Accra is the capital city of Ghana. Accra has a mix of 19th-century colonial architecture, modern skyscrapers and apartment blocks, and dusty shanty towns.


Independence Arch

Accra has an estimated population of 4—5 million in the metropolitan area. Since an administration reform in 2018 the city itself comprises only of the historic quarters and houses around 280,000 people. However, the surrounding municipal districts are tightly connected to the Accra Metropolitan District. Usually the whole metropolitan area is referred to as "Accra". The local language is Ga; other widely spoken languages are English, Twi (pron. 'ch-wee'), Ewe (pron. ayvay), and Hausa.


Accra was founded in the 17th century by the Ga people. It became the capital of the British Gold Coast in 1877 and the capital of Ghana on the formation of the country as an independent state in 1957.


Climate chart (explanation)
Average max. and min. temperatures in °C
Precipitation+Snow totals in mm
Source: World Meteorological Organization/Ghana Meteorological Agency
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Average max. and min. temperatures in °F
Precipitation+Snow totals in inches

Accra has a hot, semi-arid tropical climate. Rain falls during the rainy season, between April and mid-July, usually in the form of brief but intense thunderstorms that sometimes cause flooding. In the months of September and October, it may rain again, but less intensely. Daily temperatures throughout the year vary between 32ºC (89.6ºF) and 22ºC (71.6ºF).

Local information[edit]

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

1 Kotoka International Airport (ACC  IATA). Kotoka International Airport (Q177689) on Wikidata Kotoka International Airport on Wikipedia is a major hub, with international connections from North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, along with internal connections to Kumasi, Tamale and Takoradi, and regional connections to virtually every West African country.

Asky airlines fly to Banjul, Freetown, Monrovia, Lome

From the United States, Delta Airlines and United airlines operates flights directly from New York-JFK and Washington-Dulles. From there, it is possible to connect to all major North, South, and Latin American cities, and the Caribbean.

South African Airways operates a service from Johannesburg. Ethiopian airlines from Addis Ababa. Kenya airways from Nairobi, Freetown, Monrovia Rwandair from Kigali. Royal Air Maroc from Casablanca. Egypt Air from Cairo.

Emirates and Turkish Airlines operate into Accra, from their respective hubs in Dubai and Istanbul. It is also served by Middle East Airlines from Beirut and Qatar Airways from Doha.

Air France operates from Paris's Charles de Gaulle. British Airways operates a daily service from London Heathrow. KLM also operates a daily service from Amsterdam. TAP Portugal has a direct service from Lisbon and Sao Tome, Brussels Airlines operates a service from Brussels.

Ibom Air operates daily flights from Lagos, Nigeria to Accra.

Transport from the airport[edit]

There is an official taxi stand. Make sure you find it if you want a regulated fare. Otherwise, expect to be taken for a very expensive ride. On the upside, though, the expensive car touts usually put you in a nicer car with a professional driver, and you get to skip any potential taxi confusion—you decide! Better yet, walk out to the main road and get a taxi for a real price.

By train[edit]

Although rehabilitation of the rail network is a priority of the government there's just one line operating. Regional commuter trains ply the route from the nearby industrial city of Tema, of limited interest to the tourist, several times a day. Ghana Railway Company publishes timetables at their webpage.

  • 2 Accra Central station, Kwame Nkrumah Ave. Accra Central Station (Q65053142) on Wikidata Accra Central Station on Wikipedia

Get around[edit]

Map of Accra

By car[edit]

Accra's best attractions are scattered across a relatively wide area, so if you can afford the modest prices the best thing to do is hire a car and driver to take you around. Travel companies offer drivers who double as well-informed guides, which helps as interpretive exhibits and brochures (if you can find them) leave much to be desired.

If you need an SUV or a sedan there are plenty of affordable options because even the best drivers earn only about US$15 a day in Accra. You can book directly from Avis and local rental companies at the larger hotels, such as the Golden Tulip, La Palm, or La Badi Beach. Cars are available on short notice but if you want a van or SUV it is best to book ahead. Rates for car and driver are about US$9 an hour. For a US$75 you can book a 10-hour day, but fuel is extra. Rates increase if you leave metro Accra, which is fair because poor roads add to the wear and tear on the vehicle. Toyota Land Cruisers are a popular choice and are widely available.

By foot[edit]

Though the city is fairly spread out, Accra is relatively safe to walk around during the day (and night, in many areas). Watch out for open sewers, automobiles, (even in the city) when walking the streets.

By taxi[edit]

To flag a taxi wave your arm with your finger pointed down to the ground. On a busy street you will have many taxis driving past trying to offer you their service by honking at you. There are very few Ghanaian cabs with meters. You must negotiate how much you are willing to pay before you start the trip. It is generally US$3 within the centre of town and US$10 to the airport or Accra Mall from the centre. A rough mileage rate would be US$ 0.30 per mile. Try to ask someone local how much a trip to a certain location usually costs. Also make sure to haggle hard, as most taxi drivers will often try to charge three times (or more) the going rate to foreigners. Relax, and don't show urgency. If the first taxi won't come down on his price, wait for another as they are plentiful. Do have an idea of your route: taxi drivers navigate by landmarks, e. g. traffic circles, traffic lights, petrol stations – not street names – and make sure you have a local SIM in your phone so you can ring someone at your destination and pass the phone to the taxi driver.

