6. A faster route from Istanbul or Ankara is to take the YHT train to Konya, which connects with buses to Antalya.

Bus lines include Metro Turizm, Pamukkale, Flixbus (who've taken over Kamil Koç) and Varan.

Frequent buses run along the coast from Alanya, Manavgat (for Side) and Belek. Operators include Alanyalilar and Güney Akdeniz, the long-distance bus lines don't serve this short route. You could also take a dolmuş.

2 Antalya Otogarı the bus terminal is 6 km northwest of city centre. Your inter-city ticket may include a downtown transfer, check when purchasing. Otherwise take the tram from Dumlupınar Blv 10 minutes walk east. The station is large, modern and reasonably clean, with ticket kiosks, cafes and toilets.

By road


From Istanbul follow O7 / O5 / O22 (toll) south past Bursa to pick up D200 east, then D650 south via Kütahya and Afyon, reckon 8 hr 30 min.

Hitchhiking outbound, the dilemma is to be far enough out to pick up inter-city vehicles, but not so far out that they can't stop. One spot northbound is the roundabout where D330 branches from D650. City buses 506 and 509 run to D330, for Denizli, Pamukkale, Aydin and Izmir. Ten buses run along D650 Akdeniz Blv, for Isparta, Afyon and Ankara.

Get around

Hadrian's Gate

Antalyakart is the plastic transport card you need for the tram or public bus. Buy it or reload it at kiosks along the tramway, at the airport and at the bus terminal; you probably need banknotes for this. The upfront cost is 35 TL in 2023, and single rides thereafter are 15 TL. A transfer within one hour of boarding is 5.50 TL.

You can also buy disposable paper cards for 6 TL, and pay 17 TL per ride. These don't allow transfers, nor can they be re-loaded, but you can load a suitable amount on purchase.

Or use contactless payment at the card-reader or turnstile: no upfront charge, pay 18 TL per ride, no transfers.

Discount cards are only available for citizens with Turkish ID, who pay a little more upfront but get cheaper rides.

By tram


AntRay Tram 1 runs from Fatih in the north of the city to the Otogar (transfer to Tram 3), Ismetpaşa downtown (transfer to Tram 2) and Meydan then northeast to Yonca Kavşak. Tram 1A there forks for Airport Terminal 1, Tram 1B continues out to Aksu and Expo. Trams run every 15 min 06:00-00:00.

Tram 2 is a heritage line, with 1950s/60s tramcars donated by the city of Nuremberg in 1999 in gratitude for all those kebabs and factory workers. It runs near the coast from the Museum (transfer to Tram 3) east to Cumhuriyet downtown (transfer to Tram 1) then south through Old Town to Zerdalilik. It's mostly single track with passing loops, and the project to double-track it has stalled.

Tram 3, opened in 2021, starts north of the city at Varsak and runs to Kepez, swinging west to Batigar (for Otogar and transfer to Tram 1), Akdeniz University Hospital and the Museum (transfer to Tram 2).

By bus


Buses go everywhere in the city, with over a dozen lines plying to the otogar (bus station). See above for Bus 600 to the airport.

Good luck finding any practical info on the city transport website. Try peering at bus stops on Google Map close to your start point and destination to find lines that run all the way.

Dolmuş minibuses ply fixed routes. In theory they're supposed to run to a schedule, not wait to fill up as in other Turkish cities. In practice an empty dolmuş will move so slowly in hope of more passengers that it may be overtaken by elderly pedestrians with zimmers.

By taxi


There are taxi stands all over the city where the drivers have their base and teapot, or you can order through online BiTaksi or iTaksi. The official rates since 2022 are flagfall 10 TL then 14 TL per km, with no separate night rate. Popular visitor destinations have price lists in euro. You can also negotiate with any taxi driver to be your private tour guide, or at least take you on an excursion: this might be a good option for Perge but pricey for Aspendos.



City centre is walkable, and using a car or bicycle here is tiresome at best.


The Fluted Minaret
  • 1 Hadrian's Gate Hadrian's Gate on Wikipedia (Turkish Üçkapılar, "three gates") is a good starting point for exploring Kaleiçi the old quarter. Built in 130 AD for the visit of Emperor Hadrian, it may have been ceremonial rather than a practical thoroughfare, as it became bricked up within the city walls. This preserved it, and it was only rediscovered when the walls crumbled in the 1950s.
  • 2 Fluted Minaret Mosque (Yivliminare Camii), Cumhuriyet Cd. Elegant six-domed mosque built under Seljuk rule in 1230 and re-built in 1373 by the Hamidids. The minaret is 38 m high. Antalya Mosque (Q1753844) on Wikidata Yivli Minaret Mosque on Wikipedia
  • Dervish Lodge Museum opposite the mosque used to be the home of the Mevlevihane, the "Whirling Dervishes". It's open Tu-Su 08:30-17:30, free.
  • The Clocktower (Saat Kulesi) just east of the Fluted Minaret Mosque is from the 9th century AD.
  • Tekeli Mehmet Paşa Mosque facing the clocktower was built in the 17th century. It's named for a military commander who was appointed Grand Vizier - prime minister - in 1595 but died ten days later.
  • Karatay Medresi 100 m southwest of the clocktower was a religious school built in 1250. It's become populated by cafes and shops so it's only worth a brief look.
  • 3 Sehzade Korkut Mosque (Broken Minaret Mosque, Kesik Minare Cami), Civlek Sk. This was first built as a Roman temple in the 2nd century AD, and in later centuries went back and forth between religions. The minaret was added in the early 13th during one such conversion, and in 1800 this was the only part to survive a fire. The mosque lay in ruins until rebuilt from 2018, re-opening in 2021. Kesik Minare (Q6395079) on Wikidata Kesik Minare on Wikipedia
  • Toy Museum (Oyuncak Müzesi) is by the harbour, open Tu-Su 09:00-18:00, free.
  • Iskele Mosque by the harbour is compact, almost a kiosk.
  • 4 Harbour piers have pleasant views over Old Town and the sunset.
  • Ethnographic Museum, Civelek Sk 20 (south side of harbour), +90 242 238 5688. Daily 08:30-17:30. Exhibits traditional arts and crafts. Free.
  • 5 Hıdırlık Tower, Hıdırlık Sk. 24 hours. Built by the Romans in the 2nd century AD with a square base and circular upper storey, this was a bastion and lighthouse. Its present name indicates that it's the site of Hıdırellez on 5/6 May, a religious spring festival. Free. Hidirlik Tower (Q218118) on Wikidata Hidirlik Tower on Wikipedia
  • 6 Atatürk House Museum, Fevzi Çakmak Cd 11. Daily 08:30-17:30. Atatürk stayed in Antalya in 1930, 1931 and 1935. This rebuilt mansion shows memorabilia of his times. Free.
  • Müsellim Mosque, 200 m north of Fluted Minaret Mosque, was built in 1796.
  • 7 Balibey Mosque at the corner of Ismet Paşa Cd and 403rd Sk was built in 1485.
  • 8 Murat Paşa Mosque on Milli Egemenlik Cd was commissioned in 1570. It has a high dome and beautiful Seljuk calligraphy within.
  • 9 Sheik Sinan Mosque at the end of Değirmenönü Cd ("windmill street") was built in 1590 AD.
  • 10 Antalya Museum, Konyaaltı Cd 88 (Tram to Müze), +90 242 238 5688. Apr-Sept daily 08:30-20:00, Oct-Mar Tu-Su 08:30-18:00. One of Turkey's largest museums, with 5000 items illustrating the history of the Mediterranean and Pamphylia regions. It's also a repository for some 25,000 items not on display. Adult 340 TL. Antalya Museum (Q843241) on Wikidata Antalya Museum on Wikipedia
  • 11 Antalya Aquarium, Dumlupınar Blv 502, Konyaaltı (Bus 56), +90 242 245 6565, . Daily 09:00-23:00. Huge aquarium with display tanks and long viewing tunnel. Adult or child 950 TL. Antalya Aquarium (Q20470397) on Wikidata
Düden Lower Waterfalls
  • 12 Düden Lower Waterfalls on Lara Cd are where the Düden River plunges 40 m into the sea.
  • 13 Sandland (Kum Heykel Müzesi), Lara Cd, +90 549 445 0777. Daily 09:00-23:00. Sand sculpture park open year round, lit up at at night. Adult 250 TL, child 125 TL.
  • 14 Aksu Dolphinarium, Tesisler Cd 318, Aksu, +90 532 389 0719. Daily 09:00-18:30. Sea lions and dolphins do their splashy stuff at 11:00 and 15:00. Extra charges to swim with them or have a dolphin take a photo of you. People may wish to consider the ethics of such attractions before visiting.