Taxis do not have to be so private, though, and it's exceedingly rare for Ghanaians to hire one privately (although they will assume that foreigners want a private one). The rate is in theory one fourth of a private ride, but, again, foreigners taking a private ride tend to get taken for a little extra. It's more confusing, to be sure, but chances are they are going in the direction they are already headed, and you can just ask if they're going towards a major landmark, especially a market.

The problem with taxis, aside from the constant honking at foreigners, is that they don't know their way around Accra. No really, they won't have any idea where you want to go. They can't figure out maps either. The landmarks used by locals and cab drivers in no way align with those that are relevant to outsiders. Even worse, the cab drivers usually live kind of far outside the city centre, and usually aren't even familiar with basic neighbourhood names or the biggest attractions like Independence Square! Some useful landmarks that they will know are the major markets, Osu Castle, the Stadium, the financial centre (Cedi Tower), the major traffic circles along Ring Rd, and major street names, from which you can try and direct them to where you want to go. Now, if you don't already know your way around, it's tough.

Metered taxi[edit]

There are some taxis with meters in them. These are generally more expensive, but you can be a little more sure about how much they will cost.

Ride hailing[edit]

  1. Yango[dead link] app works in Accra.
  2. Uber also works in Accra.
  3. Bolt which is very popular.

By TroTro[edit]

TroTros are usually very crowded and dilapidated minivans ad minibuses that act as the city's public transit system. TroTros travel along a well known routes in the city, and stop at various points along the way (some stops have signs, others don't). As a TroTro approaches a stop, a "mate" (the driver's assistant) will usually yell out the side of the window where the TroTro is going. Many people die in TroTro accidents every year, however typically on highways in rural areas. Accidents causing death in Accra are relatively rare, in part due to traffic congestion.