Further out

  • 15 Düden Upper Waterfalls are where the Düden River emerges from karstic tunnels to fall 20 m.
  • 16 Antalya Zoo (Antalya Hayvanat Bahçesi), Kepez (Tram: Fatih), +90 242 332 3232. Tu-Su 10:00-18:00. Large spacious zoo park. 20 TL per car.
  • 17 Tünek Tepe, Kemer Yolu, Konyaalti. Tu-Su 10:00-19:00. A hilltop of 618 m with great views over the city and coast, reached by gondola cable car though you can drive or even hike up. Food and drink at the top station are a silly price. The cable car collapsed in April 2024. Cable car 400 TL (closed April 2024). Tünek Tepe (Q7862437) on Wikidata Tünek Tepe on Wikipedia
  • 18 Perge, Perge Yol, Aksu, +90 242 426 2748. Daily 08:00-19:30. Extensive ruins of a city which had its heyday 2nd to 3rd century AD under the Romans. The site has a colonnaded agora, theatre, stadium, temple to Artemis and two churches. Adult 250 TL. Perge (Q719815) on Wikidata Perga on Wikipedia
  • 19 Kurşunlu Waterfall, Kurşunlu Cd, Aksu (northeast of Antalya on D685), +90 242 433 2218. Daily 08:30-19:30. Woodland park, the waterfalls are impressive in flow but dry to a trickle in summer. A firm path leads you past the best views but is not suitable with restricted mobility. There are refreshment stalls and a café/restaurant. Kurşunlu Waterfall (Q981506) on Wikidata Kurşunlu Waterfall Nature Park on Wikipedia
  • 20 King's Pool (Kral Havuzu). An attractive pool in a canyon. Free.
  • 21 Sillyon was a fortified city that had its heyday in the Byzantine era from about 680 to 820 AD. The ruins are scrappy and tumbling down the hillside.
  • 22 Aspendos, 40 km east near Serik (Bus 10 from Serik). Daily 08:00-17:00. Graeco-Roman city, of which the centrepiece is the well-preserved amphitheatre, seating 7000. There's also 2 km of aqueduct (which siphoned water over rises), a stadium, baths, basilica, agora and nymphaeum. 1 km downstream near the modern highway is Eurymedon Bridge, rebuilt in wonky fashion in the 13th century when the Roman original washed away. Adult 340 TL. Aspendos (Q633757) on Wikidata Aspendos on Wikipedia
  • 23 Zeytintaşı Cave is a small show-cave near Akbaş in the mountains above Aspendos, visited by guided tour.


Attalos II eyes the clocktower.
  • Boat trips leave from the harbour. Never believe their first price offer and departure time.
  • Aqua parks are Waterhill opposite the Aquarium, and Park Aqua, Wet & Wild and Trendy Lara all east along Lara beach strip.
  • Funfair: Akturpark is next to the Aquarium, open daily 18:00-02:00. You pay per ride, no overall admission charge.
  • Football: Antalyaspor play in Süper Lig, the top tier. Their home ground Antalya Stadium (capacity 32,500) is west of the city, 1 km from the museum off İsmail Baha Sürelsan Cd. The stadium is named Corendon Airlines Park, after their sponsor.
  • Golf: head east to the next resort of Belek, which is pitching to be the Algarve of the East Med.
  • Golden Orange Film Festival is held in October, with the next 7-14 Oct 2023.