  • 1 National Museum, Barnes Rd. Daily 09:00-16:30. Having recently undergone a renovation, the National Museum offers visitors a look at Ghanaian history and culture from prehistory to the present. Cultural exhibits include clothing, thrones, carvings, pottery, and a variety of archaeological finds, all accompanied by concise and informative descriptions. There are also exhibits on traditional metalworking and cultural rites of passage. The focus on history is lesser, but the second floor includes displays of historical Ghanaian currencies, postage stamps, and football uniforms. A guided tour, which differs from the text in a few places, is available on request, but be sure to tip your guide at the end. 80GHS for a foreign adult. National Museum of Ghana (Q1967472) on Wikidata National Museum of Ghana on Wikipedia
  • 2 Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park. The park was created to honour Kwame Nkrumah, who led Ghana to its independence from Great Britain and became the nation's first president. Voted as Africa's "Man of the Millennium", he is a highly important figure of the 20th century. In the park you can see a monument dedicated to him, as well as his mausoleum, where he is buried. Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park (Q107034414) on Wikidata
  • 3 Independence Square. Also known as Black Star Square for the large black star located atop Independence Arch. The square celebrates Ghanaian independence from the British in 1957 and features an eternal flame first lit by Nkrumah in 1961. Black Star Square (Q4921908) on Wikidata Black Star Square on Wikipedia
  • 4 W.E.B. DuBois Memorial Centre, Fifth Link Road, +233 30 277 6502. W.E.B. DuBois was an American civil rights activist and author who moved to Ghana near the end of his life, feeling his efforts to create equality were all in vain and that America would never accept black people. DuBois' home has been turned into a museum and library. The museum is quite small, but there are informative guided tours available on request. The centre also houses his grave and several memorials. 20 GH₵ per foreign adult. W.E.B. Dubois Memorial Centre for Pan African Culture (Q21262059) on Wikidata W. E. B. Du Bois Memorial Centre for Pan African Culture on Wikipedia
  • 5 Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop, Teshie First Junction (along the road, by a Total gas station), +233 244-11-47-19. This is the workshop of Seth Kane Kwei, who invented the famous design coffins in the 1950s, which are carved into shapes that represent something important and relevant to the deceased person, such as a fish, or aeroplanes. You will likely meet Eric Adjetey Anang, grandson of Kane Kwei, who has owned it since 2005, and hear stories about these fantastic coffins. They are used for funerals in the region and are part of many public or private collections of contemporary art around the world.
  • 6 The National Archives of Ghana. National Archives of Ghana (Q16733900) on Wikidata National Archives of Ghana on Wikipedia
  • Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences.
  • Artists Alliance Gallery, La Beach Rd (1 km west of La Beach Hotel). Artist-run gallery over 3 floors with sculptures, fabrics and paintings. Covers everything from cheap wooden artefacts for a few dollars to expensive paintings by top artists in Ghana. Big plus is being able to look, browse in a relaxed gallery without being hassled to buy. US$10–10,000.
  • 7 Jubilee House (between airport and James Town), +233302665415. The presidential palace. Might be worth taking a look at, just know there is lots of security around.
  • Ghana's Central Library.
    Osu Castle
  • 8 Osu Castle (Christiansborg Castle), 2 Barnes Road, Adabraka, +233-302 221633. Built by the Danes in the 17th century for Sweden, it changed hands under many rulers before the Danes were finally able to stake claim to the area and the castle. Before it was claimed by Denmark, it was used for trading precious metals, but once the Danes took power, it became a place to store slaves before shipping them. Later it became the headquarters of the Danish Gold Coast. Since then, it was used as a government building; when Ghana gained independence in 1957, it became the Presidential House. It remains the seat of government today, though there is controversy because of its ties to the slave trade. It is not open to walk-in visitors. Armed guards stand outside and they typically don't allow photos to be taken. Rules about pictures change sporadically, but it's best (safest) not to try. Osu Castle (Q1082964) on Wikidata Osu Castle on Wikipedia
    The lighthouse in Jamestown
  • Jamestown.
  • The oldest part of Accra, which remains an active fishing centre. It is similar in many ways to Zanzibar's Stone Town, though it has not yet been restored, so it is not typically highlighted on tourist itineraries. Despite this, for many visitors, it is one of the most memorable sights in the city. Jamestown is a short distance west from Independence Square; from the busy street the only real sights are the lighthouse, a prison building housed inside an old colonial fort, and the old Customs House. From the lighthouse there is a road which takes you to the otherwise hidden delight: one of the largest working fishing harbours in Ghana. Go early in the morning and see dozens of small boats bring in the day's catch. It's best to find a friendly local guide so you don't miss the hidden alleys, old stone houses, and fantastic cliff-top harbour vistas.
  • 9 Ussher Fort. 09:00-18:00 daily. Not Usher's place but a Dutch-built fort that was then turned into a prison. It now houses a small museum in James Town and is part of the 28 forts and castles that make up the UNESCO World Heritage Site which includes Elmina castle. Guided tour comes with entry. 40 GH₵ per foreign adult. Ussher Fort (Q2424003) on Wikidata Ussher Fort on Wikipedia
  • 10 Fort James, 4131 Tetteh Kpeshie Rd, Accra, Ghana. Trading post established by the British in 1673, used as a prison until 2007. It is notable for being the prison where Kwame Nkrumah was kept for a year before his presidency. The fort is now controlled by locals, and the gates are usually locked. Entry is possible but you may need a local guide with you. About 50 GH₵. Fort James (Q5471403) on Wikidata Fort James, Ghana on Wikipedia
  • 11 Brazil House (between Ussher Fort and Fort James). has a small display of artworks, but, wow, the environs outside this place near the beach look pretty rough.
  • 12 Accra Central Mosque, Abose-Okai Rd, +233 275838632. This is kind of a diminutive mosque compared to some of the great ones out there, but, if you are interested in religious sites, this may interest you. It is close to the Agbogbloshie borough though, so try not to get lost.
  • 13 Achimota Forest, Achimota College Rd, Accra, Ghana (in the same direction as the University of Ghana), +233 245896987. 08:00-17:00 M-F. This is Accra's version of a city zoo for now. Has a fairly representative sampling of African animals, and habitats are fresher and cleaner than a lot of other zoos, maybe because it's in an open area.
  • 14 University of Ghana. Ghana's largest university is in Legon and is accessible by Tro-Tros to Madina. It's a very charming and quiet place with old trees, a botanical garden (although you should be aware there have been reports of muggings and violent crime taking place in the gardens) and many small buildings surrounded by green grass. The cafeterias are open to anybody and serve typical Ghanaian dishes.
  • 15 Liberation Day Monument. Liberation Day Monument (Q6540999) on Wikidata Liberation Day Monument on Wikipedia
  • 16 Nubuke Foundation, Lome Close, East Legon, +233 289 102 163, . Art foundation. Nubuke Foundation (Q39061164) on Wikidata Nubuke Foundation on Wikipedia


  • 17 Holy Trinity Cathedral. Historic Anglican church of Accra built in 1894 that is on the way to Ussher Fort and James Fort. Holy Trinity Cathedral (Q9710080) on Wikidata Holy Trinity Cathedral (Accra) on Wikipedia
  • 18 Holy Spirit Cathedral, Castle Rd. Main church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Accra, completed in 1957. Holy Spirit Cathedral (Accra) (Q3663658) on Wikidata Holy Spirit Cathedral (Accra) on Wikipedia
  • 19 Wesley Methodist Cathedral, Hansen Rd. Built in 1922. Wesley Methodist Cathedral (Q65053439) on Wikidata Wesley Methodist Cathedral (Accra) on Wikipedia



  • 1 Labadi Beach (net to La Palm Royal Beach Resort southwest of airport). One of the most popular beaches in Accra for tourists, and a relatively clean one at that, just an itinerant plastic bag here or there. Located between two of Accra's most expensive hotels—La Palm and La Badi Beach—this short stretch of the Atlantic Coast features several makeshift cafe-restaurants, lots of souvenir vendors, and if you are lucky (i.e. on good weather weekends) an amazing cast of characters who will entertain you with drumming, dancing, pony rides, and acrobatic performances. Some people actually go for a swim, but there's plenty to do on-shore. Horseback riding available too. (Warning: this is a prime-time venue, which is strongly not recommended after dark.) The beach is accessible only from an entrance at La By-pass (Labadi Road). If you are a guest at La Palm or Labadi Beach Hotel you can access the beach for free through the back gate. Non-hotel guests can enjoy the facilities (pool, fitness, sauna) for 10 cedis a day at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel. GH₵5.
  • 2 Densu Delta Protected Area. Nature reserve and protected by the Ramsar convention on wetlands. The delta is home to 60 species of birds.

Swimming Pools: Sport swimmers find a pool in East Legon at A&C Mall for 7 cedis a day. Those who want to spend a relaxing day at a hotel pool can use the one of La Palm Royal Beach Hotel for 10 cedis a day.


Goethe Institut - German institute organizing frequent movie screening and expositions. There is a regular Thursday movie screening.

Alliance Francaise d'Accra - French institute organizing frequent concerts, art performances and expositions.

Accra Expat[dead link] - The expat webpage informing its visitors about planned events in Accra


  • 1 Makola Market (close to James Town). In Accra's busy centre, includes a large boulevard and several alleys full of fabric shops with goods such as wax-print pagnes, as well as embroidered and beaded cotton and tulle for special occasions. Look for wax prints from Ghana Traditional Prints (GTP) and the Akosombo Textile Company, which issue a wide range of new designs annually. Another source for such fabric is Woodin, an upscale fabric store with outlets in Osu and at the A&C shopping mall in East Legon, selling a variety of shiny patterned cottons, batiks, and ready-made clothes.
  • Kaneshie Market is both a transit centre and a great place to shop, offering a very wide variety of mostly traditional goods and items. It is a source for food and household items; beads, hair salons, shoes, handbags and beauty products, and fabric shops.
  • 2 National Cultural Centre (next to Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park). known popularly as the "Arts Centre" is an overwhelming but well-stocked option for curio shopping. Smaller curio markets can be found around the city.
  • Agbogbloshie Market
  • Nima Market
  • Alajo Market

Wild Gecko (near the Tetteh-Quarshie Interchange, off the Kwame Nkrumah Motorway Extension sells a variety of crafts, upscale curios, furniture, and batik clothing. Be sure to check out the extensive collection of Christmas ornaments, including Adinkra symbols carved into dainty souvenirs. Down the dirt road from Wild Gecko are further several smaller but well-stocked pottery and craft stores.

Shopping malls include:

  • The Accra Mall, off the Liberation Road
  • The A&C Shopping Mall[dead link], East Legon
  • Palace Shopping Mall, situated on the Spintex Road
  • Shaaba Shopping Mall, off the Motorway Extension
  • 3 Madina Market, Madina, Accra. 8AM - 8PM. Madina Market is a very affordable place to get groceries and other amenities. Madina Market (Q115571535) on Wikidata


Eat out at one of Osu's many trendy restaurants. Osu, a suburb of Accra, is known for its nightlife and a wide variety of eateries, hotels, and several options for entertainment.

Located in Labone near the Metro TV building, "Maquis Tante Marie" is a restaurant serving a variety of African cuisines in a pleasant garden setting.

Frankie's on Oxford Street in Osu is a popular oasis for tourists in Accra. Offering accommodation, a restaurant, salad bar, ice cream and a bakery/pastry shop.

Other popular restaurants in Osu include Papaye (Fast Food), Asanka Locals (Traditional Ghanaian Cuisine) and Noble House Restaurant (Indian and Chinese Cuisine).

  • Tatale Vegan Restaurant, 18th Ln, Osu Accra, +233 0302956020. 11:00AM-9:30PM (except Sat 1:30PM-9:30PM). Cozy restaurant serving a wide variety of traditional Ghanaian dishes with entrees from elsewhere. Delicious and highly recommended.
  • 1 Coco Vanilla, 149 E Legon - Trasacco Estate Rd, Madina, +233 24 250 0818.
  • 2 La Tante DC10, 007 street (opposite Marina Mall). A DC-10 aeroplane of the defunct Ghana Airways turned into a restaurant. They reportedly serve staple Ghanaian cuisine. La Tante DC 10 Restaurant (Q16267973) on Wikidata La Tante DC10 Restaurant on Wikipedia
  • Eddys Pizza. Eddys pizza is a restaurant in Accra that serves delicious pizza based on customer review.
  • 3 50 50 Special Dish.
  • 4 Fantastic.