Useful to know: AVM means shopping centre, alışveriş merkezi, and pazarı means bazaar or market.
  • MarkAntalya AVM is the main shopping centre, 200 m east of Murat Paşa Mosque, open daily 10:00-23:00.
  • Migros stores are dotted around town, but the big one is 5M on Atatürk Blv 200 m north of the aquarium, open daily 10:00-22:00. It's also a transport hub for the west (Konyaalti) side of town.
  • Farmers Markets are on Tuesday and Saturday along 538th Sk south of the Hilton Hotel.
  • 1 Terracity Mall, Tekelioglu Cd 55, Fener, +90 242 318 1818. Daily 10:00-23:00. This is the main retail centre east side of the city towards Lara beach strip, with some 180 stores and several restaurants.
  • Agora and Deepo Outlet Center / Mall of Antalya are two retail parks on D400 two km west of the airport entrance.


Mermaid at Sandland


The downtown streets around Muratpaşa Mosque have many cheap eating places.
  • 1 Piyazcı Sami, 25th Sk 1, +90 242 244 9190. Daily 10:00-22:00. Antalya-style piyaz (bean salad), kofte and other authentic fare.
  • 2 Urfali Ciğercİ Apo, 14th Sk 17 (within Kasapoğlu İş Market). Simple place with good food.
  • 3 Özkan Kebap, 1253th Sk 8/A, +90 242 244 8401. Daily 07:00-22:00. Good menu selection, budget place popular with locals.
  • 4 Çiğköfteci Ömer Usta, Anafartalar Cd 65, Altındağ, +90 242 241 0402. Daily 11:00-01:00. Friendly place for çiğ köfte, raw meatballs.
  • 5 Gizem Cafe Fast Food, Milli Egemenlik Cd 1/D, Kızılsaray, +90 242 244 0580. Daily 09:00-23:00. Inexpensive place for trad shawarma and dürüm.
  • 6 Köfteci, 640th Sk, corner of 7th Cd, Konyaalti, +90 242 240 4047. Daily 09:00-22:00. Authentically shabby place for Turkish trad food.
  • 7 Public Konyaaltı, Kent Meydani, Akdeniz Blv, Konyaalti, +90 538 091 5174. Daily 12:00-02:00. Within the main square on Konyaalti west beach strip, this serves burgers, thin-crust pizza and other filling food.
  • 8 Yamaçoba, Heniye Hanım Apt 283 D/2, Atatürk Blv, Konyaaltı, +90 242 259 5040. M-Sa 09:00-19:00. Great quality for inexpensive food at the west end of the beach strip.


  • Rokka Pizza Falafel, Recep Peker Cd (opposite Hadrian's Gate), +90 242 244 1020. Daily 11:00-23:00. Good eating place with lots of veggie / vegan choices.
  • 9 Ayar Meyhanesi, Hesapçı Sk 59, +90 530 117 2927. Daily 12:00-01:00. Friendly restaurant with a great selection of fresh fish. The swimming pool is a puzzle, is it a vivarium where lobsters choose which human bather to eat?
  • Paradise Restaurant, Selçuk Mah 42 (just west of Dervish Lodge), +90 544 603 6303. Daily 10:00-02:00. Sports bar with decent food.
  • 10 Grand Friends, Kocatepe Sk 37, +90 531 858 0508. Daily 12:00-00:00. Fish and steak to a high standard, friendly service.
  • Karaf Bistro Kaleiçi, Sakarya Sk 14 (just south of Sehzade Korkut Mosque), +90 242 242 8081. M-Sa 14:00-00:00. Pleasant relaxing place with pizza and wine. The owner's cat won't steal your wine but will try to claim its share of everything else.
  • 11 Hasanağa, Mescit Sk 15, +90 242 247 1313. Daily 11:00-02:00. Long-established family-run restaurant, pleasant garden setting and great trad food.