The biggest entertainment precinct in town is the Oxford Street area, in Osu. Home to over a dozen different night venues (most of them tucked up side-streets), there is no shortage of variety. Taxi drivers generally know the location of the following, but if not, just ask a young-looking person on Oxford Street.

  • Tantra: A late-night (best from midnight to 05:00) club, with a 50:50 mix of expats and locals. Plays western style electronic and R&B music. Entry GH₵20, small beers GH₵5. You can usually negotiate for a discount on the entry charge.
  • Duplex: Possibly the most popular venue as of early 2012, 50:50 expats and locals. Similar music to Tantra, free entry, GH₵5 small beers.
  • Container: One of the original drinking icons, located on Oxford Street. An overgrown "spot" style bar, 90% locals. Good for a couple of drinks in the open air early in the evening, large beers about GH₵3. Free entry. Street acrobats.
  • Epo's: Another overgrown spot, 80% locals. Located a couple of blocks off Oxford Street, it feels like a mini carnival. Try the "beer tower", a 3 or 5 litre (you choose) tapped tower of beer delivered to your table. 3 litres for GH₵15, 5 litres for GH₵25, free entry.
  • Duncans: A chilled but popular outdoor spot.
  • Ryan's Irish Pub: One of the few places in the area where you can order a pint. An option if you want a rest from Africa, but pretty uneventful otherwise.
  • La Pleasure Beach: Located at Labadi Beach (about 4 km from Osu), an outdoor reggae night happens every Wednesday on the beach from 9PM. GH₵5 entry, GH₵4 large beers. 80% locals, foreigners get hassled a little by jewellery and t-shirt sellers, but it's safe, and worth a look on a Wednesday.
  • FireFly: A nice classy cocktail lounge in Osu near Citizen Kofi. Entry is free and drinks are GH₵4–5 for a single shot and GH₵10–15 for cocktails. Local and expat crowd. Plays electronic and pop music here you see a lot of foreign (white) young ladies gyrating with public displaying of affection with the local Ghanaian gentlemen.
  • The Republic Bar & Grill: a retro-styled afrocentric hangouts for creatives (bloggers, photographers, fashion designers), expats and just anybody else who can't be bothered with high heels or a formal shirt. You can sit in or outside and enjoy chilled fermented flavoured sugar cane juice whilst listening to World Music or very old school Ghanaian Highlife.
  • 1 Bloom Bar.


This guide uses the following price ranges for a standard double room:
Budget Under $25
Mid-range $25–$100
Splurge Over $100


  • The Post Lodge, Accra New Town, +233 21-229456, +233 21 231908. If on a very tight budget.
  • YMCA, Castle Road, +233 30 224700. one of the cheapest accommodations in Accra. 4-bed men-only dorm. $5.
  • Dot's Inn, Olooti Rd, Labone (close to Osu tourist centre and beach), +233-30-2774744, . Small hotel, with very friendly staff.
  • Christianborg Hotel, Dabedu Rd, OSU (opposite Chez Lien restaurant, turn left after Koala's in Cantonments Rd, then the first on the left, 400 m on the right, a big white house), +233 302-776074.
  • Aplaku guesthouse, Aplaku/Kokrobite (8 km before Kokrobite at Aplaku-Israel junction), +233 20 0111345. Beaches are in walking distance. Airport or other transport is available with reliable drivers and cars in a good condition. €30-40.
  • New Kokomlemle Guest House, Oroko Ave Kokomlemle (north from Ring Road Central, close to Nkrumah Circle), +233 30 2224581.
  • 1 Agoo Hostel, Keta Close (in Kokomlemle neighborhood), +233 30 2222726. Festive place with bright colors and full breakfasts with wifi. Not far from Jubilee House. Rooftop patio gathering place. bunks ~104 cedis, rooms ~295 cedis.
  • 2 Somewhere Nice, 9 Cotton Ave (in Kokomlemle neighborhood), +233 24 2439409. Pool, gym, breakfast. Communal environment for travelers with shared meals, etc. 162 GH₵ for bed.


  • Gye Nyame Hotel, Asylum Down (close to Circle, Ring Road Offices and Osu), +233 30 0222 3321. Great price, more than the basic comforts, and very reliable. Air conditioning, super comfortable bed, hot water, desk and stool, TV and fridge. Nothing broken, and quite clean. Not fancy, but excellent bang for your buck, and great staff. Quiet location is convenient for most activities in Accra - business or leisure. $55.
  • Meaglent Hotel, 1 Pantang Junction Adenta, +233 30 2942340. A/C rooms equipped with sat/cableTV, private toilet and bath, mini-bar, intercom telephone, wardrobe, instant water heater and internet. Conference room, fitness room/gym, restaurant, and swimming pool. From US$60.
  • Highgate Hotel, 70 Mango Tree Avenue, +233 302 233 315, . Asylum Down, (2 blocks from the Ring Road, across the street from the i-Burst building a block down from FedEx).Newly-renovated boutique hotel offers old-world charm, friendly service, fine food and wine. 33 spacious rooms with internet and wall-mounted plasma digital satTV. On a quiet cul-de-sac in a mostly residential neighborhood. Restaurant has fresh seafood, grilled chicken, pasta and great club sandwiches. The cocktail menu is a real treat. From US$60.
  • Korkdam Hotel, No. 8 Korkdam Avenue, New Achimota, +233 302 400423. 55 A/C rooms with satTV, WiFi, and mini bar. Massage service, travel services, airport transfer, car rental, and complimentary parking. Restaurant and bar. From US$85.
  • Frankies, Oxford Street, Osu, +233 21 77 35 67. Staff are friendly. Rooms are clean, gushing hot water 24/7. Restaurant and bar. From US$95.
  • Paloma Hotel (Ring Road Central), [email protected], +233 302 228700, . Good staff, WiFi, coffee shop, bar, grill restaurant. From US$95.
  • Ritzz Exclusive Guest House, F530, 1 Dr Esther Ocloo St, Osu, Accra, +233 0264320371. A small, clean, comfortable five room guesthouse. Staff will ask when you want breakfast and happily modify for vegetarians. Near the nightlife of Oxford St but without the noise. Highly recommended.
  • 3 Hilltop Suites, Taifa, +233 205 464 712, +1 571 361 0298, .
  • 4 Prestige Suite Hotel, Lokko Rd.


  • Midindi Ghana Hotel, 15 First Circular Road, East Cantonments,, +233 302 770 007, . 10 min to Accra Airport, 20 min from town. Safe neighborhood. 24/7 WiFi. Restaurant with Ghanaian/African menu. Swimming pool has an assigned life guard. Gym available. From US$125.
  • Alisa Hotel, 21 Dr Isert St., North Ridge, +233 302 214 233. A decent hotel at the quiet section of town. Caters mainly for business travellers who usually have things to do at the Ridge (West and North), which is where some of the biggest corporate names have their head offices. From US$125.
  • 5 La Palm Hotel Royal Beach Hotel, No 1 Bypass, Labadi Road (next door to La Badi Beach Hotel), +233 30 221 5111. Post-modern pan-African style of the wife of Ghana's decade-plus military ruler, Air Force Lt. Jerry Rawlings, who gets credit for the hotel's best feature, an authentic, Ghananian-inspired design theme. Somewhat sterile with a great location on the beach. 5 restaurants producing good food only in the hotel's flagship outdoor 'African Village' which is a charming breezy and architecturally distinctive venue. Sunday brunch is good, but dinner or drinks any night work equally well. Avoid the main dining room, room service, or Bali Hai, Equator, or other 'international' offerings. The pool is nice and there is WiFi. You'll appreciate the attentive staff, who make up for the indifferent management, awful food, and generally run-down facilities. From US$140.
  • African Regent Hotel, 237-238 Airport West, + 233 302 765180-2, . The decor is great; hard to describe, but when you see it you'll immediately have a sense of what non-kitschy authentic African style should look like. And the hotel's dining room offers impeccable food for breakfast lunch or dinner. The sleeping rooms are clean, airy, and well-furnished, complete with in-room broadband, and flat-screen cableTV. There is a nice pool, and a first-rate health club. From US$140.