  • Seraser, Paşa Cami Sk 14 (100 m east of clocktower), +90 242 247 6015. Daily 16:00-00:00. Fine dining which they mostly deliver, but at these prices they need to be more consistent.


Hıdırlık Tower

Lots in town centre. Names like Sheffield Pub, Edinburgh Social House and Dubh Linn tell you which demographic they're aiming for.

Konyaalti beach strip west has The James Joyce and The Barrels.

Lara town centre has Lucky Sports Bar and Patrick Irish Pub, but on the beach strip further east it's just the hotel bars.

Doluca Vineyard is next to the airport entrance.



Old Town


Lots of inexpensive pansiyons in Kaleiçi the core of Old Town and Kılınçarslan its southern extension.

  • Whitegarden Hotel, Hesapçı Geçidi Sk 9 (100 m west of Sehzade Korkut Mosque), +90 242 241 9115, . Gorgeous little place in old town. B&B double 2500 TL.
  • Sibel Pansiyon, Fırın Sk 30 (100 m south of Sehzade Korkut Mosque), +90 242 241 1316. Welcoming hotel owned by a warmhearted multilingual French woman. Rooms have aircon, satellite TV and private bathrooms. It's quiet at night, good breakfasts. B&B double 1500 TL.
  • Hotel Blue Sea Garden, Hesapçı Sk 65 (next to Hıdırlık Tower), +90 242 248 8213. Friendly hotel with garden restaurant. Some rooms dark and dingy, others pleasant with sea view. B&B double 1500 TL.
  • Alp Paşa Hotel, Hesapçı Sk 30, Kaleiçi (100 m southwest of Hadrian’s Gate.), +90 242 247 5676, . Atmospheric hotel in the historic district with good restaurant. B&B double 1000 TL.
  • Tuvana Hotel, Karanlık Sk 18, Kaleiçi (100 m south of clocktower), +90 242 247 6015, . Pleasant peaceful hotel near centre, with 45 rooms and small pool. B&B double 2000 TL.
  • 1 DoubleTree by Hilton, Adnan Menderes Blv 61, +90 242 231 0042. Mid-range chain hotel north end of downtown, mostly good reviews. B&B double 2000 TL.


Aqueduct at Aspendos

This is southwest of the centre with 10 km of pebble beach, and some industry around the marina at its west end. Western package holidays don't base here, so prices are lower than in Lara.

  • Hotel Su, Dumlupınar Blv 205 (by Water Park and Aquarium), +90 242 249 0700. Quirky decor, good service and comfort. B&B double 2500 TL.
  • 2 Pearly Hotel, Akdeniz Blv 104, +90 539 516 0760. Facing the beach. Many fittings in need of repair. B&B double 3000 TL.
  • 3 Megasaray Westbeach, Akdeniz Blv 192, +90 242 782 4057. Great reviews for this beachfront hotel. B&B double 2500 TL.



Lara hotel strip stretches east for 20 km. Nearest to town is Şirinyalı: this is bustling but has not much beach, so prices are lower. Rates increase along the long sandy beach east from Kundu to Aksu; this is prime territory for western package deals. The access road is officially Yaşar Sobutay Boulevard but is better known as Lara Turizm Yolu. Hotels have more room to spread out further east, as far as Aksu Creek: facilities beyond there are described as the separate resort of Belek.