  • Golden Tulip Hotel, Liberation Road, +233 30 2213 161. Business hotel 5 min from the airport. African atmosphere, but with a buttoned-down Dutch efficiency. Downstairs lobby bar, pool-side dining, live music, and gallery of local artists. Business centre provides WiFi with Skype-capable bandwidth. The food is mostly just OK; unimaginative, but hygienically prepared. The rooms are small, a bit smelly, and very much in need of new carpets. The Chalets are the place to be if you decide to stay in this hotel, but they are generally held for those booking two weeks or more at a time. If you like to play tennis, the courts here will suit you just fine, provided you've bought your whites. €126.
  • 6 Airport View Hotel, Dr Amilcar Cabral Road, +233 20 225 2244. Proximity to the airport, web access, A/C, European menu. From US$150.
  • AH Hotel and Conference, 1st Boundary Road, East Legon, 84/86, +233 50 001 6062. 74 standard, deluxe, superior, and superior deluxe rooms, all of which have an LCD TV, internet, and in-room safes. Swimming pool, business center, laundry service, and room service. From US$180.
  • La Badi Beach Hotel, +233-30-277-2501. Good atmosphere, especially if you yearn for a Graham Greene-inspired fantasy British Colonial-era experience. The lobby is all dark wood, leather sofa, campaign furniture and ceiling fans. Queen Elizabeth II slept here; and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. More recent guests include quite a few airline flight crews, and far-too many US government/military contractors who spend long hours at the bar each night boring other guests with their "thoughts" about Africa which are predictably a bit naïve, if not downright creepy. The pool and gardens are nice, the Western-style buffet is excellent, and the rooms are small but well-appointed, most with balconies. Best feature: it is on the beach at La Badi, so there is always something happening just footsteps away. It is a long drive from the centre of town or the airport. Unless you are in Ghana for a vacation, this isn't the best location. From US$180.
  • Fiesta Royale, North Dzorwulu, +233 30 274 0811. Excellent (slightly lower priced) alternative to the Golden Tulip or any of the other luxury hotels in the airport area. The rooms are very large and very comfortable, the grounds are lovely and they include a swimming pool and fitness center, and the food is also reliably good. It is located a little farther afield than other similar hotels, but it is worth the extra 5 min drive to save on the price. Accra Mall is 3 min away by car, and there is a taxi stand immediately outside the hotel. US$220.
  • Best Western Premier Accra Airport Hotel, 17 White Avenue (Near former Ghana Airways head office), +233 30 2766902. Typical 4/5 star hotel. Rooms are comfortable and quite large. Nice pool and fitness centre. Wireless internet throughout with voucher system - free for guests. From US$250.
  • 7 Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel, +233 302 611 000. Large five-star hotel located in the central business district. MovenPick Ambassador Hotel Accra (Q65083739) on Wikidata
  • 8 Swiss Spirit Hotel & Suites Alisa - Accra (Swiss Spirit Hotel & Suites Accra), 21 Dr. Isert Road, North Ridge, P.O. Box 1111, Accra, +233 302 214-233, . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 10:00. Perfectly poised in a serene neighborhood, Swiss Spirit Hotel & Suites Alisa has 199 magnificent rooms and suites, tastefully designed and showcasing a sophisticated urban feel with plush picturesque views of the capital. Guests can also experience the distinctive meeting & conference facilities alongside its state of the art technologies, designed to accommodate from small to large events and to making your event a success.
    Located in the heart of Ghana’s Capital City, Accra, Swiss Spirit Hotel and Suites Alisa is easily accessible to the commercial district, Accra’s touristic attractions, and is only 15 minutes from Kotoka International Airport.
    From US$ 150.

Stay safe[edit]

See Ghana#Stay safe for general information.

Bywel's bar in Osu district is a frequent hangout of expats on Thursday nights, meaning that it is a target for muggings. Be sure to leave in a large group and enter a taxi immediately upon exiting the bar.


The majority of Ghanaians are devout Christians and have a traditional lifestyle; respect that.


Embassies and High Commissions[edit]

Being the national capital, Accra hosts several embassies and high commissions. A majority of them are clustered in Cantonments, North Ridge and in the Airport Residential Area (west of the airport) neighborhoods. They can be located elsewhere too. Other countries maintain (non-resident) diplomatic representation to Ghana through their embassy in Abduja or Lagos in Nigeria; Dakar, Abidjan, and/or elsewhere in Africa:

  • Australia Australia, 2 Second Rangoon Close, Cantonments; PMB 60, KIA-Accra, +233 302 216-400. High Commission/Embassy is also accredited to Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Togo, Mali, Senegal, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Visa applicants will need to go in person to the Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC) in Accra to lodge their application and provide biometrics in the form of digital fingerprints and a facial photograph. The Visa Application Centre is at 1st Floor Emporium, Movenpick Ambassador Hotel on Independence Avenue. Phone inquiries regarding visa applications +27 21 401 7500
  • Benin Benin, 19 Volta Street, 2nd Close, Airport Residential Area; P.O. Box 7871 (N Airport Rd & Osu Badu Cres in West Airport District), +233 302 774 860. M-F 09:00-11:00 and 14:00-15:00.
  • Brazil Brazil, No. 4 Fifth Link, Off Senchi Street; P.O. Box CT 3859 Cantonments, Accra, +233 302 774-908, +233 302 774-921. M-F 09:00-17:00, Visa services close at 13:00.
  • Burkina Faso Burkina Faso, No 772/3 Asylum Down; P.O. Box 651, Accra, +233 302 221988, +233 302 221936.
  • Cameroon Cameroon (Resident in Lagos), 5 Elsie Femi Peatse Street, Victoria Island, Lagos; PMB 2476, Lagos, +234 14 48 09 85.
  • Canada Canada, 42 Independence Ave Accra, Ghana Sankara Interchange, +233 302-21-15-21, fax: +233 302-21-15-23, +233 302 77-37-92, . M-Th 07:30–16:00, F 07:30–13:00. High Commission/Embassy is also accredited to Ghana, Sierra Leone and Togo
  • China China, No.6, Agostino Neto Road, Airport Residential Area, Accra. M W F 08:30-12:00 & 15:00-17:00. Visa and consular services are at 5A Sixth Circular Rd, Cantonments Accra
  • Cuba Cuba, 22 A Akosombo Road. P.O. Box 9163. Airport Residential Area, +233 302 775868. Tu Th 09:00-13:00.
  • Ivory Coast Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), 9 Eighteenth Lane, off Cantonments Road, Christiansborg; P.O. Box 3445, +233 302 774611.
  • Egypt Egypt, 38 Senchi Street, Airport Residential Area, +233 302-776854, fax: +233 302-776795. M-F 08:30-15:00; Consular Services M-Th 08:30-13:00.
  • Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea, 70 North Airport Rd (Kufour Lane), Airport Residential Area, +233 302 766 357.
  • Ethiopia Ethiopia, 2 Milne Close Off Dr. Amilcar Cabral Rd, Airport Residential Area, +233 302 775-928.
  • France 1 France, Presidential Drive, PO Box 187, +233 302-21-45-50. Embassy of France, Accra (Q2841638) on Wikidata
  • Gabon Gabon (Resident in Abidjan), Immeuble Shell, BP 3765, Abidjan 01.
  • Gambia Gambia (Resident in Abduja), 7 Misratah Street, Off Parakou Crescent; P.M.B. 5058 Wuse 2, Abduja, +234 80 625 06180.
  • Germany Germany, 6 Ridge St, North Ridge, +233 302-221311.
  • Greece Greece (Honorary Consulate), No 1 Boundary Road Extension East Legon DTD 102-Cantonments, Accra, +233 302 542-254, +233 244 337935. Embassy is in Lagos.
  • Guinea Guinea, 125 Opp. Accra Girl's Roman Ridge, +233-302-777-921, +233-302-775-373.
  • Japan Japan, Fifth Avenue Extension, West Cantonments, +233 302 765060, fax: +233 21 762553.
  • India India, 9 Ridge Road, Roman Ridge; PO Box CT-5708, Cantonments (Near the M-Plaza Hotel at Roman Ridge), +233 307020903, +233 307079309 (for emergencies). High Commission/Embassy is also accredited to Ghana, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone and Togo.
  • Israel Israel, No. 2, First Circular Road, Unit 1 Josni Residence Cantonments; PO Box CN-91, Cantonments, +233 302 743838.
  • Liberia Liberia, 10 West Cantonments, off Jawaharlal Nehru Road, PO Box 895, +233 302 775641.
  • Mali Mali, Agostino Neto Road, Airport Residential Area; PO Box GP 121, Accra, +233 302 775160, +233 302 666423.
  • Netherlands The Netherlands, 89 Liberation Road, Thomas Sankara Circle; PO Box 3248, +233 302-221655.
  • Niger Niger, House No. E.104/3, Independence Avenue, +233 302-224962.
  • Nigeria Nigeria, Ameda St; PO Box 1548, +233 30 277-6158.
  • Namibia Namibia, 21 Airport Residential Area., Nortei Ababio St, Accra, +233 302 79 9764, . M-F 09:00-16:00.
  • Russia Russian Federation, P.O.Box 1634, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Switchback Lane, +233 302 77-56-11, +233 302 76-83-32.
  • Sierra Leone Sierra Leone (Resident in Abduja), Plot 308, Mission Road (off Ministry of Defense/ship Ho, Diplomatic Zone, Central Business District, Abduja, +234 9 876 6435.
  • Switzerland Switzerland, Hilla Limann Hwy/Kenneth Kaunda Rd, North Ridge Accra, +233 302 228-125, +233 302 228-185.
  • Togo Togo, PO Box C120 Cantonments, Accra; Fourth Circular Rd and Cantonments Rd, +233 30 277 7950, fax: +233 30 276-5659.
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Osu Link, off Gamel Abdul Nasser Avenue, +233 30 221-3250, fax: +233 30 2213 274. M-F 07:30-13:00.
  • United States United States of America, No. 24, Fourth Circular Rd., Cantonments, Accra; P.O. Box GP 2288. +233 30 274-1000.

Go next[edit]

  • Koforidua
  • Cape Coast
  • Kumasi
  • Keta
  • Kakum National Park
  • Tamale - the biggest and fastest developing city in West Africa.
  • 2 Bojo Beach (take N1 southwest out of Accra, then turn south on Atta Mills Road (road to Kokobrite)), +233 243756890. For about 20 cedis, you take a boat across the Densu Delta, a Ramsar site in itself, to the actual beach, where you can get food from a restaurant, watch fishermen, or just enjoy one of Accra's least spoiled beaches. Given its relative isolation from congested areas, you stand a lesser chance of stepping in any unexpected excreta. Watch out for your valuables though.
  • 3 Tills Beach Resort (in Gomoa Fetteh, about an hour drive from Accra, on the road to Cape Coast). a beach resort, entrance fee is nominal.
  • 4 Shai Hills Resource Reserve, Akosombo-Tema Rd, +233 21 682601. A reserve with rocky outcrops and savannah type vegetation where you can see green monkeys, duiker, and baboons, among other things. 1st hour 40 GHC. Shai Hills Resource Reserve (Q1440461) on Wikidata Shai_Hills_Resource_Reserve on Wikipedia
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