  • 4 Akra Hotels, Lara Cd 24, +90 242 310 9999. Smart efficient hotel, limited sea access. B&B double 3000 TL.
  • 5 Holiday Inn Lara, 2290th Sk 5, off Lara Cd, +90 242 345 8888. 1 km from beach, good value. B&B double 2000 TL.
  • 6 Lara Barut, off Lara Turizm Yolu, +90 444 9600. Great reviews for this upmarket family-oriented hotel. B&B double 9000 TL.
  • 7 Delphin Imperial, off Lara Turizm Yolu, +90 242 320 0707. Great reviews for comfort and service. B&B double 8000 TL.
  • Delphin Diva is their less expensive branch just behind.
  • 8 Grand Park Lara, off Lara Turizm Yolu, +90 242 352 4444. Small rooms, some lapses, but overall good value for the price. B&B double 3000 TL.
Perge towards the West Gate
  • 9 Concorde De Luxe Resort, off Lara Turizm Yolu, +90 242 782 4050. Consistently good reviews for comfort and service. B&B double 4000 TL.
  • Sherwood Exclusive Lara, off Lara Turizm Yolu (just east of Concorde), +90 242 352 2800. Fair value from this mid-price place. B&B double 3000 TL.
  • Royal Wings Hotel just east of Sherwood Exclusive gets mostly okay reviews.
  • 10 Royal Seginus Hotel, off Lara Turizm Yolu, +90 850 850 7070. Comfy enough, but poor scores for noise and catering. B&B double 7000 TL.
  • Royal Holiday Palace next to Royal Seginus is similarly disappointing.
  • Baia Lara, off Lara Turizm Yolu (just west of Royal Holiday Palace), +90 850 850 2242. Service, cleanliness and catering erratic. B&B double 5000 TL.
  • 11 Aska Lara Resort, off Lara Turizm Yolu, +90 242 320 5700. Family-oriented hotel with lots of children's activities. B&B double 4000 TL.
  • Kremlin Palace, Tesisler Cd 440/1, Aksu (just west of Swandor), +90 242 431 2400. It's supposed to recreate the luxury of a Russian tsar, with a hoaky St Basil's overlooking the pool. Good reviews.
  • 12 Swandor Topkapi Palace, Yaşar Sobutay Blv 442, Aksu, +90 242 431 2600. Mixed reviews, some guests have a great stay, others find comfort, service and food way below standard. B&B double 4000 TL.
  • Titanic Mardan Palace, Yaşar Sobutay Blv 450, Aksu (between Swandor and Trendy Lara), +90 242 310 4100. Great scores for comfort and service. The swimming pool is huge.
  • 13 Trendy Lara, Tesisler Cd 454, Aksu, +90 242 321 2510. Huge family-oriented hotel. B&B double 6000 TL.

Stay safe

Aliens exploring the Toy Museum

Standard precautions about traffic, water and sun safety, care of valuables and avoiding drunks.

Antalya like any other big city has its quota of dodgy individuals, sharp-edged trash and stray dogs; but tourists have little reason to be in down-at-heel districts.



Antalya has 4G from all Turkish carriers, and the signal extends along the resort strip beyond Alanya. As of July 2023, 5G has not rolled out in Turkey.


  • 1 Church of Sts. Paul and Alypius (Yenikapı Rum Kilisesi, Православний храм), Yeni Kapı Sk 20, Kaleiçi (in the old town), +90 534 333 73 16. An 1844-built Greek Orthodox church affiliated with the Ecumenical Patriarchate. The parishioners are mostly Russians and Ukrainians, and the services are conducted in Church Slavonic.
  • Saint Paul Union Church (Saint Paul Cultural Center, Aziz Pavlus Kültür Merkezi), Yeni Kapı Sk 22, Kaleiçi (next door to the Orthodox church), +90 242 244 68 94. Evangelical congregation with services in English, Russian, and Turkish.

Go next

  • Kemer southwest is part of the Antalya tourist strip. Go further south along the rugged coast of Lycia for quiet beaches and village harbours.
  • Belek to the east has golf links and luxury hotels.
  • Manavgat further east has waterfalls, but the big draw is the Roman ruins at Side.
  • Alanya yet further east has an ancient citadel perched on a crag, with beach hotels stretching either side.
  • Termessos is a ruined ancient city above the forests of the Taurus Mountains.

Routes through Antalya
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